God Bless Ukraine in Ukrainian

god bless ukraine in ukrainian

God Bless Ukraine (in Ukrainian) has gained international attention during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Accompanied by “Glory to the Heroes!” as an expression of nationalist pride and resistance against foreign intervention.

Paul Deroulede first coined the term in 1877 drama L’Hetman.

Glory to Ukraine!

“Glory to Ukraine!” (“Ukrainian: Slava Ukrayini!” and IPA: [‘slava ukrai’jini]) became an iconic phrase during Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine, becoming a rallying cry of patriotism and resistance to foreign aggression. This call often included in response a reply of Geroiam Slava! (IPA: [he’rojam Sla’va]).

Politicians across Europe have championed “Glory to Ukraine!” as a political motto, including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his Veterans Day message delivered on November 11. In this speech he noted how for almost 250 years the United States Armed Forces has successfully stood against tyranny; and encouraged Ukrainians to resist Russia’s invasion by joining in this battle back against Russia.

TikTok users have also seen great success using this phrase as their motto in videos containing it; one from user @_garand_thumb_ has received over 4K likes and 359 comments while Amanda from RealityBitesMaybe also boasts 2K+ likes with over 100 comments on her video.

Glory to the Heroes!

The Ukrainian national salute “Glory to Ukraine!” (Ukrainian: Slava Ukrayini!, IPA: [svaa ukrayni]) serves as an expression of pride in Ukrainian sovereignty and resistance to foreign aggression. It often prompts responses such as “Glory to our heroes!” (Geroiam Slava! or IPA [herojam Slava!].)

TikTok video from U.S GUN COMPANY (@_garand_thumb_) garnering over 59,000 Likes and 183 Comments by viewers worldwide: “Raw footage of Ukraine soldiers fighting for their country stay strong and keep up the fight”. A year ago, Russia invaded Ukraine, continuing a conflict that started when Crimea and other Ukrainian territory were annexed in 2014. Millions have since left Ukraine in fleeing from Russian aggression while over 8,000 lives have been lost during this protracted conflict.

Glory to the People!

Slava Ukrayini! is an internationally recognized Ukrainian salute and symbol of sovereignty and resistance against foreign aggression, serving as both battle cry of Ukraine’s Armed Forces as well as national identity marker. The phrase gained global renown following Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine and has since become a rallying cry to support Ukrainian cause around the globe.

It likely originated during Ukraine’s War of Independence from 1917-1921 and became widely used across diaspora communities and refugee camps. First seen as a salute in Paul Deroulede’s 1877 drama L’Hetman by Hetman Frol Gherasz in L’Hetman, this expression became part of Ukraine’s official salute, often being answered with “Glory to Heroes!”.

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