Seattle Russian Orthodox Church

seattle russian orthodox church

Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral is one of the oldest parishes in the Western American Diocese. The cathedral is located in Seattle, Washington.

The church was originally built as a one-story, wood-frame structure with serious foundation problems that made the building rickety and unusable. It also had to be accessed by a cat-walk, which ran along the south side of the building.

St. Spiridon’s Cathedral

Located in the Cascade neighborhood of Seattle, St. Spiridon’s Cathedral is a Russian Orthodox church with onion-shaped domes and golden Orthodox crosses.

It was founded in 1895 by a number of Greek, Serb and Russian immigrants who were living in the area. Initially, it was a one-story wood-frame church built over trestles.

A few years later, it was moved to its current location on Yale Avenue N. It was the first church to be built in the city of Seattle, and it continues to serve the Orthodox community there today.

The church was founded by a Serbian-American missionary priest, Father Sebastian Dabovich, to serve the many Greek and Russian immigrants who had arrived in the city in the 19th century.

He was a well-known figure in the Orthodox mission field in North America, serving as an itinerant priest. His life was filled with scandal, especially in Chicago where he created a schism in Holy Trinity Cathedral.

St. Demetrios Church

The Greek Orthodox Church is a spiritual and cultural institution that has existed since the Day of Pentecost 2000 years ago. The church is a place of faith, prayer, worship and fellowship that has been a part of the city of Seattle for over 100 years.

The first church was established in 1894 as a Greek-Russian Orthodox Church on Lakeview Way in Seattle. It went through many different names and locations before settling on Yale Avenue North and Thomas Street (now REI).

In 1962, St. Demetrios built its current church on Boyer Avenue East, a Paul Thiry-designed structure that is still standing.

During this time, the congregation had a long-term priest named Father Stephanos Phoutrides. He was born in Greece and studied at Yale University. He served the parish until 1932 and was Washington State’s first long-term Greek Orthodox priest.

The church has a large community that is very strong and proud. Each year, the community puts on a big Greek Festival showcasing Greek food, dancing and culture. It is a great event to attend with family and friends!

St. Nicholas Cathedral

Saint Nicholas Cathedral is the oldest church in Seattle. It was founded by Serbian-American missionary priest Father Sebastian Dabovich in 1895 to serve the many Russians and Serbs who had immigrated to Seattle.

The building was designated a Cathedral in 1941. Today it serves the local community.

Archbishop Kyrill of San Francisco and Western America leads the parish. The church is home to a vibrant community of Orthodox Christians, serving the local parishioners and hosting various charity events.

Throughout its history, the Cathedral has been recognized as a significant church outside the Russian Federation and is often used for funerals. The building is a beautiful example of the traditional sixteenth-century Russian Orthodox architecture and is home to one of the best surviving iconostasis in the United States.

The church also features several historic artifacts and a beautiful organ made in the Khlebnikoff workshops in Russia. It is a great place to visit when visiting the city of Seattle.

St. Nicholas Foundation

Saint Nicholas is one of the most beloved Saints in the Russian Orthodox Church. He is known for his numberless miracles that have helped Christians throughout the centuries.

He was also the first bishop of Myra, where he encouraged his flock in the Faith even during times of great persecution. When the Arian heresy wracked the Church not long after Constantine ascended the throne, St Nicholas was so incensed that he struck out at the enemy!

His example was inspiring. He was a man who did not only follow the traditions of the Church, but also had a thirst for knowledge and a desire to teach others.

This summer, a group of Russian youth gathered in the United States for an All-Diaspora Conference. This was a first for many of the participants. The goal was to unite Orthodox Christian youth from all over the world on a scale that is not common in this day and age.

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