Why Did God Create Sex?

why did god create sex

Many believe sex was created solely to facilitate procreation; while this is partially true, God also created it for other reasons.

One reason is that sex is an effective means for married couples to express their affection and express it openly and honestly with one another. Beyond the flashes of sinful passion, sex provides an emotional bond that lasts throughout life’s many trials and tribulations.


God created sexuality as the main purpose for creating sexuality: reproduction. Reproduction is an instinctive part of life shared by all organisms, providing genetic material to new generations while passing down traits necessary for survival to future generations. Seeds, spores, eggs and pupae serve as overwintering mechanisms which enable lifeforms to survive in unfavorable environments until conditions improve enough for reproduction again.

But God didn’t create sex solely for this purpose – He also intended it as a source of pleasure and security for married couples! According to Scripture, sexual intimacy provides pleasure and security in marriage relationships if done responsibly; any misuse can easily lead to sinful behavior and even death! Like all God-given gifts, sexual encounters should be respected, enjoyed and honored!

Sex used appropriately can strengthen marriage relationships. Through physical intimacy, husband and wife become closer emotionally, spiritually, and even physically as their love for one another grows deeper; creating an enduring, loving and respectful bond which strengthens through honeymoons, children born from this marriage, illness or cancer treatments or during other trying times in life.

Unfortunately, many have become convinced that their value and significance as humans is directly correlated to the number of children they bear. This misinterpretation of Scripture has caused people to misconstrue its message of procreation as the only purpose for sexual encounters outside procreation – an untrue and potentially harmful message which has caused parents to worry about teen sexual temptations, husbands and wives to doubt each other’s faithfulness, and believers to struggle with feelings of shame. Yet truth be told – our purpose in being created was more than sexual encounters – we were meant to reflect God’s image on earth!


God designed sex as a form of intimate love between man and woman that forms deep connections between them both. Sex releases hormones which bond them emotionally and physically – creating a lasting marriage bond, helping couples through difficult times together while reconnecting them back to those initial days when their love was fresh and full of potential.

Even though Scripture warns against sexual acts in certain contexts, sexual fulfillment can still be beneficial and even lead to orgasm without leading to sinful activities. Orgasm involves experiencing a sensation resembling heaven – an intense rush of blissful pleasure like no other sensation is found elsewhere on Earth!

Though many misunderstand pleasure as simply an emotional reaction or response to experiencing things or thinking about them, this only scratches the surface. Pleasure encompasses more aspects of life.

Philosophers often use terms such as heed, attention or interest when discussing pleasure. Aristotle and Ryle argue that pleasure can be described as being fully immersed in something, while contemporary writers frequently make distinctions between hedonistic pleasure which involves only sensation or mental activity and non-hedonistic pleasure which may involve any number of cognitively presented objects.

Biblical scripture offers us a definitive answer on why God created sex: Adam and Eve were given one commandment – to “Be fruitful, and multiply.” Sexual intimacy became the means by which they reproduced themselves. But sexual intimacy wasn’t created just to promote procreation: sexual intimacy also acts as a special moment in marriage relationships that bonds husbands and wives together over the course of their relationship.


Sex is an integral component of marriage because it brings two bodies and souls closer together on a fundamental level. God knows its importance for our happiness, so He created an atmosphere conducive to experiencing it safely – specifically, marriage as a loving and committed relationship.

The Bible records that Adam and Eve, the first husband and wife, “were both naked and did not feel ashamed” (Genesis 2:25), which indicates that sexuality as God intended was completely pure and healthy, with an aim of increasing intimacy between partners while creating exquisite companionship between them and glorifying their Lord together.

Sexual desires aren’t sinful, but they must be managed. This can be accomplished through prayer, asceticism and practicing chastity (physical exercise, healthy diet and limiting media consumption are also effective ways of curbing sexual desires). When used appropriately sexual pleasure can be immensely satisfying and spiritually fulfilling. But remember sex should only ever be used within committed marriages with an eye toward new life – any other use would misuse these gifts and can have devastating results both physically and spiritually.

Oneness theologians make an error when they conflate the Trinity with their own trinitarian doctrine. Oneness theologians misunderstand what Jesus means when He refers to Himself as having all the attributes and nature of God (Matthew 28:19). They further claim that sexual acts constitute a form of worship as it involves two individuals serving and loving one another, yet the Bible reveals that all earthly wisdom is foolishness to Him (1 Corinthians 1:27); Jesus Christ now reigns at God’s right hand. Oneness teachers deny God’s Word by misinterpreting it (2 Peter 3:18-19). If you have questions about this article, feel free to reach out – I would be happy to discuss your issues! Thank you for reading! This entry was posted in Featured Articles and tagged biblical view on sex. Bookmark the permalink for Trackbacks or leave your own. Trackbacks are closed but comments can still be posted below.


Sex is an incredible way to glorify God, but pornography, exploitation and infidelity illustrate its potential misuse. When used wrongfully it dishonors Him while hurting others. Therefore it is crucial that we adhere to God’s plan when it comes to sexual intimacy – especially in marriage relationships.

God designed marriage so that when two people come together exclusively in marriage, sex should be frequent and safe, providing protection from sexual sin while giving both partners an act of loving worship through touching. Christians must understand the significance of God’s view on sex and never allow culture to compromise their convictions; otherwise it could erode that security that He created for sex relationships resulting in shame, fear and insecurity that is far removed from what was intended by Him for us all to experience!

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