How Does it Feel When God Touches You?

how does it feel when god touches you

Many have experienced powerful spiritual strength after receiving the Holy Spirit as they become bolder in their Christian walk and stronger as followers of Jesus. Some even experience speaking in tongues.

God is present everywhere you turn – in every molecule of air you breathe and if you have found salvation within, He resides within. Stay open to His touch by always being ready to accept his nudges!


Spiritual touch is a profound blessing from God that allows you to feel His affection for you as it flows from Him like a river, healing you with His gentle touch and reminding you He’s always near – no matter what demons try to hide Him from you or try to separate you from Him; He always stands beside you as an anchoring arm around your shoulders, warm hand on your forehead or comforting voice in your ear.

The Bible shows us that physical touch is an integral part of God’s love language, as He often used it with His disciples and parents would bring their children so Jesus could hold them (Mark 10:13). Jesus even suggested we must become like little children to enter God’s Kingdom (Luke 18:19-20).

At times of prayer or worship, the Spirit can move so strongly within us that it causes us to feel overwhelmed. You may even start shaking or crying as His power touches you and heals you of something; sometimes this involves physical shaking in the body while other times an overwhelming sense of energy fills your whole being as He releases His love and power upon us all – something which may cause great emotional upheaval, yet is always for our good.

As the Holy Spirit moves in a meeting, you may see things unfold before your very eyes – people being healed, saved or evil spirits being cast out from people. Additionally, many languages can be heard spoken that indicate its presence.

When experiencing spiritual touch from God, it’s vital to heed what the Holy Spirit tells you. Listening is key for being touched by Him – surrender yourself completely so He may use you for His glory and accept any gifts like healing or speaking in tongues He provides you.


When God touches you spiritually, you feel an intense energy coursing through your body like someone is hugging you – a sensation unlike anything you’ve experienced before and one which often causes tears of gratitude and joy to fall.

God touches you spiritually by changing your heart. When He does that, your entire attitude toward Him changes; suddenly you begin seeing Him as an attentive Father who wants only the best for you and who cares deeply for you just like any father would.

Therefore, learning how to pray in the Spirit is so essential. Physical senses may lead to doubt; by praying in the Spirit instead, however, faith becomes possible even with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. God made available through Christ Jesus is available for anyone to access through prayerful means.

God can work through any one of His gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11: wisdom, knowledge, faith healing miracles prophecy discernment of spirits speaking tongues prophecy discernment of spirits speaking in tongues Prophecy discernment of spirits speaking in tongues Each gift serves its own unique purpose while all providing you with power to accomplish His work on Earth.

God provides another spiritual touch through His Word: when you read the Bible, its words speak directly to your heart and spirit. Filled with teachings that will transform your life as you follow Christ more fully – when you open up that Book it’s like God Himself touching your heart!

God-honoring Christians become men and women of prayer whose prayers can be powerful. When touched by God, their prayers become more effective as their devotion is reciprocated with revelations from Heaven and a deeper relationship with Jesus. However, this can only happen if their hearts remain pure – for receiving messages from Him you must allow Holy Spirit into your heart and examine any areas where disobedience exists in your life and address them accordingly.


When God touches you emotionally, it creates an overwhelming sense of affection and closeness. This may come in the form of music that resonates deeply within your soul or from someone reaching out with a warm hug or act of kindness; or reading the Bible which can have an emotional effect – the Word of God can “prick your hearts” according to Hebrews 4:12, giving rise to feelings such as conviction, inspiration or determination or even amazement and wonderment.

Keep your emotions in perspective: they do not define or control who you are; instead, we offer an approach that considers both their power and value, so they can be used constructively rather than destructively.

People touched by the Holy Spirit can sometimes show signs of laughter, rolling around on the floor and even running like children. While we cannot be certain exactly what these responses indicate, we believe this type of behavior stems from God and indicates His presence among them.

The biblical concept of Spirit is powerful. Employing Hebrew ruach as its definition, the Bible often talks about God coming down like the wind on His people – which also makes reference to him being “breath of life and wind that blows.” Understanding this concept will allow you to better comprehend how spiritual and physical realities co-exist and interrelate.


God can often be felt in your thoughts and emotions. When He provides hope or reminds you of a promise He made, it’s as though He’s reaching out in love to your heart. Additionally, He may use songs or sermons tailored specifically for you that hit home; He might even use an unexpected translation so the words hit hard against your soul in new and powerful ways.

When God speaks through the Bible or through spoken Word of God over you, you feel its influence and power immediately. According to Hebrews 4:12, his Word can stir emotions or penetrate your heart through conviction, inspiration or determination; or it can serve as a comforter and lift you up spiritually.

If God hasn’t touched your life yet, I encourage you to seek Him out. He wants nothing more than for your body, mind, and spirit to heal! Let your emotions flow freely again so you can return to wholeness – but don’t try sugarcoating your feelings with Christian cliches; rather be open and honest with Him about how you’re feeling; He knows exactly what’s on your mind – He’s your loving father who wants what’s best for you!

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