Orthodox Saint for Employment

orthodox saint employment

If you are looking for a job but cannot find one, consider praying to an Orthodox saint for employment. There is great power in prayer and it helps you focus on the goal at hand. One Orthodox saint who is associated with employment is Saint Job of Pochaev, patron of the print shop at Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY.

Saint Job of Pochaev

Saint Job of Pochaev was born in the southwest of Galicia in 1551. He grew up in a noble family and was a student of St. Dositheus. He was ordained a hieromonk around 1580 and later became an abbot at the Monastery of the Cross in Dubno. His zeal for the preservation of the Orthodox Faith led him to publish numerous liturgical and spiritual books.

When the Turks sacked the Pochaev Monastery, the monks prayed to the icon. The Akathist to the Mother of God begins with the words, “O Victorious Leader.” In response, an image of Mary appeared above the monastery holding an omophorion. Angels holding swords of lightning appeared above the monastery, and Saint Job of Pochaev was present. The ensuing volley of arrows forced the Turks to flee.

Saint Job of Pochaev, an Orthodox monk, lived during a difficult time for Russia. The Orthodox people in the area were subjected to political and ecclesiastical persecutions. Saint Job of Pochaev was a part of this persecution, and he used all of his resources to protect the Orthodox faith and the Orthodox community in the area.

Orthodox saint’s prayer for getting a job

If you are searching for a new job, consider praying to an Orthodox saint. It’s a powerful prayer that can help you land a new job. Orthodox Christians face similar challenges to those looking for work, but they have found a way to overcome their difficulties through prayer.

Orthodox prayer is meant to help people with pure souls. People who have lost their job need to cleanse their souls of resentment and keep their faith strong. In addition, they should pray for the offender and seek guidance from the Holy Face. Finally, if they have committed sins, they must repent.

You don’t have to specifically address your prayer to a saint to have a good outcome. You can still invoke him in prayer, if you honor his memory and tune in to his petition. One of the easiest ways to do this is by lighting a candle and praying in the temple. The best time to do this is either Wednesday or Monday.

Saint Job’s work

Saint Job of Pochaev was a monastic who served as the abbot of Pochaev Lavra for fifty years. He was a prolific writer and used the newly developed printing press to reach the faithful. He is commemorated on August 28 and October 28.

Saint Job served as abbot of the monastery near Dubno, where he published theological works in an environment of rising tensions between the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches. His writings were collected into The Book of the Venerable Job of Pochaev, Written by His Hand, containing over 80 sermons and teachings. It also included excerpts from the writings of the Holy Fathers.

In his writings, Saint Job defended Orthodoxy against the Socinianists and Protestantheresies that were taking root in western Malorossiya during the period he lived. In addition, he wrote about the most important Orthodox dogmas, including the Trinity, the divinity of Christ, and the Mother of God. In short, he defended everything that the Protestant missionaries had rejected.

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