Orthodox Saints on Marriage and Children

orthodox saints on marriage

You may have heard about orthodox saints who had successful marriages, but did you know that they also had children? For example, Sts. Peter and Fevronia, the New Martyr, and St Philothea of Athens were married and had children. Besides the two cited above, there are also other saints who were married with children, including St. Nicholas Motovilov and Helen.

Sts. Peter and Fevronia’s marriage was built on love

Peter and Fevronia’s marriage is a powerful example of how love and devotion can transcend obstacles. Although both of them had faced prejudice and limitations, they continued to love each other and tried to make their marriage as perfect as possible. Their faith and love for each other are powerful motivations for everyone.

The couple lived a happy life together. Later, they took monastic vows and were not seen by each other until their final days. They prayed for God to grant them the chance to die together on the same day. Then, after their deaths, their bodies were interred together, although they were buried in different graves. This marriage is believed to be a powerful example of love and commitment, and to help strengthen the bonds of marriage and family relationships.

Sts. Argyre the New Martyr and St Philothea of Athens were married with children

Saint Argyre was a beautiful, young woman born into a pious family in Proussa. She had a strong religious conviction and married a young Christian man. When he was imprisoned for adultery, a neighbor coveted her and tried to lure her away. In response, the neighbor lied to a judge and had Saint Argyre imprisoned. Her husband fought for her freedom and had her case transferred to a court in Constantinople.

Despite their religious differences, the couple had many common interests. Their children were devoted to their parents, and they were often buried together in the cathedral of Athens. Despite their differences, their love for each other is undeniable. Philothea is also considered the Patron Saint of Athens.

Sts. Nicholas Motovilov and Helen

Nicholas Alexandrovich Motovilov was a disciple of St. Seraphim of Sarov. In 1831, he met the Saint and recorded the conversation. His revelation was of great importance for all Christians. It was the same revelation that was given to the Apostles on the day of Pentecost. Unfortunately, many modern people have forgotten these basic truths of Christian life. They have become so engrossed in materialism and routinely performing ‘ascetic labors’ that they have forgotten the meaning of life.

The orthodox Church honors Sts. Nicholas and Helen as the patrons of marriage. They are especially important to Orthodox Christians because they suffered martyrdom for their beliefs. The Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of these saints on their anniversary.

Sts. Peter and Fevronia

Saints Peter and Fevronia are the patrons of marriage and family in the Orthodox Church. They were canonized in 1547 by Metropolitan Macarius of Moscow. Many believe that these two saints work miracles in our lives. Some believers claim to have experienced miraculous grace after seeing an icon of them. Other believers claim to have experienced miracles just from thinking of them.

In the 13th century, St. Peter was prince of Murom in Russia. He suffered from a terrible disease and went to a peasant girl for treatment. Fevronia healed him, and Peter regained his health. He and Fevronia were married, but Peter was so ill that his boyars wished to send him into exile. Peter, however, refused to violate his marriage vows, and instead, chose to go into exile with his beloved. Afterward, the boyars started fighting for the succession, and many died.

Sts. Argyre the New Martyr

Argyre the New Martyr was the daughter of pious parents and a beautiful, fearless woman. However, despite her pious upbringing, she married a Moslem neighbor, who was pursuing her. Although her husband disapproved of the marriage, the neighbor still tried to woo her and brought her to his homeland. As a result, she was imprisoned and put in jail.

Argyre had been married for a short time when a bold Turk came to her new home and declared his love. When Argyre fought back, the Turk lied, accusing her of accepting Islam. Argyre was caught in the middle of a scuffle, but she did not give up her faith. She refused to repent and continued to practice her faith, despite her unloving husband’s advances.

St. Nicholas Motovilov

Motovilov, a young priest, had a difficult life, but he persevered and wrote Conversation, a book about the spiritual life. This is a unique work that is considered one of the most important in modern Orthodoxy. It is based on the teachings of the Orthodox Church, and is regarded as one of the greatest spiritual treasures of the Orthodox Church. It was written after years of study, including a study of the spiritual literature of the Orthodox Church. Motovilov was also suffering from depression, mental illness, and recurrent paralysis in his legs.

The book was later published. A few decades after Motovilov’s death, an anonymous publisher, Sergei Nilus, questioned the authenticity of the text. The author of the text claimed to have received the manuscript from a widow in a horrible condition and that he was able to read the handwriting after praying. Nilus’s stories were likely made up to prevent people from investigating the source of Motovilov’s writings.

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