Why Did God Spare Noah?

why did god spare noah

God chose Noah during an age of unbelievable wickedness as His chosen defender, as an example of obedience and righteousness.

He built the Ark despite ridicule to show his trust in God, demonstrating his faith and trust. But why did He spare him and his family? In this article we explore three possible explanations.

1. He was a righteous man

God decreed the world was good when He made it (Genesis 1:21). Yet something happened that necessitated his sending the Flood: mankind became too evil, violent, and sinful for Him to bear; so He decided the only way to restore its original state was to wipe out humanity altogether and all life that lived on Earth.

Noah was one of the only ones spared from destruction because of his faith and obedience, following God’s instruction to build an ark for 120 years without seeking glory for himself or any personal gain, doing it solely to glorify His name – this act demonstrated great faith.

Noah was a righteous man because he followed God’s instructions to the letter. According to Scripture, Noah “was just in all his ways and walked with Him”. Noah believed what the Bible said about salvation and obeyed it with no hesitation or reservations – and in response God spared Noah from flooding.

God’s love and mercy are demonstrated throughout Scripture, yet His wrath against sinful humanity also stands out clearly. Noah witnessed God’s righteous judgment of sinful humanity with the flood; yet His grace also came through by providing a means of salvation through Jesus Christ for those who believed and obeyed its message – just like Noah did! If we wish eternal life we must believe and obey what He commands of us just like Noah did!

2. He was a good man

The Bible records that Noah found favor in God’s eyes; this evidences His mercy toward this righteous individual. We hope to experience similar mercy when Jesus returns for his second coming.

The story of Noah and the Flood offers us a powerful lesson about faith and obedience. It shows that taking God at His Word seriously is the essence of sanity while rejecting it is insanity of sin. Noah was an excellent example of someone who took God seriously by spending years warning people about impending flooding yet they did not listen; thus becoming known as a preacher of righteousness (2 Peter 2:5) just like Enoch had done – living blamelessly according to Scripture as described by scripture!

Noah stands as an example of faithful obedience. He obeyed every commandment in the Bible, an impressive testament to his devotion. But Noah wasn’t perfect: in Genesis 9:20ff we read about his sin when, after planting a vineyard, he indulged himself by drinking its wine and becoming intoxicated and embarrassing his sons by showing himself drunk!

God didn’t spare those living lives contrary to his laws when He sent the flood, yet He did protect Noah and seven others from its effects. Furthermore, He reduced Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes as an example for others who lead sinful lives; this proved that He is both just and merciful judge who will punish evil while rewarding good actions.

3. He was a good father

Many who are unfamiliar with the Bible think Noah was saved solely through grace as depicted in Genesis 6:8, with no responsibility whatsoever for what occurred in his family and in himself. Such misconceptions do a disservice to Christians because it undermines their core belief that works are an integral component of salvation.

People often believe that God will always save everyone who acts righteously regardless of what actions they have taken in life. This misconception about Him can lead to people believing He is cruel and judgmental when in reality He is full of mercy and grace – the Bible makes this clear! God punishes evildoers while showing kindness toward good ones (Genesis 6:7).

God judged humanity because their hearts had turned away from Him and were without goodness in them, apart from Noah who was described as righteous and blameless among his peers; thus He chose Noah to build an ark to save his family and rescue them all from destruction.

Noah demonstrated incredible faith and fear of God by obeying His orders despite its difficult conditions for survival, knowing full well the flood could arise at any moment and that no one knew exactly when or how it would end.

He did this work for over 100 years! Although it was arduous and exhausting, he persevered knowing that God would keep His promise not to flood again.

4. He was a good husband

Noah was an excellent husband because he always put God first in his life. He loved Him with all of his heart and was committed to obeying every command He issued. When Noah heard about the impending flood, he built an ark for himself, his wife and their sons to ride out in. Additionally, two animals from each type were kept safe during its passage – everything he could to protect his family, which led to great rewards from Him for his faithfulness.

In the Bible, there are countless heroes worthy of our praise and admiration for their incredible faith. However, we should remember that even these great patriarchs of faith had their share of sinful behavior as everyone does – including Noah who succumbed to alcohol on multiple occasions while living in his tent!

Genesis 6:5-7 presents one of the most unforgivable depictions of humanity’s depravity found anywhere in Scripture. It asserts that everyone only harbored evil intentions all of the time, grieving Him deeply. Noah understood this truth and spread it, yet many refused to listen and listen in response.

God long ago sent a flood upon a world full of ungodly people, protecting Noah, an advocate of righteousness, and seven others from destruction by drowning Sodom and Gomorrah and burning it to ashes as an example of what will happen on judgment day to those living unrighteously. God did this to show His grace and holiness while simultaneously giving humanity another chance at living their lives according to what pleases Him.

5. He was a good friend

Noah was an outstanding example for all living things around him, not just himself and his family. He obeyed God and did what He told him without regard for what his friends or neighbors thought or said of him; instead he shunned their insults or the ridicule from other individuals, including calling him names like fool.

Noah knew it was important that God instructed him to build an ark for himself, his family, and all the animals who would enter it when He asked him to. God had an ambitious plan in store for this world – an epic flood which would erase everything in its path – so obedience from Noah was essential in fulfilling that plan.

God showed great kindness by sparing Noah and his family from being destroyed along with the rest of humanity. According to Genesis 6:5-7 we find out that “the LORD saw that mankind’s wickedness had grown great throughout the earth, with every intention in their hearts only ever being evil”.

God was appalled at humanity’s sinful ways at this time and deeply regretted them ever having created them in the first place. Noah stood as an example for obedience and faithfulness that disproved of those around him who did not, which earned Him great reward in return.

Noah represents the righteous remnant that will survive during the end times and seven-year tribulation. They will be family units like Noah’s who will confront a world full of sin; protected by God’s loving kindness and grace shown to Noah himself and his family – just as He saved Noah – they too will remain safe from being consumed by retribution which awaits this ungodly world; faith will allow them to survive through these hard times and repopulate it afterward.

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