Orthodox Saints in October

orthodox saints in October

The orthodox calendar of saints in October celebrates many different saints. These saints include St. Andrew the Fool for Christ, St. Sergius, St. Martinian of White Lake, and St. Philotheos. These articles will provide more information about each of these saints.

St. Domninus

Traditionally, the Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of St. Domninus in October. This day falls on the 10th day after the first Friday after Pascha, which is also the feast of the Annunciation. Although this feast is not included in the universal calendar of the Roman Rite, it is still celebrated by many Catholics and Eastern Orthodox churches.

Other orthodox saints who are celebrated in October include St. Hierotheos, who was the first bishop of Athens and ordained by the Holy Apostle Paul. He was also a great hymnographer, and composed hymns dedicated to the Theotokos.

St. John Koukouzelis

Saint John Koukouzelis was a great singer who was born in Bulgaria. He was orphaned at a young age, and his mother put him in a school where he learned to read and write. He eventually gained the attention of the emperor and became the chief court singer. In his youth, he complained about the luxury of the imperial court, and he responded by eating beans and cabbage. This is how he got his name – “koukia” and “zele” – which means “beans and cabbage.”

After a time, Saint John Koukouzelis began to evangelize the Greek people. He was able to convert heretics and bring them to the Orthodox faith. He also cared for barbarian marauders and performed miracles wherever he went. He was also able to demonize demons and healed sick people. He was a very good example to many people, and he passed on to God in peace.

St. Andrew

Andrew is one of the Orthodox saints that celebrates the month of October. His life was marked by adversity. He endured mockery and insults, begged for alms, and gave away what he received to the poor. Although he suffered greatly, Andrew’s only thought was to be rewarded by God. His great grace came from God and allowed him to discern the secrets of men. He even saw demons and angels, and was able to drive them out of men.

Another Orthodox saint in October is St Serapion. He was an early Christian saint who was ordained by the Holy Apostle Paul. He was a friend of St Dionysius and was also a great hymnographer. He was inspired to write hymns for the Theotokos and was also present at her Dormition.

St. Epiphanius

The feast day for St. Epiphanius is celebrated on October 7. The feast is celebrated during the month of October, the month of the Fool for Christ. The feast is also known as the Feast of the Protector. This feast marks the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall season.

Orthodox churches commemorate St. Epiphanius on October 8 in several ways. They commemorate him as the patron saint of the Greek Army and of the city of Plovdiv. On this day, their church also honors Saints Acacius, Dorotheus, Samuel, and Stratonicus. They also honor the Orthodox Saints Theophylactus, Aaron, and Eustathius.

Origen, the first Bishop of Alexandria, was a disciple of St. John Chrysostom. He served the Church and was its second most important bishop after St. Paul. The Holy Apostle was his teacher and friend, and he attended the Dormition of the Theotokos with the Apostles.

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