Why Was King David So Special to God?

why was king david so special to god

The Bible describes David as being an individual after God’s own heart; an exceptional leader who served his kingship with courage, honor, and humility.

The timeless story of David and Goliath has become an icon for stories featuring underdog protagonists battling powerful adversaries.

1. He was a man after God’s own heart

The Bible describes David as being after God’s own heart, yet this does not imply he was perfect; any familiar with the biblical narrative knows of his numerous transgressions such as his affair with Bathsheba and murder of Uriah’s husband Uriah. But it was his way in which he committed these sins which set him apart as such an exceptional figure.

David was unlike Saul in that he knew victory came only through God, not himself. David knew He alone was responsible for taking power away from Saul – so instead waited upon Him and sought His will over his own.

He showed this by being the exact opposite of Saul in all aspects of life; even during Nathan’s confrontation of his sin with Bathsheba, when David beseeched God for forgiveness (Psalms 32).

He was not only faithful to his family, but he was equally committed to serving God. Furthermore, he took pleasure in contemplating His precepts daily – finding them more satisfying than honey and more desirable than gold (1 Kings 15:3).

Bible readers know that stories about David in the Bible do more than glorify his many achievements; rather they point us in the direction of Christ’s hope of redemption for our generation as well. David was chosen because his stories could promote this hope through Jesus. They foster it today too!

2. He was a warrior

David was revered as a hero due to his courage, faith, and faithfulness. A warrior himself, his story of defeating Goliath stands as a testimony of God’s enduring mercy and redemption.

Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes David as an outstanding example of strength and faith even during times when he felt weak – this provides us with an important lesson about him today.

When God calls us into battle, it’s vital that we depend on Him as our source of strength. Pride and fear can easily cloud judgment; yet David never allowed his pride or fear to get in his way of trusting the power of God alone for deliverance against his foes.

Early in David’s life, he was no one of note. Instead he served Jesse’s flock while his older brothers went off to battle in the army. Yet God anointed David King of Israel; though no exact reason is given why. We can assume it must have been because He saw David’s heart for justice.

David formed an army that would serve him faithfully throughout his life while fleeing Saul, including soldiers he befriended on his journey and an understanding of local terrain that enabled him to utilize its advantages during military operations.

Once David was back on solid ground and had an army at his disposal, he didn’t just assume command; rather he took an extremely risky move by volunteering to battle Goliath himself – something which no other warrior was willing to do at that time. This brave act cemented David as one of history’s greatest warriors.

3. He was a king

David was perhaps the most admired of the Old Testament’s many kings, yet most people recognize and admire him most of all. Known for slaying a giant and leading an impressive military campaign against it, as well as leading successful rule of most of his subjects (most of the time), David wasn’t perfect: He engaged in adultery, conducted censuses, and failed to seek guidance from God at times.

God began preparing David as a young shepherd boy for leadership. When Saul’s servants came looking for someone to play the harp for him, David offered up his services voluntarily; upon seeing how good his skills were they sent food and weapons along with him!

God was sending David a sign that He had chosen him to serve as King. However, this wasn’t equivalent to anointing him king–that would come later when David actually held that title.

God took time and perseverance in crowning David king, and during his rule he encountered setbacks such as Absalom’s rebellion, Bathsheba’s illicit affair and Uriah’s murder – yet David never lost focus of who he served.

God recognized David’s deep devotion and love for Him through the psalms he wrote, which proved their devotion was sincere. David personified courage, loyalty, faith, tenacity and leadership qualities while being an excellent warrior, musician and leader – not to mention one who loved his enemies while forgiving them; these traits enabled him to fulfill his duties as King successfully while also equipping him for Jesus Christ as Lord over all Kings!

4. He was a man of integrity

One of the great qualities of David was his honesty. He always did the right thing, even when it wasn’t popular. If he ever committed a sinful act he confessed it and sought God’s forgiveness – an admirable quality found few other biblical kings possessing.

As a young boy, David was trusted with tending his father’s sheep flock. No doubt his father recognized his reliability and responsibility in trusting David with such an important task, yet little did David realize this was God’s preparation ground for his future role as King – using David’s obedience and faithfulness to fulfill His will and accomplish His plan.

The Bible is full of stories showcasing David’s integrity, such as his battle with Goliath from Philistia. When Israel’s King Saul sent out an army against Goliath’s champion from Philistia, David alone dared take on Goliath, knowing it wasn’t about size but instead his faith in an almighty God that would determine its outcome.

David was marked by highs and lows throughout his life, yet never let them deter him from seeking forgiveness from God and further cultivating their relationship. David’s devotion was evident through psalms and prayers which expressed his love of both Him and others despite any cost involved – this ultimately lead to Jesus coming through David’s lineage as the ultimate manifestation of God’s grace for humanity – elevating a lowly shepherd from obscurity into becoming King over all kings!

5. He was a man of prayer

One reason David was so dear to God was his undying devotion. From his boyhood as the 8th son in an uncaring family to his death as King David demonstrated a deep devotion. David showed this love through singing of Him from mountain crags, writing beautiful hymns in his sleep, and eventually killing Goliath with a stone from a shepherd’s slingshot.

As a result, God was willing to hear David’s prayers of praise, worship, thanksgiving and requests, as well as deliver upon His promises. David’s prayers included elements of worship, thanksgiving and requests.

Psalm 109 makes this point clearly, where David turns his request for God to destroy his enemies into an plea for mercy from Him. David recognizes his sin has left him vulnerable, knowing that without divine intervention his situation could worsen dramatically.

David’s petition for the financial ruin and family extinction of his enemies was also an appeal for divine justice, in line with Mosaic Law which states that those who break laws should be punished. David was reminding himself and other believers of God’s sovereignty over all matters including human souls. To remember this fact is why prayer should be part of daily practice for believers; prayer allows us to communicate directly with Him while also worshipping, thanking, and making requests in an attitude of reverence, rather than with an agenda to manipulate or force Him.

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