Orthodox Church Prayers For the Dead

orthodox church prayers for the dead

The Orthodox Church has long observed prayers for the dead, and the Divine Liturgy is always celebrated in memory of those who have passed away. Many people increase their offerings at Church on these days and offer help to the poor and needy out of love for those who have passed away. The prayers are addressed to God and are a fitting way to commemorate loved ones who have passed away.


The Orthodox church’s prayers for the dead, called parastasis, pray that the soul of the deceased is at peace, and that God will keep them in his or her memory forever. These prayers are made possible through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through His death and resurrection, we are freed from the grips of death, and can enjoy eternal life, full of grace and beauty.

In the Orthodox Church, parastasis is an important part of the funeral service. The deceased’s body is placed in a casket and family and friends wash and dress it. Next, a short memorial service is held. A reading of the Psalter concludes the service.


The Kaddish is a Jewish prayer for the dead. This ancient Jewish prayer is said during the mourning period and is centered around the idea of a temporary existence for the dead. It is said to alleviate the pain and sorrow of those who are left behind. It also serves to strengthen familial bonds. In the Middle Ages, Kaddish was often lead by a mourner and soon became an everyday practice.

Prayers for the dead have been a tradition in the Orthodox Church since ancient times. These prayers are part of the Divine Liturgy, which is celebrated in memory of the dead. People increase their offerings in the Church on these days and give alms to the needy and poor out of love for their departed loved ones. The prayer is addressed to God and is said through nine ranks of angels.


Janazah is a prayer for the dead in the Orthodox church. It is offered after washing and wrapping the deceased. It may be performed at the grave or at the cemetery. The imam stands close to the dead male or female and begins the prayer by saying Allah-u-akbar and a’udhu billahi min al-Shaytan al-Rajim. After saying these two phrases, the imam recites the prayer silently.

The tradition of praying for the dead is biblical and has been part of Christian life for millennia. The Orthodox church maintains this tradition, which also includes the tradition of planting memorial wheat to honor the deceased. These prayers remind people of the power of the resurrection of Christ, which means that death is not the end.

Patronal saint’s day

Observing a patronal saint’s day is a common practice in the Orthodox Church. It commemorates the dead and is a way of remembering and praying for the departed. Originally, the practice was limited to those who had died in battle, but in later centuries, it has been extended to all Orthodox Christians who died in the faith.

The Orthodox Church recognizes the life of any person who lived in the footsteps of Christ throughout history as a Saint. While certain Saints are canonized, every baptized faithful Orthodox Christian is considered a Saint and a member of the royal priesthood established by Christ when He founded His Church. The lives of canonized Saints are exemplary examples of living the way of Christ. These include the Virgin Mary, Saint John the Baptist, the Gospel writers, and Saint Basil.

Repose of the soul

Repose of the soul is a prayer that Catholics use to pray for the dead. This prayer is meant to comfort the family of the dead by saying that the soul of the deceased will rest in peace. It also encourages the living to live their lives with integrity and to live in peace with those who have gone before them.

It is also customary to celebrate the departed on the third day of their death. This day is set apart for those who were baptized in the Name of the Holy Trinity and who kept the Orthodox Faith at Holy Baptism. This day is commemorated in the Apostolic Constitutions and refers to the Third-Day Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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