How Old Was God When He Died?

Understanding Jesus’ age at death is central to Christian theology. While exact figures remain debated, most believe he died sometime between his early 30s and 40s.

According to PBS FRONTLINE, scholars estimate that Jesus was born between 6 BC and 4 BC. According to Gospel accounts, He began his ministry around age thirty before passing away three years later on April 3rd 33AD.

How old was god when he died?

Most scholars estimate that Jesus died between 31 and 33 years old. This estimate is based on his ministry lasting three years and being baptised just before Passover 3 had come and gone (John’s Gospel mentions this fact). Josephus, who lived during this period and witnessed His life first-hand also writes this information (Antiquities 18:3).

Notable also is Jesus’ ritual circumcisation at eight days old (Luke 2:21), as per Hebrew religion initiation into their community of faith.

Jesus spent some of His youth living among Essene community. This may have helped Him develop an in-depth knowledge of the Torah and its interpretation, so when He began His ministry at age 30. However, it’s important to keep in mind that everything that happened at Jesus’ end – including his death by crucifixion – was predetermined by God.

How old was god when he was born?

Mary was just twelve to fourteen years old when she gave birth to Jesus – an inspiring example of faith and trust in God that enabled her to overcome difficult circumstances by keeping faith with His promises and placing her trust in Him. Mary continues to inspire people today as an inspirational figure who trusted God’s promise over her own difficulties. Historians estimate she gave birth at 12-14 years old.

No matter that Jesus was born a human being, He is considered eternal and has no beginning or end due to being the Creator of all things. Scripture indicates this fact by teaching that “one day in God’s eyes equals a thousand years; likewise one thousand years are like one day” (Psalms 89:4).

Because of this, it is impossible to ascertain exactly the age at which Jesus died; however, scholars have theorized that He began His ministry at about 30. Luke 3:23 shows this to be accurate as He was baptized and began teaching when He reached that age, similar to the average priesthood age at that time.

Be mindful that Scripture often uses terms such as “about” and “around” when discussing dates. This means it could be possible that Jesus was actually 31 or 33 when He died, as dates could change over time based on archaeological discoveries. If we truly want to know the truth about this issue, asking Jesus himself will reveal all.

How old was god when he was incarnated?

The Incarnation, or God becoming human, is one of Christianity’s core doctrines as it illustrates God becoming one of us while at the same time showing how he can be known and loved by us humans. Christianity views this event as monumental; one which forever altered human history.

“To incarnate” is an old Latin verb meaning to become human; here it refers to how God made Jesus human by making him human in our world and descending as human into frail mortal bodies to absorb sins and die for our salvation.

There is much debate regarding how old Jesus was when He passed. Some hold to the view that He died at 33; others suggest He may have lived much longer. There is no definitive answer as it depends on interpretation of Scripture.

Many cultures and religions have differing ideas about when an individual should be considered mature. While some people believe a person becomes fully developed at 30, others hold that maturity should come later – 40-50 years old for some and no set age in Scripture is mentioned when someone becomes fully grown up.

The Bible speaks of different epochs of history that will eventually end, such as innocence and evil world. God directs events of this universe in one or another direction through these various periods, which end at some point in the future.

The Bible speaks about Jesus being an exceptional individual, yet does not specify when he was born or died. There are some clues as to his age when beginning his ministry – priests began serving at thirty (Numbers 4:3) while Jesus followed this pattern when beginning his own. Therefore we know he began at around this age.

How old was god when he was crucified?

Answering this question is difficult, since historical and religious accounts offer differing estimates of his age at death. One way is by considering Jesus’ life and cultural milieu during which he lived; ancient Jewish men typically married between their late teens and early 20s, indicating he likely died between 30s-40s of age.

The most widely accepted date for Jesus’ crucifixion is 33 AD. This date coincides with when Christians believe he was born, as well as with Passover festival on Friday (the fourteenth Nisan, or April 7 according to Gregorian Calendar). Jews believed it was appropriate that someone should be crucified on Passover day, and Jesus was the perfect candidate to fill this role.

Many people may wonder why God would allow his only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on a cross. According to scripture, all was once good in creation before sin entered via Adam and Eve’s disobedience and caused death as we know it today. Jesus’ crucifixion is His way of paying for humanity’s sins and freeing us from this eternal cycle.

Jesus’ crucifixion on a Roman cross was an extremely heartbreaking event for his followers, particularly Jews who expected a Messiah who could defend against their enemies and overthrow Rome’s authority. Gentiles who worshiped powerful gods such as Zeus or Jupiter also found it disorienting.

Many have contended that Jesus wasn’t actually 33 when he died, while others have suggested the Bible was using circumstantial evidence in its account of Jesus’ age. They point out that none of his birth dates are mentioned and that the oldest account dates from 60s CE – suggesting they were written using circumstantial accounts rather than direct accounts of events.

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