The Journal of Orthodox Church Music

journal of the international society for orthodox church music

The Journal of Orthodox Church Music is one of the primary venues for publishing Orthodox church music in the world. It focuses on a wide variety of chant traditions. It is an open access publication that incorporates the Proceedings of ISOCM Biennial Conferences in Joensuu, Finland.

Sacred Music

The International Society for Orthodox Church Music (ISOCM) has recently published the second edition of its peer-reviewed on-line Journal. The new edition features research papers on the musical traditions of the Orthodox Church and wider Greek and Russian chant traditions. It also includes two articles on the musical culture of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine. It also features papers from the June 2016 conference held by the ISOCM in Minneapolis. You can read individual articles online, or download the full second edition.

The symposium, co-hosted by the International Society for Orthodox Church Music and St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, brought together over 200 church musicians from around the world. The aim of the symposium was to discuss the future of church music and to provide a forum for professional discussion on this important topic. The speakers and participants shared their perspectives on hymnographic creation, chant traditions, contemporary akathist compositions, and oratorios that take sacred texts as their source.

ICXC NIKA Gold Jesus Christ Cross Symbol O Journal

The Cross is an Orthodox symbol of power and victory. The Cross is a symbol of Christ’s voluntary death on the cross outside Jerusalem’s walls, and it is used frequently in liturgical and worship practices. Christ was crucified to make our salvation possible. As the symbol of the Cross, it is widely used today, both in the West and East.

NIKA Gold Jesus Christ Cross Symbol is engraved with a symbol of Christ’s cross. It is made of gold and is a popular item for Orthodox churches. It is also a beautiful decoration for any home. This piece is available in many styles and sizes.

Stevan Mokranjac

Stevan Mokranjac is a composer of Eastern Orthodox church music. He studied at the University of Eastern Finland and now works as a researcher at CESEM in Lisbon, Portugal. He is also the Chairman of the International Society for Orthodox Church Music.

Mokranjac was also a chanter and ethnomusicologist. He simplified church chant melodies and emphasized their internal harmonic character. His choral music is considered to be some of the best in the Serbian music tradition.

Mokranjac’s scholarly work focuses on the role of the choir in Orthodox worship. His writings have been translated into several languages. His latest book, Orthodox Church Music – The Music of the Orthodox Church, is a critical analysis of the contemporary role of choirs and organs in the church.

Riza Vestments

The Riza vestments are a unique type of vestment worn by Orthodox Christians. They are made from white, embroidered wool. These vestments have a long history and are a symbol of Orthodox faith and culture. They are used during special occasions and in religious ceremonies such as baptism and funeral services. In addition to their religious and aesthetic importance, these vestments also symbolize piety, faith, and love.

The journal publishes the leading scholarship on Orthodox Christianity, broadly defined. Its editors and advisory boards meet annually to review the journal’s editorial practices and plan areas of thematic emphasis.

Pan-Orthodox Music Symposium

The Pan-Orthodox Music Symposium (ISOCM) is a three-day gathering of Orthodox church musicians from around the world. The symposium is a platform for collaboration and exchange, and was founded in 2005. It aims to build awareness and understanding of Orthodox Christian music. It also aims to foster dialogue between East and West through its biannual conferences at the University of Eastern Finland and regional symposia.

The Symposium is co-hosted by the SVOTS and ISOCM, and features a broad range of workshops, masterclasses, and liturgical music sessions. The symposium is geared toward people who are interested in developing their liturgical music skills, including choir directors, singers, chanters, and church school teachers. However, anyone who has an interest in liturgical music is welcome to attend. A detailed schedule of events is available on the conference website.

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