Orthodox Christian Saint Quotes

orthodox Christian saint quotes

Christian saint quotes are a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom. They can inspire your journey in the world today as much as they have in the past. Whether you are a new convert or a long-time Christian, there are countless quotes from saints that have inspired generations of Christians. Read on for some of our favorites.

St. Onesiphorus

St. Onesiphorus is an orthodox Christian saint who died on August 31, 335. In his own words, the apostle prays for the soul of the saint and commends him to God. The apostle also prays for his household, which was left behind in Ephesus. Onesiphorus’ death, however, may have occurred before this prayer was written.

Onesiphorus was a Christian in the city of Ephesus. His letter to Timothy mentions many things that Onesiphorus did while he was a pastor in Ephesus. The letter also shows that Onesiphorus was an important figure to the church in Ephesus.

He teaches that “proper care of the dead” is an example of good practice and is commended in the Christian Church. He was present at the funeral service of the departed.

St. Maxim

The Orthodox Christian saint Maximus is a revered figure in the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. He is particularly revered for his Christological positions, which caused him to be persecuted and have his tongue and right hand amputated. The book includes over 300 sayings of St. Maxim, and also includes sayings of Orthodox Christian saints from Montenegro, Greece, and Russia.

St. Maxim was a Christian scholar, theologian, and monk. He was also known as the Confessor. His writings and the history of his life are widely available online. He was also the subject of a miniaturized manuscript from the 12th century called the Manasses Chronicle.

St. Evodus

The Orthodox Christian faith is rooted in the belief that physical death is merely a transition to another world. It is a glorious journey into the heavenly kingdom. When we die, we no longer cease to be members of the Church but remain a part of it until the Day of Judgment.

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