Orthodox Saints Quotes From the UK

orthodox saints quotes from the UK

You may have heard about St Anthony Abbot, St Columba, St Philip Neri, or St Mary of Walsingham. But did you know that there are many more orthodox saints in the UK? Here are some of their quotes. These saints represent the best of the Christian faith in the UK, and have inspired many generations of Christians.

St Anthony Abbot

Saint Anthony Abbot is regarded as the father of monks. He was born in 251 AD in Egypt to pious parents. When he was a young man, he heard the Gospel message and distributed all of his possessions to the poor. He then retreated into the desert and suffered many temptations for twenty years.

While praying, St Anthony felt that his time was nearing. So he sent his disciples to fetch him a staff and a cross. He also told them to give St Macarius, St Athanasius, and St Serapion sheepskin cloaks. Then, he laid down and stretched out on the ground. He spent the night in prayer. After praying, he told St Paul that he was about to die, and that God had sent him to give him an honourable burial. St Anthony’s prayers were answered, and he reposed the following morning. The following day, two lions joined him, and they helped him to dig a grave.

The pious St Anthony Abbot had a difficult time in life. He was ill, and his body was a humbling experience. As an infant, he had to deal with an evil spirit in his body. He had to endure pain, hunger, and loneliness, but he persisted, and he eventually recovered. His friends from the village helped him through the ordeal.

St Columba

Among the many orthodox saints quotes in the UK is one relating to the life of St Columba. In Adomnan’s Life, Columba relates that he changed contrary winds into fair, blessed a white stone, which floated like an apple on water, and raised a child from the dead. He also predicted that the King of Northumbria (+ 642) would triumph over his enemies, the Welsh and the Mercians.

Columba loved both people and nature. He viewed everything as God’s creation. He often took time to care for plants and animals. In fact, the Derry Monastery was not built with trees, a sign of his love for nature. He was also renowned for caring for mute animals.

St Columba was a Celtic Christian saint who spread Christianity throughout Scotland and western Europe. He had a large number of followers and disciples among the Picts, Scots, and northern British.

St Philip Neri

The orthodox saints quotes of St Philip Neri are not always uplifting. While he embodied the spirituality of the Desert Fathers, he had an undercurrent of disillusionment toward worldliness. He was acutely aware that the friendship of this world is the enemy of God.

St Philip was born in Florence, Italy to pious parents, and was raised in a wealthy and respectable household. However, he gave up his ample inheritance and studied philosophy in Rome. He followed the path of the Apostles and the ancient Fathers, and trusted in the word of God. He often went three days without eating, and spent those days in prayer and meditation.

Philip had a strong devotion to the Holy Spirit. He prayed to the Holy Spirit daily and promoted the devotion of the Forty Hours. When he was thirty-four, he was approached by his spiritual director to become a priest.

St Mary of Walsingham

The parish of St Mary of Walsingham is located in North Norfolk, England. It is famous for its religious shrines and the ruins of two medieval monastic houses. It is approximately 27 miles northwest of Norwich. The parish is home to a church that honors the Mother of God.

The shrine is revered as a place of pilgrimage and many English kings have visited. Henry III visited Walsingham in 1231, while King Edward I went there in 1289 and 1296. King Henry VI and Henry VIII both made pilgrimages to the shrine. In 1511, Erasmus made a pilgrimage to Walsingham from Cambridge, and he left Greek verses expressing his piety.

St Mary of Walsingham was known as the mother of God. Her shining light was a beacon for the English people. She was said to have protected England from the Evil One and would give comfort and calm to all who seek it.

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