Orthodox Christianity

how did the orthodox church got its name

The term Orthodox is used to describe the original church of Jesus Christ. It distinguishes it from the heresies that developed during the early centuries of Christianity. The word comes from the Greek word ortos, which means original. It is a term that has survived to this day. However, the word has many different meanings. Here’s a look at how each one came to be.


The Orthodox Church is a denomination of Christianity that is organized according to the territorial principle. It is a part of the Christian church, the second-largest after the Roman Catholic Church. Although it may look different from its Western counterpart, the church is united in belief and practice. Orthodox Christians are organized by the bishops of the Orthodox Church. Their membership and practice is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Throughout the centuries, the Orthodox Church has experienced persecution and suffering throughout the world. Today, they form a small minority in many former Eastern Christendom countries. Their persecutions have resulted in many martyrs, but the Orthodox Faith has endured.


Orthodox Christians view the Bible as the inspired Word of God. They also recognize the apocrypha, or writings that were written between the Old and New Testaments. The inclusion of these works in the Bible has important implications for the proper handling of the Bible and the proper teaching of its teachings.

In addition to this, Eastern Orthodoxy holds a high view of Christ’s deity. It prides itself on being “the Church of the seven councils.” These seven ecumenical councils, including Nicea and Chalcedon, affirmed the biblical doctrine of Christ as one person with two natures. Christ is fully divine and fully God, and he is the second person of the Trinity, along with the Father and Holy Spirit.

According to the Orthodox Church, God is beyond our human comprehension, and in the person of Jesus Christ He revealed Himself to us as fully as He could. In fact, the Orthodox Church believes that God revealed Himself in three ways: as the Son of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Trinity. The Trinity is one nature in three persons. In addition, the events of Jesus’ pre-existence were real and were witnessed by the Apostles. The Orthodox Church emphasizes the Mysteries of the Bible, especially when it comes to Christ’s birth, the crucifixion, the resurrection, and the Eucharist.


The Orthodox Church was born out of a schism of Christian churches in 1054. Prior to this schism, all Christian churches were governed by the Roman Catholic Church. Today, the Orthodox Church is governed by the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, who is based in the ancient city of Constantinople, now known as Istanbul.

The Orthodox Church in the United States traces its roots back to the Valaamo Monastery in the northern Karelia region of Russia. In 1794, eight Russian Orthodox missionaries settled in Kodiak, Alaska, where they made an impact on the native people. They converted many of them to the Orthodox Christian faith. Today, the Orthodox Church in America consists of over 700 monasteries and parishes in the United States and Canada.

The early church did not use a calendar, and today’s calendar is an anachronism. Also, the sacerdotalist gospel of salvation, which is prevalent in some denominations, is not the gospel of the early church. The true gospel of salvation is found in Acts chapter two. The house church movement is the most biblically sound in this respect. Moreover, the church’s early teachings were non-violent. The original church was a pacifist society and taught marriage for life.


Orthodox Christians are members of the Orthodox Church, the second largest Christian communion after the Catholic Church. They practice orthodox Christianity in countries throughout Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Their faith is characterized by a strong connection to the apostolic church, the liturgy, and territorial churches. The name “Orthodox” is often used to describe their church, and many of their adherents come from these regions.

Orthodox Christianity is directly descended from the early Christian communities, which were founded in the Eastern Mediterranean by apostles of the Lord Jesus. Constantine I transferred the imperial capital from Rome to Constantinople in A.D. 320, which changed the destiny of Christianity in the Eastern Mediterranean. During the first eight centuries of Christian history, most of the major Christian developments took place in these regions. Constantinople was the center of all the ecumenical councils of that period.

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Orthodox Christians believe that God is beyond human comprehension and revealed Himself as fully as possible in the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God Himself. This unique relationship gives rise to the doctrine of the Trinity, which means that God is one nature with three persons. The Orthodox Church also believes that the events attributed to Jesus’ pre-existent nature actually happened. It cites the Apostles as the faithful and trustworthy witnesses of these events.

While it may not have started that way, the Orthodox Church has been gradually identifying itself as distinct from other churches throughout the centuries. Until the 2016 Holy and Great Council, the Church of the East did not use the word “Orthodox”, although the term was eventually adopted by many miphysite churches.

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