How to Use Orthodox in a Sentence

how to use orthodox in a sentence

Using the word orthodox in a sentence can be very tricky. There are a number of things that you must take into consideration. One of them is if the word orthodox is used as a noun or a verb. You may be able to use it in a sentence to mean something like, “he is an orthodox man”. On the other hand, you may not be able to use it to mean the same thing.


During the early centuries of the Church, there were various heresies. One of them was the Protestant Reformation, which caused division within the One Church. The Eastern and Western Churches had differing views on a number of religious topics. These differences led to tensions.

Protestant reformers attempted to return to the True Path of the Christian faith. However, the West continued to distance itself from Orthodoxy. It was not until the fourth century that the Greek word “orthodoxy” became used to mean “correct teaching” or “correct praise”. This was an attempt to define what was proper for the Church.

Orthodoxy has had a major impact on cultures across the world. Its religious beliefs include the practice of penance, confession of sins, and sacraments. It also teaches that all humans are created in the image of God and should strive toward theosis. Theosis is a process by which humanity is restored to its original purpose. It is similar to the Western Christian concept of sanctification.


Symbolism plays an important role in the Church. Its role is not to merely illustrate an idea, but to reveal God to man. When symbolism is separated from the divine services, it loses its meaning.

The simplest way to understand a symbol is to know its functions. It may be the symbol of a religious concept or a symbol of an event. The symbol of the cross is a good example of this.

There are many symbols associated with the Liturgy. They include a cross, a circle of eternity, initials of Christ’s name, fish for Jesus, and an anchor of hope.


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Usage examples

Using examples of orthodox is a way to show how religions interact with other factors. This can be done by using a Wikipedia example, which is licensed through CC BY-SA.

Orthodoxy is defined as a system of faith and belief. It is a group of sovereigns or individuals whose beliefs and actions are guided by the doctrine of the faith. It is a form of religion that is generally incompatible with science.

In the Orthodox Eastern Church, there is a division known as the Philonic division. This division is currently active in England and Scotland.

The Orthodox Church is divided into orthodox and heterodox parties. Orthodox parties are the ones that appeal to the oracles of the prophets to reaffirm their doctrines. Heterodox parties are those who do not agree with the orthodox position.


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Orthodox vs non-orthodox

Historically speaking, the Orthodox vs non-orthodox debate has raged for centuries. While the two views have only rarely been combined, they have remained a very small group of denominations.

The orthodox party had a strong advantage in the early church. They argued that Christ assumed human nature in full. In contrast, the non-orthodox party maintained that Christ’s human nature was only a part of his divine nature.

The non-orthodox view was based on the doctrine of deists. Deists attributed the flood of errors in the hostile camp to ignorance and unscrupulous men.

The orthodox party did not consider themselves heretics. In fact, they took a position in favour of toleration. Their main concern was to repair the damage caused by the Latin Empire. Unlike the Protestants, they did not dispute the jurisdiction of Catholic bishops in foreign countries.

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