What Is a God Fearing Woman?

what is a god fearing woman

An honorable and god-fearing woman is truly stunning and stunningly beautiful, yet their motherhood and role of wifehood have come under attack by modern society.

God’s Word teaches that beauty in women lies first and foremost in her fear of Him; this sets her apart from others.

1. She is obedient

God-fearing women abide by Scripture and obey their Lord, believing every word to be “divinely inspired and useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16-17). A godly woman seeks to understand her Savior as well as recognize his characteristics of mercy and righteousness: She understands that He punishes those who sin while recognizing His justice.

Piety can be practiced through reading Scripture and communing with God in prayer. She also spends time with other Christians, seeking encouragement from their lives and taking note of how other believers act as examples for her to follow. Additionally, she follows God’s command that all are to “honor their father and mother” (Exodus 20:12) while following her husband’s leadership, if applicable.

If she has children, she demonstrates love by teaching them Scripture truths. Rather than gossip or speak ill of others, her speech should always be encouraging to God and uplifting to others. Obedience is central to Christian living, and her family can trust her faithfully following Scripture throughout all aspects of her life.

2. She is humble

The Bible declares that a God-fearing woman deserves praise from both the church and her peers; not only for her efforts in serving Him through her, but also for what has been accomplished through her in service to others (Ephesians 4:29) but also because her words are encouraging rather than gossipy (Hebrews 4:12). A godly woman knows her covenant relationship with the Almighty is significant to her worship of Him (Hebrews 4:12).

She understands that in order to please God, she must live a life of humility and holiness. When she sins, she humbly approaches God’s throne asking His forgiveness before repenting of her actions. Furthermore, she will make amends with those she has wronged or offended as she knows that our prayers for healing from any circumstance – be they physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual can reach heaven and receive an answer.

A godly woman will abide in God’s word daily by listening and reading it, modeling chastity for those around her and praying for their purity and sanctification. She won’t deviate from her faith even when it seems difficult or challenging – all qualities that can make for an exceptional woman!

3. She is patient

A godly woman cultivates herself to resist temptations in this world as she engages in practicing piety. She fills her mind with biblical truth and calls upon the Holy Spirit to mold her thoughts, attitudes, words, and desires into those that reflect those of her beloved Lord. She understands this kind of spiritual exercise will produce godly characters that will both benefit her in this life as well as eternity.

An even-tempered and quick to forgive individual, she understands the value of soft answers to placate anger and so she shows kindness even to those she doesn’t believe deserve it. She doesn’t hold grudges as forgiveness and redemption are gifts from God’s love.

Prudent in financial matters and willing to put her money towards things that will last rather than spending it frivolously or on non-essentials, she strives for efficiency with money that she must save over frivolous spending or on things which won’t. With an outstanding work ethic and sacrifice her comfort for others’ benefit she inspires men to want to follow her. Deborah led General Barak to victory over Canaanite oppression in Israel with Mary Magdalene prompting Jesus’ first miracle as proof that even one woman can bring about major change!

4. She is kind

A godly woman does not use charm in its traditional sense – using sensuality or sensuality – in her approach to beauty. She does not wear garments that would evoke sensuality and lead to thoughts of sexual immorality (what some may refer to as “flirting” or “teasing”).

At home and family are gifts from God; she treats them with loving care and consideration. She teaches her children Scripture and guides them toward following Christ as part of her ministry to the world and witness for the Lord.

She extends kindness and generosity towards those in need without expecting anything in return. Neither wealth nor position prevent her from associating with or reaching out to those less fortunate with love and care.

She refrains from gossip and will never speak ill of others behind their back. Knowing that God sees all, she strives not to anger Him by her speech. Before opening her mouth she thinks carefully before speaking, considering how it will impact those around her – whether she be speaking with her husband, friends or strangers on the street she strives for her speech always be edifying and upbuilding.

5. She is strong

A godly woman can be an immense source of strength. She knows she must fight for what’s right, even if it means risking her possessions to do so. She knows her worth far surpasses anything the world could provide and knows obedience to God is key in leading to life she desires.

As she deepens her relationship with the Lord, she discovers that her strength comes only from Him alone. For this reason she reveres and worships Him – it’s in His presence where true power lies. Regardless of what the world may say about her being weak or helpless, she refuses to allow it; instead she turns to His word to understand who she truly is as a female being designed by Him and her purpose on this Earth.

She understands the power of words to either strengthen or damage relationships, so she carefully controls her words. She listens before speaking, never gossiping or criticizing others. Furthermore, she’s generous, dedicating much of her time and efforts towards helping those around her: whether that means helping carry groceries for elderly neighbors or volunteering at local charities.

6. She is beautiful

A woman who fears God is beautiful not in terms of physical attraction but spiritually. Rather than using charms to attract men or highlight her physical features – something considered vain – instead she acts in accordance with what best serves her family’s interests while working hard caring for both husband and children alike.

God-fearing women can often be distinguished by their kindness and empathy toward others, such as caring for elderly parents or those living with disabilities. Furthermore, these women possess an uncanny ability to discern between what is true and false in life – making wise choices as part of their faith journeys.

An unswerving Christian woman is hard to come by in our world today where Satan provides all kinds of tempting distractions from faith. However, she will remain true to Jesus by remaining true to her faith and following his teachings; such a woman deserves our praise! She embodies traits such as faithfulness, compassion, courage, discernment as well as encouraging diversity and inclusivity within her community – for instance striving to create more welcoming church environments where everyone feels welcome regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

7. She is devoted

A woman who reverences the Lord is deeply committed to her family, always looking out for their wellbeing. She works hard and always has something she needs to accomplish with excellence and is also deeply dedicated to church and ministry work.

God commands her to love her husband and children well and care for the elderly or sick in her community (Ephesians 6:24; 1 Peter 4:15). Additionally, she acts as a good listener and confidant to those who need her – never gossiping or spreading rumors (James 1:19; Matthew 7:6).

She is committed to reading her Bible regularly and praying frequently, as well as being part of an intimate fellowship of believers, listening to sound teaching (Colossians 4:2; 1 Timothy 2:13-17), believing it all Scripture to be inspired from God and “profitable for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16). Additionally, she strives to remain faithful in her work both inside and outside her home as the Lord has assigned (Proverbs 31:12). Embark upon an adventure with her Lord! She eagerly seeks His service with all her heart, soul, mind – ready and waiting patiently waiting.

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