How to Know If God Wants You to Have a Child

If you have been longing for children, God could be leading you down this path of motherhood. Genesis 1 shows how He planned this out even after He understood that sin would destroy humanity until its end.

Some may feel ashamed of being childless, particularly within the church setting, yet Paul extolled singleness as an honorable and ministerially advantageous lifestyle (1 Corinthians 7:32). Being childless is also considered a gift from God.

1. You Have Been Longing For It

Many people attempt to hear God through feelings and emotions, which can actually obscure hearing Him clearly. The best way to discern God’s voice is through His word and by observing creation; He often speaks through weeds, flowers, pets, clouds or Christians who have gone before you on this journey.

The Bible proclaims children to be gifts from God and signs of His favor. Furthermore, Scripture also tells us that He intended couples to procreate and populate this planet from its very inception.

Marriage requires both partners to agree on having children. If one partner feels ready and the other hesitates, this could be a telltale sign that now may not be the time. Parenthood demands a full-time commitment and both partners should embrace parenthood together.

2. You Have Been Praying For It

One of the easiest ways to tell if God wants you to have a child is through prayer. If you are frequently asking for His guidance in this area, this could be an indicator that He wants you to get pregnant. Incorporate prayer-related activities such as fasting and exercise into your daily schedule for added help in this journey.

Children can be an enormous responsibility and require much hard work, so it is vital to make sure you are prepared before making the decision to have one. Your finances must be in order, your college days gone and biblical principles of marriage and parenting adhered to, or God may lead you away from this decision altogether. Children are blessings; “the fruit of a woman’s womb is her crown” (Proverbs 16:11) If you feel ready and are committed to this lifelong commitment then that could be God calling.

4. You Have Been Feeling Ready

Children are a gift from God, yet also represent an enormous responsibility. Though you may feel pressured by biological clock or outside influences to become pregnant soon after you turn 30, it’s essential that you are truly prepared before embarking on this journey. If not, that could be a telltale sign that more work needs to be done before making this step forward.

Childrearing requires time, money and effort. You will need to ensure you can afford healthcare, maternity leave and a flexible work schedule – not forgetting making concessions in your personal life – in order to successfully welcome a new addition into the fold. When all this has been accomplished successfully it is an indication that you may be ready for parenthood!

5. You Have Been Waiting For The Right Time

Being parents is a life-altering commitment, so it’s essential that both you and your partner are ready for it financially as well as emotionally. Fertility treatments can be extremely costly, making debt easier to accrue while trying to conceive; therefore it is wiser to wait before considering pregnancy as a pathway forward.

Fertility drops dramatically after 35, so if you want children, starting early is essential. But there may be those who feel called by God to start having children later.

Sarah wants a child, but due to a chronic illness she cannot get pregnant. Tim loves children but struggles with same-sex attraction so has chosen celibacy as an answer. Christy and Mark wish for larger families but their spouses do not agree with this dream.

6. You Have Been Feeling At Home

God acknowledges the blessing of children as part of His kingdom and encourages parents to cherish and celebrate them (Psalm 127:3-5). However, He does not require all couples to have children – infertility does not indicate His displeasure! As evidenced by Biblical accounts like Elkanah and Hannah’s infertility issues or Abraham and Sarah’s as well as Zechariah and Elizabeth.

If you feel that God is prompting you to have children, it is essential that you seek His guidance. This may involve praying and reading scripture, as well as paying attention to small signs around you such as being told something by other Christians or simply seeing baby announcements everywhere you go. When praying for guidance about something and then it gets confirmed by other people this could be seen as confirmation from Him – sermons from other Christians could even confirm your decision!

7. You Have Been Waiting For The Right Financial Situation

Parenthood can be one of the biggest financial changes a couple can experience, with expenses like maternity leave, healthcare and new mortgage payments all necessitating careful financial planning before embarking on this journey. When God calls you to have children He will make sure all financial aspects are taken care of!

Signs from God may come through people in your life expressing excitement for you to start trying, or through little coincidences throughout your day. It is essential that you recognize if these signs from Him or simply occur as mere coincidences.

As Hezekiah discovered, when time ran out and he began praying for mercy from God, doctors delivered good news and finances seemed to fall into place at just the right moment – both signs from above!

8. You Have Been Waiting For The Right Medical Situation

God does not decide when it’s the right time for women to conceive; He has provided systems so they can conceive when it is appropriate and it is up to each woman herself to use her discretion in determining when it is.

One sure sign that God wants you to have a baby is when your medical situation seems to align perfectly. When doctor appointments appear at just the right times or finances start coming together in sync, this could be an indicator that now is indeed the right time.

9. You Have Been Waiting For The Right Time

Becoming pregnant is a significant decision that requires much thought and wisdom. You should carefully consider all factors, such as your age and fertility, relationship status and finances before making your decision. Also it may be worthwhile seeking guidance from God on this matter.

The Bible proclaims children a blessing from the Lord (Psalms 127:3-5), yet having them does not need to be an obligation or requirement of yours. If your finances prevent it, waiting may be wiser before trying for pregnancy.

One sure sign it’s time for you to have a baby is when God provides all the means for it to happen – such as unexpected medical bills and job opportunities aligning, or more direct signs like sermons focusing on family values or reliable friends telling you it’s time.

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