Can God Turn Back Time For Me?

can god turn back time for me

There are times in life when we wish we could turn back time.

God can restore time! He can turn back time to restore seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years you have lost. Furthermore, He can also suspend time – He did this for Hezekiah when He made the sun’s shadow retrace back ten steps.

1. He can heal your past

Life can sometimes feel hopeless, and difficult events may leave us stuck in one spot. But God is greater than your past and He can bring healing from it to both present and future, often with far better outcomes than what was there originally. Hezekiah asked for divine intervention by having sun and moon delayed from their normal cycles so his army of Israel could complete its battle and triumph instead of becoming completely dismembered in battle.

He can also bring peace and freedom from your past hurts. No need to keep revisiting them in your mind, let His Word renew your thoughts instead and release yourself from past memories so you can move into His plans for your life.

Some individuals can take some time to fully let go of the past, particularly if they have been deeply wounded by something in the past. But God will provide ample time for this process.

Your choices in life are numerous; whether it’s staying stuck in your past and dwelling on it or making a fresh start with God now is entirely your decision. Once you trust Him fully and allow Him to move in your behalf, He can free you of anything that’s hindering progress.

So trust Him, don’t listen to cynics, and begin believing He can heal past hurts, renew your youth and restore stolen years from you. Let Him guide your journey toward becoming who He created you to be – don’t settle for less! Don’t settle for anything less! Hear what His promise tells you…don’t settle for less! He is your helpmate in becoming who He created you to be; let Him guide your journey towards being all He created you to be! Don’t settle for less. Don’t settle for less; instead let go of doubt about whether God can turn back time – believe what His promise tells you… don’t listen to doubters cynics… it is His promise… so trust Him over doubters…

2. He can renew your youth

Many times we wish we could relive certain parts of our lives – be it years of wasted relationships that didn’t work out or the chance missed at an amazing opportunity. God can rewind those times for another chance at life!

Hezekiah from the Old Testament experienced a miraculous turnaround of his health after praying to God for help with an acute boil infection, calling upon Him for strength to turn back time on his health. God heard and responded by turning back time.

The Bible declares that God can restore your youth and extend your days, showing His omnipotence through it all.

Hezekiah witnessed this incredible miracle first-hand when the sun’s shadow moved backward on his palace stairs. Although Hezekiah looked older, physically speaking he was as young as any child!

Abraham and Sarah experienced similar results: even as Abraham and Sarah aged, they still gave birth due to their faith in God. Hebrews 11:11 states that Sarah’s strength and youth were restored so she could become pregnant at a later age.

God gives people spiritual and physical renewal when He blesses them. If you’re chronically sick and tired, prayer alone won’t do much for healing you and making you healthier; He must work on rejuvenating your physical body so it can return to its youthful state so you can become healthier and stronger than before.

Mental and emotional wellbeing is also supported by God: If you find yourself depressed, He can renew your emotions to help overcome sadness. Additionally, He can restore memory so you remember things more easily over time; He’ll even make you wiser as time goes on! Prayer can make all the difference; simply believe and trust Him – He is an Almighty Lord that can do anything! Mike Bennett serves as editorial content manager for Church of God Worldwide Association where he coordinates Life Hope & Truth website, Discern magazine and weekly publications as well as Personal Correspondence team that answers inquiries sent in via Life Hope & Truth website/Discern/Weekly publications/personal Correspondence team which handles queries sent into Life Hope & Truth website/Discern magazine/weekly publications/personal Correspondence team in response to inquiries sent in from Life Hope & Truth website/weekly publications/personal Correspondence team which answers any queries sent directly back out.

3. He can restore your relationship

Sometimes relationships that were once close can become distant or broken over time, and it may seem impossible to mend them. Yet if you remain faithful to God and trust Him with all aspects of your life, he can turn back time and restore your relationships. He knows what you need in your life and can show you how to work things out or find peace with those who have hurt you. However, remember that sometimes it is not His will to restore them, sometimes the relationship was only meant for a short while in your life and may no longer remain.

God knows what he’s doing when it comes to rebuilding relationships, so when He restores one, the relationship will grow stronger than ever before. He is the master of restoration, healing the deepest wounds while untangling intricate webs of relationships. Therefore it is crucial that prayerful individuals listen closely for his promptings – as these can often come very clearly!

Hezekiah asked God to reverse the sun’s shadow as it affected his health directly. Consequently, his enemies relented and Hezekiah lived a long, healthy and productive life – part of God’s plan to bring about the Messiah and preserve Davidic lineage.

Are You Missing Opportunities or Wasting Years with an Unsatisfying Relationship? Do not despair: God controls time, and in time He will replace lost years with even bigger and better things – new relationships that bring blessings into your life while strengthening existing ones. Stay faithful to the Lord, trust that he knows best, and remain trustful – He won’t let you down – stay faithful, trust with all of your heart in him and everything He promises you.

4. He can suspend time

When we pray to God, we’re talking with the one who created time, space and the heavenly bodies – one who transcends what we perceive of as time but inhabits eternity – he can suspend time for us or move it backward or forward for our benefit.

Hezekiah was sick with a boil and on the verge of dying when he prayed to God to reverse its effects on him. To demonstrate God was indeed responding, Hezekiah asked Isaiah for a sign. After going outside on his porch Isaiah told him to look at the shadow of a staircase on it – He asked it move backward ten steps when asked, which it did – it was truly miraculous and Hezekiah lived an additional 15 years!

If you’re struggling, God can restore years that the locusts have stolen and even return you to youth. He can also reverse illness and renew health. In 2017, let God open up your world a bit wider as He expands your perspective from its current confines to His eternal kingdom – just believe and trust Him with all your heart – He’s powerful enough to do whatever we ask of Him, but He still listens when we approach Him openly with prayers from our hearts!

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