How Old Was Samuel When God Called Him?

how old was samuel when god called him

Samuel was just a child when God called him to lead Ancient Israel through its transitional period from patriarchs, judges, and kings.

Samuel lived with Eli, the priest of Shiloh. God sent Samuel with a message for Eli to deliver against his two sons Hophni and Phinehas – his two progeny who lived nearby.

Samuel was attentive and compliant.

1. He was a young boy

Samuel was still young when God first called him. He spent most of his nights and days at the tabernacle where the ark of God resided, being taught his faith at his mother’s knee before going out alone to pray every morning at dawn. It was during one such nighttime visit when Eli, Samuel’s mentor and priest Eli, called out. Samuel at first thought it was Eli calling, so responded three times before realizing it was actually God speaking. Samuel responded “Speak, Lord,” as his servant was listening attentively before responding with, “Speak Lord for Your servant is listening!”

As soon as God spoke, He told Samuel to tell Eli of His plans to punish his sons for their dishonest gains and perversion of justice. Samuel obeyed and relayed all that had been told him even though it proved challenging to do so.

Samuel then followed God’s instruction and appointed Saul as Israel’s first king, as the Lord had instructed. Unfortunately, Saul proved a disastrous leader. David became a far more successful ruler and prophet; and Samuel remains revered today among Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

The Bible contains many stories of people whom God has appointed to fulfill various roles, from prophets and judges to leaders of nations. But Samuel stands out as an individual whose devotion to God stands out most, especially his obedience as demonstrated in 1 Samuel 3. We can learn much from Samuel and his commitment, an example that never fades as one matures – as an example we should always listen out for what the Lord asks of us and act obediently (1 Samuel 3:10-18). Thank you so much for commenting – your comments make us laugh! Thank you very much! Thank you very much! We appreciate your comments! Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Thank you very much! We appreciate your comments! Thank you very much indeed! Thank you very much indeed! Thank you very much appreciated your comments! Thank you very much appreciated your comments regarding Samuel! Certainly his obedience to Him never waivers even as we age! When we listen closely enough, He promises never fail (1 Samuel 3:10-18)! So thank God is with us always and His word never fails (1 Samuel 3:118-19). Thank you very much indeed 2 We welcome and appreciate both! Thank you very much!! Thank you very much 3 Thank you very much indeed!! Thank you very much indeed thanking both! Thank you very much indeed for reading. Thanks you. Thank you We welcome comments. We all thanks thank all Thank God is with us 1 Samuel! thanking Our prayers don’t follow His will never fails us (1 Samuel 3:110-18) thanking thanking us Thanks, while His promises won’t fail (1 Samuel 3:1-81). Thanks!! thanking! 1 Samuel 3 18!) Thanking! Thanks thanks, thank all!!! thanking. thank all of course!!! we’s thank God’s comments as it’s comments too for making! Thanks!! Thank You both very much indeed!!! Thank You both so much!! Thank You both!!!! – we thank him/us too!! thanks!! Thank You too for being there as well ; they give! 18/18! ad thank You very much 3-18!!! Thanks aswell!!! thank You all of course!! Thanks thanks to! Thank!! for being part!! 1! Thank : 10/18). Thanks everyone!! Thank You too thanks much, both!! Thanking and Thank both! – thanks indeed!!! Thanks thanking too we appreciate for! 1! : 18!! Thank. Thanks you too for our comments for thank!! Thank Thank you :: 18 when all!! – thanks you very much!!! Thanks!!! thanks, Thanks, thank : Thank Thank! : Thank!!! thank You too!! Thank!!! Thank!! Thank : Thanks. Thanks everyone!! Thank!! thank!!! Thank – we thank both!!!! Thank!!!!! Thank :0 Thank!! Thank!! Thank : thank!!!! Thank thanks all : 18 Thank!! Thank!!! Thank!!! Thank!!! thank You both so much!!! We!! Thank!!! for being here too for posting!!! Thanks you very much…!! Thank thank!!! Thank!! Thank!!! Thank!! Thanks both so much!!!!!! Thank!!!!!! Thanks!!!! for being part!! thank!! thank

2. He was obedient

Samuel was about eight years old when God called him. Hannah dedicated him to Him as an infant and he served in the temple under priest Eli. Until it came time for Israel to have its own king (1 Samuel 2:16-21). Samuel served diligently and with integrity to lead Israel into becoming an established kingdom.

God called Samuel while he lay asleep in the temple one night, its interior illuminated by the glow of an unending lamp (verse 3). God wanted Samuel to take over for Eli, his mentor and predecessor.

Israelites found themselves facing a difficult period in history during the days of judges, when “everyone did what was right in his/her own eyes”. God rarely spoke out during this period; when He did speak out it often contained judgment against sinful individuals.

Eli was notoriously notorious for his corrupt leadership style. Both of his sons served as head priests, though their behavior behind closed doors revealed much dishonorable deeds. One son even advised taking the Ark of the Covenant into battle against Philistine forces and it ultimately fell into their hands.

God called Samuel out from this state of darkness and low spirituality as His prophet and judge, showing His faith by having Samuel faithfully carry out God’s messages, even when these meant judgment and destruction to hardened hearts. While most may find it challenging, our responsibility as messengers for Him requires us to do just this – Samuel proved his devotion by constantly serving His kingdom faithfully throughout his life – an example for all to emulate today.

3. He was blind

Samuel was raised in a godly home by Hannah after praying to the Lord to grant her a son. Once Samuel was ready, Hannah took him to the tabernacle so he could grow in His presence, whereupon Samuel faithfully served His Creator throughout his life.

Samuel was sleeping peacefully when God called. At first he thought Eli the priest had called out, but when his name was called again he realized it was from above and asked Him what He should say; He told him “Speak, LORD; Your servant hears.”

Samuel recognized he was called to serve Israel as a prophet. As such, his role was integral in transitioning the twelve tribes into one united nation.

As a prophet of Israel, Samuel preached to its people and shared God’s word through him. Additionally, he anointed Saul as King. Samuel often obeyed and trusted in God for guidance when given difficult tasks; such as informing Eli that his sons would soon be destroyed – something Samuel found hard to bear at times! Yet Samuel always obeyed and trusted in Him to guide his decisions.

Samuel was not only an incredible prophet; he was also an exceptional husband and father. He loved his family dearly and put them first; he cared for those less fortunate, including caring for poor and sick patients in his community. Furthermore, Samuel was an exceptional writer – recording God’s words clearly for future generations to understand; these books continue to help people gain a deeper relationship with the Lord as well as understanding His plan in their lives.

4. He was a prophet

Prophets are those who receive messages from God and relay them to others. Samuel received many such messages, some of which were quite difficult to hear and understand. Samuel dedicated his entire life to serving the Lord, beginning when his mother dedicated him for service in the temple as an infant; later living and ministering there under its auspices.

One night while Samuel slept, God appeared and spoke. At first Samuel thought Eli was calling, but upon its second occurrence it became clear it was divinely sent. Samuel quickly went to Eli with this unpleasant message from God, showing his trust in His will despite knowing it meant judgment for Eli’s sons.

As soon as it became evident that Samuel was being called by God to serve as a prophet, he began hearing God’s voice and sharing it with Israel’s population. God sent Samuel on an important mission; anointing Saul as Israel’s king (despite warning him about its potential consequences; 1 Samuel 8). Samuel stood firmly behind God’s choice and refused to give what the people wanted if it went against His will (1 Samuel 9).

Samuel was known to keep God’s commandments, defend the people of Israel, and fight for God’s glory during his rule. Samuel was also firm when dealing with sin; when Saul made a grave error by keeping Agag, an Amalekite battle horse, as a display animal for his troops (1 Samuel 14:50), Samuel killed it as instructed by God (1 Samuel 14:50).

From Samuel’s life we can draw many lessons. When God speaks, we should listen closely for His voice and respond promptly and willingly when He does so. God may manifest himself through various means so we must always keep listening out for His call. Though obedience may sometimes prove difficult, we should remain steadfast in trying our best to meet it.

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