How to Confession in the Orthodox Church

how to confess in the orthodox church

How to confess in the orthodox church is a significant part of Orthodox Christian life. It is important to understand why you need to confess and what the process entails. Before attempting your first confession, read up on the Orthodox definition of sin and the effects of sin on the soul. Once you’ve completed your reading, schedule a time with a priest to make your first confession. Confession can be lengthy, so it’s important to schedule a time well in advance.


Confession is a sacred rite that Orthodox Christians are encouraged to participate in as often as they are called upon to do so. It is a time in which we confess our sins to God and seek his forgiveness for our shortcomings. The Orthodox Church practices confession in accordance with the biblical teachings. It teaches that only God can forgive us our sins through Jesus Christ, and only if we change our ways and truly repent. Confession is an open admission of sin before God, in the presence of others.

Before going to confession, you should first prepare yourself by reviewing your life to make sure that you are ready. It is important that you remember all your sins, including those that you have committed since your last confession. It is also important to remember any sins that you have been neglectful of and may have forgotten about. Once you are ready to confess, the priest will offer advice and help you to make the right decision. The priest will remind you that the confession is not a punishment but a spiritual exercise to help you grow in the Lord.


The Orthodox Church adheres strictly to biblical teachings, and confessing is a very important part of that belief. It teaches that only God is able to forgive sins and that the Church is a place where Christians can go to seek forgiveness and change. The process of confessing involves publicly acknowledging one’s sinfulness before God and all mankind.

Orthodox Christians generally go to confession during Holy Lent and other fasting periods throughout the Church Year. The frequency of confessions varies depending on the Patriarchate, parish, and individual priests. Some Patriarchates encourage people to go to confession every week, while others advise them to only do so during fasting periods. Others encourage people to confess daily, and many monasteries on Mount Athos encourage their members to go to confession frequently.


The Orthodox Church has certain requirements for confession. First, confession must be made before receiving Communion. While this practice varies from one Orthodox Patriarchate to another, it is generally a good idea to make a confession before receiving Holy Communion, whether during a fast or during a time of prayer. Furthermore, some Orthodox Patriarchates encourage frequent confession, while others emphasize the need for confession only once or twice a month.

While the Church does not require everyone to confess at every time they partake in Eucharist, the spiritual father may insist that you make a Confession more frequently. If you receive Holy Communion more than once a month, you will be required to make a confession more often. In addition, General Confession must be preceded by an Order of Prayer.


There are some basic guidelines to follow when going to confession in the Orthodox Church. First, you need to be in the right frame of mind. This means reading a piece of literature on the topic of confession and understanding the Orthodox definition of sin and how it affects the soul. Next, you should set a date to meet with the priest and make your first confession. It is recommended to make this appointment well in advance.

The procedure for confession varies from parish to parish and even between national Orthodox Churches. Usually, a priest will stand in front of a picture of Christ and ask the penitent to kneel by his side. The Priest will then start by saying a prayer.


Orthodox Christians have many traditions governing confession. Some Patriarchates encourage people to make confession before every Holy Communion. Others advocate frequent confession during fasting periods. In any case, it is best to consult with a priest about how often you should go to confession. Some pastors even encourage people to make confession daily.

Confession is a public recognition of a person’s sin before God and other people. It’s a time to seek forgiveness for past wrongdoings and make amends with God. The Orthodox church adheres to biblical teachings, including that only God is able to forgive sins. Those who confess their wrongdoings to a priest are considered penitents, and receive divine forgiveness for their sins.

Getting re-admittance

When you become Orthodox, you will be baptized and chrismated, becoming part of the Church’s family through the ages. The usual process for receiving into the Church is through the Holy Sacraments, or “Mysteries,” of Baptism, Chrismation, and Eucharist. The process can be different for different people, depending on the background and previous home. Your parish will determine what the procedure is for receiving new converts.

The process of becoming an Orthodox member usually takes a year. Your priest will use his discretion to determine if you’re ready for this step. The process of becoming a member of the Church involves undergoing a personal transformation. It takes time and requires commitment on your part.

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