Orthodox Saints Quotes About Joy

orthodox saints quotes about joy

Orthodox saints quotes on joy are often very difficult to find, but once you find them, you may be pleasantly surprised. These quotes from the great saints can help you discover the joy that God has intended for your life. We need to be willing to surrender ourselves, even to temptation, in order to experience true joy. We must remember that true joy is not found in the size of our possessions, but in the size of our hearts.

Temptation is a sign of God’s mercy

The Devil, the serpent, and Satan are all tools of the Devil, and they can tempt us to despair, even when we desire to serve God. We are especially vulnerable to temptation when we are impenitent sinners. Temptation to despair can take on various forms and affect different people differently. It can lead us to believe that we are not worth persevering and that we have exhausted the mercy of God. But this is not always the case. In fact, God has warned St. Hildegard of the perils of despair and told her to continue her spiritual pilgrimage.

Good will and true joy do not come with the size of one’s possessions

The size of one’s possessions does not measure the joy that is available to a person. The size of one’s wealth, sovereignty, and physical strength are not determining factors of true joy. The happiness a person experiences stems from his or her moral character, good will, and conscience.

Joy and happiness are often conflated. Happiness is a fleeting state, while joy is an everlasting state of pleasure. It is important to understand the difference between happiness and joy, since they have different implications in the real world.

Missionary joy enlivens the community of disciples

The missionary impulse brings the Christian community together to serve others and spread the gospel. The joy of mission belongs to the entire People of God, including the community of disciples. This joy is a hallmark of the Christian life. Here are some ways to live out the Gospel missionary impulse.

Missionary joy is rooted in the experience of God’s love in Jesus. It reaches out into the messy world and saves individuals, but only when they join a community. Unlike the joy of the pious, missionary joy is not confined to the few who find it. It enlivens the community of disciples, which is its intended target audience.

Love of God gives sweetness and joy to the soul

We are urged to let the Love of God fill our soul. We must remember that we are not alone in experiencing this love. We have companions in Christ and He will lead us home. Let us share this love with others through the power of prayer. It is a divine gift that we should accept without reservation.

Wine makes glad the heart of man

The Bible says that wine makes glad the heart of man. It also says that the Lord gives the gift of wine, so that men may have joy. Wine is an expression of the joy that God has bestowed on His people. It is mentioned in Psalm 104:14-15 and in 1 Timothy 4:1-5.

God grows grain and makes wine for his people. This means that they’ll never have to worry about scarcity. In the future, they’ll always be able to gather grain and wine and celebrate with joy. The Lord will make them drink in His sanctuary, and they’ll be able to praise Him in the process.

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