Greek Orthodox Church Festival

greek orthodox church festival

During the Greek Orthodox Church festival there are many attractions to visit and enjoy. You can learn about the festivals traditions and also get a chance to try a traditional dish. These attractions are great for the entire family. In addition, you can also learn about the history of the festival and see the ancient architecture of the church.

St. George

Located at 107 Clinton Street in Schenectady, the St. George Greek Orthodox Church is home to the Shrine of Saint Nectarios the Wonderworker, as well as the largest collection of antique Greek and Roman artifacts in the state. They offer a plethora of other cultural and educational events throughout the year, including lectures, concerts, and an annual festival. The festival is a day out for the entire family, and is a worthy addition to any calendar.

The aforementioned grand old lady is a pillar of integrity and will be accompanied by her kin, the next generation. As in past years, she is a dedicated volunteer and will be on hand to offer assistance to fellow community members in need. This benefactor will be well rewarded with the gift of her choosing!

St. Sophia

Located in Jeffersonville, PA, the St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church is a community gathering place. The church is an icon of the region’s cultural diversity and is also home to one of the largest Greek festivals in the region. The festival is held in May and June and offers an impressive range of Greek foods and crafts.

The festival includes a plethora of activities and events that are sure to please the most avid visitor. There will be live music, dance performances, a marketplace, and of course, a Greek food festival. The festival’s most notable offerings include a traditional Greek casserole, which is best served with a warm pita. Other notable items include a gyro sandwich and a loukoumathes.

Despite the lack of actual scientific or medical proof, the St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church Festival is touted as one of the most important events of the year. Besides being a great time, the festival is a fundraiser for the church and provides much-needed funding for local public programs.

All Saints

Those in the Greek community in Canonsburg are preparing for the annual All Saints Greek Orthodox Church Festival. The event will run through the end of the week. During the festival, church members plan to serve thousands of plates. The festival includes traditional Greek foods and desserts.

The festival is held in conjunction with the season of Pentecost. In the Greek Orthodox Church, all saints and martyrs are commemorated on the first Sunday after Pentecost. During this time, the Church also celebrates the feasts of St. John the Baptist and the apostles. These feasts are universally celebrated by the Orthodox Church.

There are many different names for All Saints Day. It is also known as All Hallows’ Eve. It is usually a day to pray for loved ones, and to offer grave offerings.

St. Dimetrios

Founded in 1961, Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church is a member of the Greek community that serves Massapequa, Merrick and the surrounding areas. The church has many ministries, including a Community Center project. It also has a large congregation, with more than 600 families.

The Saint Demetrios Greek Festival is not your average weekend event, though. It has an array of activities, including live music, dancing, rides, food, and more. The main event takes place in the Church Hall, which is currently sold out. There is also a raffle, with a chance to win some cool stuff, like an Apple MacBook Pro and a Samsung 75″ TV.

The event is not for the faint of heart, but it is an excellent way to spend a hot, sunny Saturday afternoon. Ample parking is available. The festival is free to attend. There is a wide selection of food and beverages, including some Greek specialties.


Whether you’re a fan of Greek culture or just want to sample some of the best cuisine in the area, you won’t want to miss the Greek Orthodox Church Festival. A free event for the whole family, the festival features Greek music, dancing, rides, food, and more. You’ll also have the chance to visit the Holy Trinity Museum Store, which sells items from the Holy Trinity Museum.

Aside from Greek food and music, the festival includes a wine and beer tasting, Greek dancing, and games for children. There will also be a toga contest for attendees.

The festival is held on three days and concludes on Sunday. It will take place at Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church, which is located at 2200 Church Road in Toms River. The festival is open 11 am to 9 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Monday.

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