Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church in Bayonne, NJ

Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church has been a mainstay in Bayonne for 100 years, founded by Carpatho-Russian immigrants from Hungary who received permission to form a parish from Archbishop Alexander Nemolovsky of the Russian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America and the Aleutian Islands in 1918.


For over a century, Saint Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox church has been the spiritual home to thousands of Orthodox Christians in northeastern New Jersey. Established by immigrants from Eastern Europe, its parish community now consists of people from all backgrounds who share in the ancient Faith passed down from Our Lord to His disciples.

Father John Komir was the first Russian priest to serve this parish, arriving in 1915 alongside Stephen Szuhaj and beginning construction on 64 Grand Street. However, he left shortly thereafter and was replaced by The Very Reverend Ignaty Lachno who would become its first Dean – ultimately leading it into a large community with thirteen churches.


The liturgy is the public worship of a religious community. It includes baptism, communion, kneeling, singing, praying and repeating certain phrases or sayings.

The word for sacrifice comes from the Greek leitourgia, meaning “service performed for the public.” In early church writings it was used to signify Christians’ offering of their lives in service to God through Jesus Christ.

As Christianity evolved, liturgy became an integral part of Christian life – not only providing a pattern for how Christians should relate to God but also an explanation of their faith and beliefs. While variations exist across Orthodox world, its core components remain consistent: readings, psalms, hymns, sermons and homilies.


Saint Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox church has been providing spiritual education to the Lovejoy area since 1907. They cater to people of all ages, from children to seniors.

They offer both morning and evening Divine Liturgy services, as well as an extensive program of events for the community.

The church was established by a group of Orthodox Christians from Eastern Europe as part of an effort to bring Orthodoxy back to America, leading to the founding of numerous churches across America.


Saints Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church has been a place of spiritual inspiration to thousands in northeastern New Jersey since 1907. It serves as the spiritual home to those seeking or returning to their ancient faith.

At First Baptist Church in Minneapolis, music is offered both traditional and contemporary. The choir plays an integral role in worship services, providing beautiful accompaniment for those present.

In addition to music, the parish offers a variety of programs and activities. These include Sunday School, children’s choir, adult study group and film festival. Furthermore, there are numerous social clubs and auxiliary organizations which support the church and its mission. Parish services are provided by clergy as well as many parish family volunteers.

Social Events

Each year, many social events take place. One of the most popular is a Christmas party.

For 100 years, the church has been a cornerstone of Bayonne society and remains so. A recent survey revealed that its membership has grown slightly, with approximately one-third of members being first-generation Orthodox believers.

In 1918, a group of Carpatho-Russian immigrants in Bayonne organized the church with Archbishop Alexander Nemolovsky of the Russian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America and the Aleutian Islands’ approval.

Saint Peter and Paul Orthodox Church has faced many trials throughout its history, such as changes to the status of the Orthodox Church in Russia and disagreements within the Orthodox Church in America. Despite these setbacks, however, this parish has remained resilient.

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