What God Cannot Do Doesn’t Exist

what god cannot do doesnt exist

Many Christians hold that God cannot act illogically, citing scripture to back up this claim.

Daddy Freeze has taken steps to combat the claim that what God cannot do does not exist, which he sees as restricting God’s powers. He shared this on social media.

1. He cannot make a rock so heavy that it cannot be lifted

People often ask “Can God make a rock so heavy it cannot be lifted?” This question betrays an illogical and foolish understanding of power. God possesses unlimited strength; everything that exists comes under His authority, so nothing can exceed God’s capacity or exceed what’s possible without adding more force into achieving something impossible – this is why understanding His true nature of power before answering queries like these one is crucial.

There is no such thing as an immovable rock. To create one would require adding dimensions and energy that violated non-contradiction law; thus making such a rock impossible to move. Therefore, in order to become too heavy for lifting it must have more material and energy than allowed by laws of physics.

This question also indicates a misunderstanding of what omnipotence entails. While Scripture describes God as all-powerful, this does not imply He can do everything. For example, some things are just not possible for even God to accomplish – for instance dying or lying are against His nature and cannot occur within His being.

One common misperception about God is the belief that He can do whatever He pleases. However, this is untrue as He tells us in Scripture that He rules over all the earth and its creatures – that makes Him the sole ruler over everything! So it is not up to us to try to control or manipulate Him; rather it is our duty to trust and obey Him if we want a peaceful and prosperous life – because otherwise He won’t hear our prayers and respond accordingly!

2. He cannot make a square circle

There are certain things God simply cannot do, such as creating a square circle logically impossible. Yet many theists claim this argument doesn’t apply because God is all-powerful and could accomplish any feat; this response fails because it assumes a realist would accept a square circle as real when in reality they might believe one to be an imagined object formed of four parallelepipeds shaped to mimic a circle.

So a square circle is not real but is rather unreal in the logical sense. To create such an object would require four equal sides with equal length – like any four-sided polygon (an oval rectangle with four equal sides is also considered four sided polygon). A square circle cannot exist as an actual circle as there would no straight lines present and therefore must not have been created by an all-powerful god.

God cannot play checkers on red squares while still abiding by the current rules of checkers; nor can He freeze or burn with fire in accordance with physical law. There are plenty of things He’s incapable of doing that don’t restrict His power in any way; however, many theists misinterpret Matthew 19:26 as an out-of-context reference and disregard relevant passages that discuss things He can’t do.

God can do anything He chooses; however, certain acts go against his nature as an all-loving god and therefore are impossible for Him. Lying goes against this nature and that’s why Paul wrote in Epistle to the Hebrews that “it is impossible for God to lie” (Hebrews 6:18).

3. He cannot make two plus two equal five

Sometimes it becomes necessary to defend the truth of an obvious statement, like two plus two equalling four. Unfortunately, however, its truth has recently come under attack by unexpected sources; including self-proclaimed mathematicians and math educators who are seeking to undermine its truth – including some self-styled “mathematicians” themselves who join those seeking to disprove objectively true statements that two plus two does equal five.

These critics seem to suggest that God, being all-powerful, must be capable of making two and two equal five. Unfortunately, such thinking reveals a fundamental misunderstood of his omnipotence – while He may indeed be all powerful, He cannot do anything that contradicts His nature or character; for instance He cannot lie since He is truth (Titus 1:2). Therefore it would be impossible for Him to act contrary to himself.

God cannot die because he is eternal (Revelation 17:8). While people often quote Matthew 19:26 where it reads “With God all things are possible” without understanding that this statement refers to spiritual power rather than physical force and that God’s omnipotence does not guarantee everything will happen perfectly or at once.

This can be an extremely dangerous misconception that limits God’s power, leading to all sorts of difficulties in our lives. If we believe that He is all-powerful then we might believe we can do anything, leading us into arrogance and pride – both sins. Furthermore, believing this might cause us to ignore other people’s needs or treat them unfairly – which would go against His will and eventually cause disasters to strike! It is essential that people remember God is not only all-powerful but all-good as well – therefore His responsibility lies in caring for all His creation – keeping people safe in this world from disasters!

4. He cannot lie

God is unfailingly trustworthy, His character and truth-telling render everything He says unquestionable, as is evident by His unwavering truthfulness and communication of truthfulness. If He lied it would contradict his nature as an infinitely pure and holy being; furthermore His perfection prevents Him from doing so, especially since His judgments depend upon an individual’s character; if He did this He wouldn’t be fair and just, nor worthy of our trust.

Lying is a terrible sin and God abhors it; the Bible warns against it and condemns those who lie to hell (Revelation 21:8). Liars should know they will go to hell for their infidelity toward Him and dishonesty towards others; lying, however, still breaches His character and standards of His law and therefore He does not tolerate such behavior in others either.

Many people misquote Scripture out of context to support their own agenda or beliefs; for instance, Matthew 19:26 often gets misquoted to support such claims: “With man this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

God’s character makes Him completely trustworthy and honest in his dealings with humanity. When He reveals His message, He does not hide any truths that might cost Him something in return (2 Peter 1:3). Additionally, he treats everyone equally without discriminating based on race, gender or social standing – nor does he discriminate based on any other factor such as age.

These facts about what God cannot do due to His inability to lie are critical in understanding that we can trust in His words and His promises as true. He is faithful in keeping his covenants, so His word cannot be broken. Furthermore, His commands are perfect and righteous – never changing or altering in their perfect righteousness (Psalm 119:89). Moreover, He rewards faithful followers of his law while punishing any who do not (Genesis 15:6).

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