Orthodox Saints Quotes About Hope

orthodox saints quotes about hope


Orthodox saints quotes about hope: Among the most common themes are the love of God and the desire to see God. The love of God and the desire to see God are both linked to a sincere faith. The latter pacifies the heart and produces joy.


The Orthodox saints have many quotes about hope. Saint Hope is a famous example. During her martyrdom, she kissed her sister Love before being beheaded. Her mother then adorned her corpse with flowers and a crown of thorns. She was beheaded, but not before her mother glorified Christ God. Her mother also handed her to the Emperor’s henchmen. The henchmen stripped her of her clothing, beat her mercilessly, and ultimately beheaded her. She did not flinch, but kept silent and stared at her mother. Her mother, Saint Sophia, prayed for her daughter’s patience.


Orthodox saints quotes about hope often emphasize the supreme value of love and sharing. A true hope seeks God and His kingdom, and it pacifies the heart and produces joy.


The notion of “magnanimity” is often associated with the Catholic Church. The Church is a communion of peoples and the word “magnanimity” implies a willingness to share. This attitude is reflected in the words of the saints.


Patience is a virtue that is cultivated by the Saints. In the fourth century, the Greek theologian St. John Chrysostom gave homilies on the book of Ephesians, in which he received the gospel from the Apostle Matthew. His most famous sermon teaches us to be patient with others.

Fear of God

Fear of God is an essential attribute of the Christian life. It illumines the soul, drives out darkness and annihilates all evil. Without fear of God, a person is prone to fall into the devil’s traps. In the stead, a person who fears God rises above all fears, placing the world’s fears far away from himself.

Discerning the passionate and sinful in yourself

“Discerning the passionate and sinful within yourself” refers to a skill a person can develop in order to improve their spiritual life. It is a skill that allows a person to recognize whether something they are doing is in accordance with the will of God. The rules of discernment that Saint Ignatius taught are applicable to the movements that are happening within a person’s soul. These movements can be caused by evil or good spirits and can also be a result of free will.

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