Sometimes God Will Allow Someone to Hurt You

Be it from family or a close friend, when people attack or abandon you it can be very distressing and often results in lasting hurt and disappointment. Feelings such as these can often sap away happiness and hope from our lives, often leaving us feeling abandoned by life itself.

Hurt people can have a tendency to curse out their enemies or wish bad things on them, but God wants your suffering to broaden your perspective and enable you to see the good in others.

The devil is ultimately behind all the evil in this world

When someone you love causes you pain, it can be difficult to know how best to react. Some may try ignoring or punishing them in some way – both options being non-biblical. According to Scripture, however, neither one is permissible and rather we are called by Him to turn the other cheek and forgive our enemies.

Remembering the devil as the ultimate source of all evil in this world is essential. According to Scripture, Satan serves as the public enemy number one in all of creation and leads uncounted demonic forces he controls. But even so, Satan only operates under God’s permission and within the bounds of His authority – which is why Paul urges Christians to put on all their armor in defense of God.

While some bad things that happen to people are directly caused by Satan’s attacks, others simply arise as part of living in this fallen world. For example, cancerous growths are likely the result of sinful behaviors like smoking or diets high in sugar and fat content, while some could also be due to environmental issues like pollution or depleted soils.

Good news is that ultimately Satan and his kingdom will be vanquished. God’s eternal kingdom of love will take its place here on Earth as represented by Revelation 21’s New Jerusalem – where peace and love reign supreme and Satan no longer can exert his evil influence over people’s lives.

However, for now we must remain patient and trust that God is still at work in this world. He brings good out of each suffering experience just like He did for Joseph when sold into slavery by his brothers and imprisoned for crimes he didn’t commit; He will eventually bring an end to all suffering forever – when that day comes we shall celebrate with overwhelming joy!

God is a good father

A good father shows his children love and compassion by teaching them right from wrong and being patient with them, as well as disciplining when necessary to ensure they become godly individuals. Additionally, they make sure their family needs are taken care of and provide for. Finally, they lead by example and encourage all their members to share their faith with others.

If you want to be an outstanding father, it is essential that you remember Jesus is your role model. His life serves as an exemplar of how to treat children – patiently yet kindly teaching them right from wrong, meeting all their needs while providing for their wellbeing – plus disciplining when necessary to ensure they don’t repeat old mistakes in future.

God is an ideal Father because He unconditionally loves us all, while at the same time being sovereign, so He knows what’s best for us spiritually and eternally. If your relationship with Him is experiencing difficulties, remember He wants nothing but the best for you.

Two truths that will have the greatest transformative power in your life are that you are God’s child and He is an excellent Father. Take time each day to remind yourself of these realities – it will help build trust that everything in your life is working out for the best; even during times when pain seems unbearable, He remains near and He won’t abandon you; just pray and ask Him. His promise stands true: “Ask and it shall be given you; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened” (Matthew 7:7).

God is not mad at you

Many people mistakenly believe that God looks down upon them with displeasure and is angry with them for spiritual transgressions they commit, waiting patiently to issue tickets to them as cosmic law enforcement officials would. But this is simply not true – He’s much too loving for that!

God hates sin and its effects, yet He remains a loving father who allows His children to experience the consequences of their actions in order to help bring about repentance and lead them toward righteousness.

Jesus took upon Himself God’s anger against our sin at the cross, dying as an offering for all of our misdeeds and offering forgiveness as an atonement for our past actions. Therefore it’s so essential to set aside time daily for prayerful reading of Scripture and meditation – something which prayer groups often fail to provide.

When bad things occur in life, it does not indicate God is angry with you; rather it demonstrates our fallen world where the devil works his magic and causes chaos – God did not create this trouble and is not to blame; rather He uses this experience to deepen and expand your faith as it makes your walk with him more rewarding and deep.

If you feel as if God is angry with those who have wronged you, it is essential that you remember this is an illusion. He does not wish anyone harm.

Truth be told, you must learn to forgive those who have wronged you if possible; even if this means forgiving someone unrepentant and/or unsafe – trust God with this process; allow bitterness and anger to leave your system; forgiveness may ultimately lead to reconciliation; even when that’s not possible you should still forgive for peace of mind’s sake.

God does not want you to suffer

As humans, it can be hard for us to comprehend why God allows suffering. While we often point the finger at Him when bad things occur, the reality is that He always has a plan in mind for every situation – not for His own pleasure but because He loves us and wants our salvation (Romans 8:28).

Sinful acts will result in consequences, whether that means telling lies to their parents or being caught and sent to prison. God does not cause these repercussions but can often use them to punish sinners and teach you more about them as people.

As we experience suffering as a result of others’ sin, it can be easy to become bitter about this situation. One way of staying focused on God and not their wicked ways is blessing those who curse you – doing this also keeps gossip and complaining out of the equation, which could worsen their suffering further.

At such an uncertain time, it’s also wise to enlist the aid of people who can provide comfort during this difficult period. Friends or family who have experienced similar circumstances may offer comforting words as well as prayer support from them and can remind you that God is with you during these trying times.

Whenever there are people around to help you, it’s essential to communicate your needs to them. For instance, if you are facing infertility it may be beneficial to speak with other couples who have experienced it as well as have counselors that can equip you with tools to manage suffering.

Keep this in mind and remember that God is your good Father who cares deeply for your suffering. He promises not to abandon you during this hard time – instead He’ll walk alongside you all the way and use this experience for good!

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