Orthodox Saints Quotes About God

orthodox saints quotes about god

Orthodox saints quotes about god are powerful reminders of the need to be patient in times of suffering. They emphasize the importance of communion with God. Communion with God is life, light, and sweetness. In contrast, those who forsake God are in darkness, and will experience eternal torment.

Those who love God are patient and steadfast in times of suffering

Orthodox saints quotes about God are patient and enduring in times of suffering often speak of the reassurance that God will not abandon you in the midst of suffering. Such a statement can encourage Christians to persevere and endure the difficulties of life. It is important to remember that suffering can also be a means of learning more about God.

The suffering that is inevitable for everyone is shared by God. He takes upon Himself the suffering of every person and suffers with us. In II Cor. 6:16, we read of God taking on the suffering of our fellow believers.

Those who don’t recognize their own powerlessness are proud

Those who love God and his holy people will not see their actions as a human search for the divine. Rather, they will see these actions as the expression of a theological life that is nourished by the Holy Spirit.

Those who don’t want to know the will of God are mentally walking a path

Many people believe that God hides His will from them, but the reality is that God wants to let you know what He wants for your life. The Bible is filled with His will, and you should pray about it whenever you face a big decision. His will is simple: to do good, avoid sexual immorality, and give thanks.

Communion with God is life and light and sweetness

Communion with God is a deep and deepening joy. It is more than just presenting what we want to God. It is a retreat into the recesses of our hearts, a retreat into God’s presence. Ultimately, communion with God is about perfect confidence in God.

Separation from God is deprivation of all good things

The Bible states that separation from God results from sin. In Isaiah 59:1-2, we are told that the carnal mind is hostile to God. We also learn in Ephesians 2:1 that this hostility is caused by the prince of the power of the air. This is Satan who has deceived man and the world.

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