The Best Book of the Bible to Read to Get Closer to God

best book of the bible to read to get closer to god

There are numerous books within the Bible that can give Christians hope and strengthen their faith, whether through stories of incredible courage or wise axioms. Reading such works can give believers a boost of motivation to stay strong in their beliefs.

Genesis provides an ideal place for new Christians to begin. This book describes humanity’s need for salvation through Christ Jesus, as well as providing an introduction into how this Book may provide that.


Genesis is an essential reading for Christians as it serves as an important building block of their Bible. Genesis covers topics including creation of the universe and humanity as well as God’s plan for us all, along with moral lessons that provide answers to many life questions and answers from him about his plan for all peoples of Earth. Genesis offers Christians insight into his plan for humanity’s well-being while teaching about his love.

Genesis is often one of the first books newcomers to Christianity read, making it important that all age groups familiarize themselves with its teachings. Genesis contains fundamental teachings on God’s kingdom including creation, sin and death – all essential topics. Furthermore, it details human history from its early stages to introduce readers to several Biblical figures.

The book of John is an essential read for those seeking to deepen their relationship with God. This book includes an in-depth account of Jesus’ miracles and parables, death and resurrection; also providing us with the popular Bible verse: ‘For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son so that anyone who believes in Him might not perish but have eternal life.”

Ephesians and Colossians are also highly recommended to Christian readers, providing essential principles on salvation, church membership and spiritual warfare. Additionally, both books can easily be understood and may serve as good entryways into Bible reading for newcomers. Drawing closer to God may seem daunting at first, but it’s possible by dismantling any idols that stand between you and Him; one way to achieve this goal is reading Scriptures while taking appropriate actions.


Exodus is a gripping tale about God choosing Israel as His people. The tale begins when they arrive in Egypt after being invited there by Joseph of the famous coat, where their number increases exponentially; their sons multiplying, so Pharaoh notices this trend and enslaves all their sons until baby Moses was saved from slavery by his mother and later killed an Egyptian slave driver; after which, God appeared as a burning bush to him, sending Moses off to free his people.

Exodus follows the Hebrews on their journey from Egypt to their promised land, detailing various plagues brought upon Egypt by God as well as parting of the Red Sea and receiving of Ten Commandments from Him. At its conclusion, Exodus depicts His glory filling a tent called tabernacle; we see in this scene a foreshadowing of Jesus Christ who died for our eternal salvation – foreshadowing who He will become.

The Bible is an expansive collection of texts covering many disciplines – history, poetry, prophecy, ethics – with over 66 books that each offer something special to help deepen our faith relationship with Him. Genesis Exodus Psalms Proverbs Romans etc all serve to deepen this connection – Genesis Exodus Psalms Proverbs Romans Ruth provide beautiful love stories which demonstrate His goodness and faithfulness; for those looking to deepen this bond it’s best start reading scripture daily and studying it regularly! If you want to draw nearer God nothing beats opening up His word! To start studying and praying over Scripture daily!


No matter where you stand on your Christian journey, or want to deepen it further, the Bible can be an invaluable source of guidance and answers for life’s difficulties. With 66 books in total and many different versions available to read one by one or all at once – it is vitally important that spiritual readers comprehend how best to read their Bibles so as to get closer to God and receive his blessings.

Genesis is an excellent starting point. As the foundational book of the entire Bible, Genesis contains many of its most iconic tales, from Adam and Eve’s story through Noah’s Ark and God’s promise of protection for Abraham to Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers.

Another worthwhile read for Christians is Proverbs, a collection of practical advice for living wisely and trusting in God alone. The book of Proverbs includes 31 chapters; reading one per day can bring us closer to God while helping us rely more heavily upon his strength than on our own strength.

C.S. Lewis is known for more than just The Chronicles of Narnia; his book Mere Christianity provides an accessible introduction to Christian belief for newcomers. This guide encourages readers to study the Bible deeply, loving Him with all their heart, mind, and soul.


The Book of Proverbs provides practical wisdom and advice for living a Christian life, emphasizing wisdom, character, and integrity as ways of dealing with life’s challenges. Reading one chapter per day for 30 days will bring closer to God while making one more Christlike.

Proverbs has an unique authority among biblical books. While other biblical books tend to be written by prophets or are inspired by divine inspiration, proverbs rely more heavily on human wisdom-observations from older and wiser people shared with younger generations.

Instead of the more common approach of juxtaposing wisdom with folly, Proverbs emphasizes wisdom itself as an attractive woman – thus emphasizing its value to society as an entire book. A prominent theme throughout Proverbs is to “fear wisdom”.

Some proverbs in Proverbs appear in conflict with one another but do not express outright opposition. Others can be quite ambiguous; care must be taken when selecting which audience a proverb addresses; for instance, warning against “loose women” (Proverbs 5:3-6) could either refer to women who disrespect their husbands or as an allegory for unfaithfulness generally.

Apart from Proverbs, other essential books to read to get closer to God include Genesis (which describes God’s creation of the universe and humanity); Exodus (which explores God’s power during the Exodus story); Psalms (which contain basic principles on salvation and spiritual warfare); and Romans (which provides an in-depth account of Jesus Christ’s Gospel). All of these works show God’s great love for humanity while promising eternal life.


The Bible is an intricate collection of 66 books covering many areas ranging from history and poetry to prophecy and theology. While every book serves its own purpose and message, some are particularly noteworthy when it comes to getting closer to God such as John’s Gospel, Psalms, Proverbs, and Romans.

Paul wrote Romans for one of the earliest Christian communities in Rome. Romans is widely considered one of the finest books in Scripture as it explores key issues such as Jewish law, grace and salvation – plus its focus on God and humanity relationships.

Paul uses Old Testament examples and stories from Romans to demonstrate Biblical truths, such as Adam’s sinfulness and original sin; faith as essential; Jesus’ death and resurrection being essential. Paul presents his explanation of these concepts as a thorough theological treatise.

The Gospel of John provides another excellent way to connect with God as it centers around Jesus Christ, making it an excellent starting point if you’re new to Christianity or having doubts about your beliefs. Additionally, this book serves as an insightful resource on his teachings and miracles as well as miracle-working miracles performed during Jesus’ ministry. However, it should be noted that John wasn’t written contemporaneously with other gospels as his life and ministry were reported from accounts from other disciples rather than eyewitness accounts by John himself himself – making him less reliable source than his counterparts while remaining powerfully inspiring!

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