How to Become a Member of the Greek Orthodox Church

how to become a member of the greek orthodox church

Those who are interested in becoming members of the Greek Orthodox church will have to understand the membership process, and how it is structured. Some of the factors that will be considered are membership fees, and whether or not non-Orthodox persons will be allowed to participate in the Sacrament of marriage.

Membership fee structure

Whether you are seeking to become Orthodox or are already an Orthodox Christian, it is important to know how the Greek Orthodox Church’s membership fee structure works. While some people may think that parish membership is necessary to become Orthodox, becoming Orthodox is actually before parish membership.

The Greek Orthodox Church has a membership fee structure that is assessed according to the rank of the individual. A member is expected to live a life in the Christian spirit and to be a supportive member of the community. This membership is usually assessed through a one-time passage fee and annual membership dues.

The parish is the local Eucharistic community where God’s people engage in mission. This parish functions administratively under the parish Priest or Metropolitan and Parish Council. The Council’s goal is to maintain the Church’s mission, evangelize the community, and promote Orthodox Tradition.

Sacrament of marriage

Among the Holy Mysteries of the Greek Orthodox Church is the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. This is a ceremony which unites a man and a woman in a new relationship with God and the Church.

It is an essential rite for those who want to have a successful marriage. A priest helps the couple prepare for their new life together. He also serves as a witness to the marriage.

Orthodox marriages are not performed on fast days, including the fast days of Great Lent, Exaltation of the Holy Cross, and Holy Week. The sacrament of marriage is a powerful, symbolic act, not a legal contract.

It is also called the Sacrament of the Common Cup, a symbol of the sharing of joys, burdens, and life. The sacrament of marriage has been mentioned in the Bible, but the Orthodox Church emphasizes the symbolism behind this act.

Classes and conferences on the Orthodox Faith

Hundreds of parishes across the United States are part of the Greek Orthodox Church, one of the four major faiths of America. Orthodox Christians are part of a rich tradition of faith and culture. It is also an international community.

Although the Orthodox Church can appear to be just one world view among many, it is much more than that. The Orthodox Church welcomes everyone, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.

The Orthodox Christian Studies Center hosts a number of public events and academic seminars. The center’s co-directors are frequently invited to lecture at local churches. The Center also hosts a Book Club for adults and an Adult Bible Class.

The Orthodox Institute has been a leader in promoting the study of the Orthodox Faith. It is an organization affiliated with the Graduate Theological Union and serves as a witness to the Orthodox Church.

St. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church

Become an Associate member. An Associate member has all the perks of a Community member. Besides attending the Holy Liturgy, you will be expected to apply your zeal for the Orthodox faith to your daily activities. For the most part, the perks are not monetary.

In order to find the best match for your unique set of needs, you will need to consider a few factors. For instance, you may be interested in a parish with a rich cultural heritage, such as Orthodox parishes, or you may simply be interested in a community with an active social and religious life. You can also take advantage of the free advice of an Orthodox priest, who may be able to introduce you to the best parish for your specific needs.

Non-Orthodox persons may act as ushers or bridesmaids

Despite the fact that non-Orthodox persons may act as ushers or bridesmaids at Orthodox weddings, they may not serve in any sacramental capacity. For instance, they may not sponsor baptisms, act as the best man or koumbaros, or serve as a sponsor during a Greek Orthodox wedding.

A Koumbaros is the male sponsor of the union. This person must be an Orthodox Christian in good standing. He or she can either be a man or woman. For this reason, it is crucial that you choose this person carefully.

The Koumbaros or Koumbara must be a member of the Orthodox Church and be baptized. He or she must also be a contributing member of the parish where the marriage will take place. If the Koumbaros is not from that parish, he or she must submit a letter of introduction from the parish priest.

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