What Questions Will God Ask on Judgment Day?

On Judgment Day, all our thoughts, words, and deeds will be exposed before God. Thoughts and actions may remain concealed from others, but not from Him.

This event is known as the Final Judgment or Day of Resurrection and represents God’s final attempt at justice before He destroys what has become corrupt due to sin in heaven and earth.

1. What did you do?

According to 2 Corinthians 5:10, God will judge our actions. However, this doesn’t necessarily entail that all our sin will be made public on Judgment Day; more likely the accounting will involve having an intimate dialogue with Jesus Himself – much like when Aslan pulled Edmund aside during Chronicles of Narnia to privately discuss Edmund’s betrayal.

On Judgment Day, God will evaluate every individual who has ever lived. Those who rejected the gospel will face a white throne judgment; believers will also appear before Jesus to finally appreciate His overwhelming grace and understand all He has done for them.

Jesus shows us on Judgment Day how this scale weighs God’s perfection against human sin, with only those who have done enough good deeds to overcome ours to enter Heaven – all others will perish in the lake of fire.

Scripture makes clear that sin involves more than outward actions; its causes lie deep within. Jesus taught in his Sermon on the Mount that, when it comes to sexual misconduct and murder, for example, God judges us more on our intentions than our actual acts; on Judgment Day He will judge all people according to their deeper motives – including those unaware that they violated His laws.

God gave humans something truly invaluable: consciences that warn when they’re going against the law. This will prove particularly helpful on Judgement Day when Jesus will reveal our hidden intentions and hearts to Him. So make sure to spend some time studying Scripture and learning more about His laws so you’ll be ready when He calls you before Him!

2. What did you think?

The Bible states that Jesus will judge both living and dead individuals on His return in glory – an event known as the Great White Throne Judgment – at which point all humans who ever lived will stand before Jesus to account for their deeds; those who have accepted His offer of salvation will receive their rewards while those who rejected it will be sent straight into hell as punishment.

When the Lord appears in glory He will bring all angels with Him as He sits upon His throne in heavenly splendor – this event marks an immense and crucial turning point as He serves as both Creator, King and Judge of all things in creation and life on this Earth.

He will gather all people before Him and separate those with good deeds from those with evil ones, placing His sheep at His right and His goats at His left. Those on God’s right are those who have acknowledged their sinful ways while making an active decision to deal with it with help from His Holy Spirit, which cleanses them from their unrighteousness.

On His left are those who haven’t. These individuals have chosen to ignore God’s light highlighting their own sin or didn’t believe He cared. When these non-church goers stand before Jesus He won’t ask how many friends or neighbors they helped; He already knows this information about them!

He will expose their hidden motives, actions, and results of those actions; perhaps what they thought were so significant were actually just wood, hay and stubble; what they achieved was meaningless.

3. What did you say?

God first asked Adam this question in Genesis 3. At first glance, it appears as though He wanted Adam to accept responsibility for his disobedience and sin; but God was really emphasizing the fact that both words and deeds can have significant influences on others.

Jesus demonstrated in His Sermon on the Mount that God judges differently than we humans do; He sees past our actions to look into our hearts. For instance, He stated that anyone harboring feelings of sexual immorality in their hearts had committed adultery (Matt 5:27-30) or harbored hatred toward their brother was guilty of murder (Matt 5:21).

On Judgment Day, we will stand before Christ and He will assess our hearts. He will ask if our names have been inscribed into His Book of Life and then judge who will remain in heaven eternally and who should be cast into Hellfire. Furthermore, believers will experience firsthand God’s incredible grace and goodness as they stand before him on that fateful day.

As we prepare for Judgment Day, one of the best things we can do to prepare is by repenting of our sins and accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. His sacrifice on the cross paid for all your transgressions – this way on Judgment Day your name will be written into God’s Book of Life so you’ll enjoy His eternal kingdom! No longer will you wonder what God will say or how long He’ll stay with us… simply enjoy being in His loving presence forevermore!

4. What did you think about?

Remembering God as the Creator and Jesus as King are global entities; on judgment day He will act as Judge over all nations. All individuals from every age will gather before Him at His Great White Throne for an audience with Him that will separate into groups based on their behavior on earth and thoughts.

On judgment day, God and Jesus will open up the book of life and those whose names appear will enter heaven to live eternally alongside them. Those not listed will be condemned to hell without an appeals process or second chances; no one can say: “I didn’t mean for that to happen” or, “That wasn’t fair”.

All that truly matters is what we think and how we act. Those in the book of life acknowledge their sinful ways while placing their trust in Jesus as Savior and Lord. Their lives were filled with the Holy Spirit who highlighted any areas where they had fallen short; they loved righteousness while rejecting wickedness.

The Bible states that Jesus will sit upon a throne of glory on judgement day and judge all mankind with justice through an appointed representative, separating sheep from goats by asking each person some probing questions about what they did or didn’t do and their treatment of others; plus their spiritual status (whether they sought Him and were saved, whether they kept His commandments to love God, neighbor and self, as well as whether they shared the gospel). He will decide their eternal fate based on these factors alone!

5. What did you think about?

In the Bible, there are many judgments, with most Christians believing in a final one called “The Great White Throne Judgment”. This occurs when Jesus returns in glory and sits firmly upon His throne to judge everyone according to their actions, choices, and commitments.

When Jesus returns in glory, all the angels in heaven will accompany Him as He judges each person on Earth. Their presence will be clearly noticeable – just like when a judge walks into a courtroom and everyone rises in respect for both him/her as well as any laws they enforced.

Some will come before Jesus believing they have done great good works, only to discover they pale in comparison to what Christ did for them. Others may appear before Him and think nothing wrong has been done – only for Him to reveal all their sinful choices, thoughts and motivations at that very moment.

Only those who have repented and put their faith in Christ will escape judgment at the Great White Throne; these people will receive eternal life as their reward. Everyone else must decide if they want to follow God or choose our own paths, with no second chances or argumentation possible as we stand before God with his Book of Life in front of us.

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