How Much Does it Cost to Get Married in a Greek Orthodox Church?

how much does it cost to get married in a greek orthodox church

Getting married in a Greek Orthodox church can be a wonderful and fun experience. But before you go about getting married, there are a few important questions you need to ask yourself. These include how much does it cost to get married in a Greek Orthodox church and what do you need to do to prepare yourself.

Pre-marital counseling is mandatory

Getting married in a Greek Orthodox church is not a matter to be taken lightly. Pre-marital counseling is required to prepare for the big day and to avoid conflicts. There are many benefits to getting premarital counseling. These include improving communication skills, gaining insight into your beliefs, and exploring issues of religion and family.

There are four pre-marital counseling sessions required before marriage. If you plan to get married in a church, be sure to contact your parish priest first to discuss the requirements. The priest will help you complete ecclesiastical paperwork and will be there to answer any questions you may have.

The first step in getting married in a Greek Orthodox church is to speak with your priest about the requirements. Once you have spoken with the priest, set up dates for the initial meeting and pastoral care sessions. Your first pastoral care session will discuss the moral and social issues of marriage. The next session will discuss physical issues of marriage.

Wedding rings

During the wedding ceremony, a priest blesses the rings three times. The rings are then exchanged by the Koumbaros or Koumbara. This is a ritual that is believed to signify the complementary roles of the couple during the marriage.

The Greek Orthodox Church has its own version of the ritual. In the early days of the church, the rings were not necessarily given to the bride and groom. However, during the 1300s, the church began to incorporate ring-based wedding ceremonies into its wedding rituals.

The rings that are given to the bride and groom are considered to be a symbol of the fidelity of the relationship between the two people. They symbolize the hope of a beautiful marriage. The rings may be made from gold or silver. The rings are usually circular in shape. Some designs feature three interwoven bands.

The symbolism of the rings is quite complex. The rings are worn on the right hand, though there are some countries that wear them on the left.

Bride’s dress

Getting married in a Greek Orthodox church involves a number of symbolic acts. The first part of the ceremony is the Service of Betrothal, which begins with the priest praying for the couple. It is also a time for the couple to express their love for one another.

The bride’s dress is typically decorated with white flowers. She also wears a veil that has lace embroidery. Guests also throw money at the newlyweds. This symbolizes the bittersweet nature of a good marriage.

The wedding ceremony lasts for about 45 to 60 minutes. The bride and groom receive lit white candles. The ceremony ends with the priest blessing the wedding rings.

In addition to the bride’s dress, there are some other items that should be considered when preparing for a Greek Orthodox wedding. Some of these items include the Koumbaros/Koumbaro, which is the male sponsor of the couple. They are both male and female, and play a more important role than a western best man.

Wedding wreaths

Having a Greek Orthodox wedding is a great way to celebrate your love and faith. The ceremony is full of symbols and acts of mutual respect. The first part of the ceremony is the betrothal. This is where the couple comes to church and greets the parents of the groom.

During the wedding ceremony, the priest prays for the couple. The couple stands in front of the altar, holding hands. He also blesses them.

The priest then takes two wreaths, which he places on the head of the bride and groom. These wreaths symbolize the union of the two. They may be Greek-style flower wreaths with a white ribbon connecting them. They may also be Russian-style jeweled metal crowns.

Before the wedding, the groom must arrive at the church, wearing a wedding gown and bridal bouquet. The father of the bride also accompanies the groom.

The priest then reads the third prayer, which is about humanity as one fabric from the creation of Adam and Eve to today’s believers. He also asks God to bless the couple’s wedding rings.

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