Russian Orthodox Church in New Jersey

russian orthodox church in nj

The Russian Orthodox Church in America has a rich tradition of worship. We invite you to explore and experience this ancient Christian faith in the beautiful Orthodox churches of North America!

The church began as a Slavic society for Eastern European immigrants. They were drawn to the Russian Orthodox movement in North America because it would preserve their Eastern religious liturgical traditions and heritage.

St. Peter & St. Paul Cathedral

Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Cathedral is located in the historic Paulus Hook section of Jersey City, New Jersey. The area has undergone a large building program, including high-rise commercial and residential structures and the Newport Mall.

The Cathedral serves over 300 parishioners, a parochial school instructs over 90 children in religion, Russian language and history. A sisterhood and church council act as administrators of the community.

His Grace Bishop Michael of the Diocese of New York and New Jersey concelebrated Divine Liturgy with Father Igor Kseniuk, Rector of the parish on Sunday morning. The Divine Liturgy was followed by a celebratory banquet.

The 100th Anniversary celebration of Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church was a special time for the faithful and friends of the parish. It was a time of reflection, sharing and celebrating the many blessings God has bestowed on the Church over the past century.

St. Mary’s Russian Orthodox Church

The Russian Orthodox Church in North America (ROCNA) is one of two Orthodox Christian jurisdictions that currently practice the liturgical Western Rite as well as the Byzantine Rite. It is divided into eight territorial dioceses and one vicariate.

The ROCNA is the largest Orthodox church in North America, with over 500,000 parishes and millions of worshipers. The ROCNA is also one of the oldest Orthodox jurisdictions in the United States, having been formed in 1887.

Unlike most churches, which are often crowded with people, Orthodox worship is intimate and reserved, with many of the clergy conducting liturgies on the livestream. While that can be a pain for priests who are used to pews full of faces, it has also allowed congregations like Pastrikos and St. Nicholas in Baltimore to connect with thousands of people who might otherwise not have had the opportunity to participate in their services.

A welcome video is a great way to introduce your church to potential visitors and show them what they can expect from their visit. It can be a simple introduction video or a longer, more in-depth video that focuses on specific aspects of your church’s mission, including how to find the Church, special events and Church anniversaries, or welcome videos for different groups within your community.

St. John’s Greek Catholic Hungarian Russian Orthodox Church

Located in Rahway, New Jersey, St. John’s Greek Catholic Hungarian Russian Orthodox Church is a relatively large and active parish with some 400 members. The church is built in a Russian style, and it features an Iconostasis (icon screen), which was imported from Russia.

The church was formally organized on December 5, 1905. The parish was incorporated under the laws of Connecticut governing the organization of Roman Catholic churches.

By the 1920s the parish was experiencing financial problems. To overcome this problem a committee was formed. It included Jacob Koltonuk, builder and designer; Luke Terefenko, president; George Kotula, controller; Michael Hriczov, secretary; Sofron Divinec, treasurer; and Nicholas Krupa.

The committee commissioned an architect to design the church. It also secured an appointment of Reverend Krehel from the Metropolia.

St. Vladimir’s Russian Orthodox Church

The Russian Orthodox Church in New Jersey was founded in 1915 in the Cassville section of Jackson, New Jersey. The church is a historic landmark and is listed in the state register of historic places.

The church is a beautiful example of traditional Russian architecture. It is also a popular place for weddings and funerals.

St Vladimir’s Russian Orthodox Church is an active parish with a strong community, and its membership is diverse. Its mission is to serve the needs of the local Russian-American community and to preserve the Orthodox faith.

In addition to the regular services, St Vladimir’s has numerous events throughout the year for its members. Some of the highlights include an annual gala banquet, a philoptochos dinner and a picnic.

Recently, the church held a 75th Anniversary celebration. During this event, seminary leaders made several noteworthy announcements. They also received significant donations earmarked for endowed scholarships and special programs.

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