How to Recognize the Signs God Will Bring Him Back

signs god will bring him back

There are various ways that God communicates with us; sometimes it takes faith to recognize these messages from above.

Example: If a man doesn’t believe it is appropriate to wait until marriage to initiate sexual relations, this could be a signal from God that they’re not the one for you.

1. You Both Have A Sense Of Purpose

God often uses painful separations or breakups to realign our hearts, especially if we’ve been holding onto negative aspects about each other – whether that was selfishness, pride or lack of trust – by leading us away from something harmful to ourselves. He can bring back someone who truly belongs in your life – when this happens it will feel like coming home! It will feel as if this person was with you all along.

God can also bring you and this person back together when both parties can free themselves from their pasts and stop allowing it to define who you are today. That doesn’t mean forgetting or being overly nostalgic of your former flame; rather it means no longer allowing emotion-driven responses determine your actions toward them – this is an important sign that reconciliation may take place soon!

Attracting someone is also a sign that both parties are doing their part to enhance themselves; this is essential if you want a healthy relationship without each party taking an equal interest. Otherwise, finding someone only to realize you aren’t good enough could be disastrous; take some time to get to know yourself first before looking for someone special; this way you won’t end up falling for someone and then realizing they weren’t good enough for you later on! Don’t settle for less than what is rightfully yours; God will lead both of you along this journey together and together you will enjoy amazing lives together! He will guide your journey every step of the way!

2. You Both Feel Affection For Each Other

Feeling affection for each other is an encouraging sign, as it indicates you both still love one another. God uses such connections to reunite those destined to be together.

As difficult as it may be to tell whether someone loves you or not, one way of seeing whether he does is through their actions. One approach would be seeing whether they still treat you nicely and show kindness; another could be seeing whether their family and friends treat them well too – if he treats others nicely as well then this could be a sure sign that he cares for you both equally!

If he treats you and other people poorly, that could be a telltale sign he isn’t the person for you. Also consider how he interacts with churchgoers and fellow believers – if he fails to treat fellow Christians respectfully then that should tell you something too; you should only marry someone who treats their peers with dignity and kindness.

Sometimes you must experience loss to truly appreciate something or someone. Perhaps God broke you and your partner apart so that each would appreciate how wonderful of a relationship they shared together.

God takes great care when He brings two people back together to ensure that both of them are prepared to enter into a relationship this time around. He ensures that they are both mature and healthy for one another so that they may best serve Him both individually and collectively in their marriages. Additionally, He ensures that both follow his plan for their lives by waiting until marriage to have sexual encounters.

One way of telling whether someone is right for you is if he truly loves Jesus Christ. If that’s not the case, now may not be an opportune time to get back together with someone.

3. You Have A Willingness To Move On

God may sometimes remove people from our lives for various reasons, but He also has the ability to bring them back if both parties involved accept Him and His plans for them. He can help heal you both so you become healthier versions of yourselves; and then He’ll reunite you once both parties make clear they put God first in their lives while respecting one another’s faiths.

As an example, if both of you make it a priority to strengthen their spiritual relationship, arguing and other problems will likely decrease as each appreciates each other for who they are instead of what each can give or offer in return. Furthermore, you’ll both be more open about sharing feelings and needs freely and effectively.

As long as both parties involved have been actively working on themselves, moving past any hurt or bitterness from your breakup will be easier. With an objective perspective on things and an awareness of past mistakes shaping who you are today – seeing someone separate their bad behaviors from them altogether makes rebuilding relationships much simpler.

Starting over from scratch will make it easier to seek God’s will in your relationship, as you’ll know He will guide your steps. Doing this can lead to peace, happiness and an intimate bond that’s uniquely yours.

But it’s important to keep in mind that not every reunion will lead to happiness. Sometimes God sends back people for closure or lessons learned – keep these signs in mind but don’t feel pressured into staying if something doesn’t feel right for you.

4. You Both Have A Sense Of Peace

No matter the duration, once you find the person who truly understands and fulfills all your needs, they will feel like an old friend – as though time stood still during your absence from each other. Knowing they’re your soul mate will come naturally as life returns to normal once again; like waiting all your life to finally meet again.

If both of you feel at peace with one another, this may be God showing His hand and wanting to reconcile you both once again. Additionally, this indicates both parties’ commitment to working towards reconciliation; don’t give up now; the result will make all your hard work worth your while in the end!

As soon as you notice these warning signs, it’s essential to step back and reflect. Falling into false hope and thinking your ex will return is easy if discernment isn’t practiced properly – therefore it is vital for both yourself and your former flame to have clear thinking abilities while being honest in all communications with each other.

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