Orthodox Saints for August

orthodox saints for august

The month of August is a time to remember the many saints who have been martyred for their faith. These include St. Symphorian, St. Cherimon, St. Gerasimus, and St. Cassian. Read about each one of them to learn more about their lives and missionary work.

St. Symphorian

Symphorian is also one of the Three Christian Martyrs and one of the Four Crowned Martyrs. He was a young man when he was killed with clubs and beheaded. His story has been told in many books, including one by St. Symphorian himself.

St. Cherimon

The day for celebrating the feast of St. Cherimon, the patron saint of the Greeks and Orthodox Christians, falls on August 22. The day is marked by various events. First of all, a procession is held in honor of Cherimon. Then, there are religious services and prayers.

St. Gerasimus

Gerasimus of the Jordan is a Christian saint and one of the orthodox saints for August. Born in Lycia in Asia Minor, he became a monk after abandoning his family’s wealth to follow the Lord. He eventually returned to his homeland, but soon settled in Palestine near the Jordan River. He was known for his righteous life of prayer and asceticism.

St. Cassian

Cassian was born in the 4th century and died in 350 AD. He had a vision of evangelizing the Britons and later served as an assistant to Saint Reticius in Autun, France. After his death, the abbot of Saint-Quentin in France requested that his relics be brought back to his monastery. The bishop granted the abbot’s request, and the relics were returned to the monastery. In addition, Charles the Bald restored the reliquary and it is stored in the crypt of Saint-Quentin’s basilica.

St. Nilus

Saint Nilus was born to a pious Orthodox family in the eighteenth century in Morea, Greece. When he was young, he was orphaned and was taken care of by his uncle, Hieromonk Macarius. Under his care, he flourished and became a monk. He influenced the Eastern Church and wrote on theology. He was also a friend of Saint John Chrystostostostostos.

St. Dorotheus

The Greek Church considers St. Dorotheus a patron saint of August, and the orthodox calendar gives him two days during the month. He was born in Antioch, and received a strong secular and sacred education there. After receiving his education, he entered a monastery where he was taught by his elder to practice asceticism. The elder advised him to avoid despair, deny the will of the flesh, and practice interior ascesis of the heart. He began caring for the sick and was eventually able to start his own monastery in Gaza.

St. Basil

The Orthodox Church honors St. Basil as a patron for the month of August. He was a saint who defended the faith and was a father of monks and the poor. He was also a providence for all those who trusted in God. His life was marked by suffering and setbacks, but his exemplary virtue and devotion to Christ’s teachings earned him great praise and veneration. Today, his honorable head rests on Mount Athos.

St. Hippolytus

Hippolytus was a pagan jailkeeper, who became a Christian after seeing the miracles of St Laurence. He was baptized and was given a vision of heaven. Afterwards, he baptized all his household members.

St. Zephyrinus

Zephyrinus was the successor of Pope Victor I, and he was consecrated as a pope in 198. According to Hippolytus, Zephyrinus was a simple man who had no formal education. He may not have had time to study theology, but he devoted himself to practical administration of the Church.

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