6 Signs That You Are Being Chosen by God

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Are You Called By God? Being chosen by the Lord is an honor and can bring many spiritual rewards, yet requires sacrifice to serve him faithfully. Sometimes that means leaving behind family, friends and material goods so He may work through you!

The Bible teaches that God selects certain individuals for eternal life – a process known as predestination.

Signs of God’s Presence

If you are praying to hear from God, but aren’t finding signs, here may be six ways He may be communicating:

Being chosen by God means you enjoy an extraordinary relationship with Him and can gain spiritual blessings not available to other Christians. Miracles, answered prayers and peace may find their way into your life; others might even comment on how blessed or favored you appear to them. Furthermore, being chosen also means He watches over and protects you in unique ways from any malicious influences in life.

An additional sign that God has chosen you is when you can sense His presence when praying or reading the Bible. This feeling can guide your choices and lead you toward positive outcomes, while giving you insight into when something doesn’t line up with His word.

Feeling God’s presence can also inspire and encourage you to serve Him in practical ways. He might ask you to meet needs in your community or teach others so He may get glory for Himself; He wants you for His purposes; this demonstrates His trust.

As another indication that God has selected you, if you feel drawn to preach His gospel and follow Him closely. Perhaps your desire to share salvation’s message or how it’s changed your life with others has grown immensely strong – this passion stemming from the Holy Spirit working in your life is another telltale sign that this God-chosen momentous event has taken place in your life and it shows.

God’s chosen are filled with an eagerness to hear what He is telling them and follow in His footsteps, often at great personal sacrifice, all for His glory and joy. Though persecution for their faith may occur, their joy comes from knowing their faith will never be taken away.

Changes in Your Life

God will make his will known if you are one of His chosen ones, making clear what He expects you to do for Him and spreading the Gospel. Often this requires preaching, teaching, or helping those in need – even if this means making sacrifices on your part – the Holy Spirit will provide the power for success!

As you develop spiritually, you’ll also begin to discover your spiritual gifts that you can use to serve Christ and His church. For instance, if God has blessed you with leadership skills, these may enable you to lead and motivate others effectively; conversely if He has given you teaching/counseling abilities you could assist those battling sin or spiritual issues and counsel them towards growth – fulfilling your calling of spreading the gospel and disciple others!

God’s chosen will also have an in-depth knowledge of scriptures that cannot be gained through human study or research alone, providing you with deeper insights than can be obtained through any amount of reading alone. This will enable wiser decisions and firmness in faith even when circumstances seem daunting or hopeless – like Paul and Silas did when in prison praying and singing praises to God until their prison doors opened and they were released!

The Bible teaches that God selects certain individuals for salvation and blessing, a belief known as election that forms the central concept behind Calvinism’s doctrine of salvation. According to this view, He knows from eternity which individuals will accept His grace and be saved, having predestined these elect as being God’s chosen ones; once chosen by Him it becomes impossible for these chosen to turn away from salvation or abandon their faith in Jesus Christ and turn away from salvation altogether.

Being chosen by God is an immense honor and blessing that requires sacrifice on your part, but is well worth your while as He rewards your efforts with spiritual treasures that far outstrip any earthly possessions and supernatural strength and wisdom to overcome any challenges along your journey.


Obeying God is a key component of Christian living; whether or not you feel He has chosen you. Obeying his commands shows respect for him and brings closer. Obeying may even be seen as evidence that you have been blessed by him!

An essential aspect of obedience lies in hearing and following God’s voice, which requires deep trust in Him. Adam and Eve violated that trust when they disobeyed Him by eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Genesis 3). As a result of their sin, death entered our world – including ourselves!

Adam could have chosen to walk with God and enjoy all He had to offer, instead listening to Satan instead. When listening to Satan leads to disobedience and its consequences will follow you throughout life – which is why it’s important to confess your sins regularly (including any times you disobeyed God even indirectly) as well as consider how your disobedience may have caused others harm (e.g. caused them to sin themselves or given them an inaccurate understanding of Him).

Obeying God can also be seen through how you treat others. People chosen by Him tend to treat others with dignity and kindness. Additionally, those chosen are usually open to learning God’s Word and obeying it. Being obedient could be seen as evidence that He has blessed and chosen you!

Obedience can also be seen in how you conduct daily tasks such as caring for your home and work duties, and in your interactions with Christians and non-believers alike. Obeying even in seemingly small matters demonstrates your devotion to the Lord and desire to honor Him with your life.

God’s Favor

God is constantly seeking people He can bless and encourage. He seeks out those who trust in Him, follow His instructions faithfully, and show themselves strong on their behalf (Daniel, Moses and Noah are good examples of this). But just because you’re blessed by Him doesn’t guarantee an easy journey or lack of hardship in your life (Esther Paul Job are three such examples). He uses even broken people like Esther Paul Job to accomplish His plans (Esther Paul Job).

Divine favor is God’s special attention and blessing bestowed upon one person or group of individuals. He may alter events or alter natural laws in your favor, bestow wealth or talent upon you and remove obstacles from your path, change appearance or reputation in some way, make an individual stand out in a crowd, give special insights that others lack or make someone a leader or help one become one.

Samuel visited Bethlehem to choose a new king for Israel and looked over Jesse’s sons, all strapping soldiers with exceptional character traits. But after witnessing shepherd boy David’s sincere heart and hearing his testimony about being blessed by God (1 Sam 16:12). David became his choice. Samuel anointed him king.

God’s favor means that He is pleased with you and willing to work in your behalf. He will protect, lead and guide you, serving as your shield (Psalm 5:12). Furthermore, His blessing will surround and bless you – you can claim His favor for yourself by believing and confessing scriptures which confirm these promises.

Faith is key to receiving all of God’s goodness; when you believe He has chosen you, His blessings will begin pouring in. Don’t put off making that move: start now by praying and proclaiming scriptures about His favor for yourself – you might even discover more than you expected!

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