Orthodox Church Weddings

orthodox church wedding

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, marriage is considered a sacred mystery. Not only is it considered a sacrament but it is also a rite of the church. As such, the entire wedding ceremony is considered a blessing. So how do you choose the best church for your wedding? Here are some ideas to guide you:


An orthodox church wedding is a spiritually meaningful event. During the ceremony, the bride and groom hold hands while the priest reads prayers. The prayers are about humanity as one fabric, woven together from Adam and Eve. They also discuss the spiritual substance that binds all orthodox people together. After the ceremony, the bride and groom dance around the altar. The couple kisses the priest’s cross, symbolizing their union as husband and wife.

The betrothal ceremony is usually preceded by a service in which the priest lights two white candles, which symbolize the couple’s spiritual desire. Following the service, the couple exchanges their wedding rings and the priest blesses them three times. The bride and groom are then escorted to the church, where the priest lights their candles. During the ceremony, the priest also lights the couple’s engagement rings.


Before planning an orthodox church wedding, consider the religious requirements of the couple. Orthodox Christian weddings typically require all participants to be baptized. Non-orthodox Christians are also welcome to participate, provided they are not opposed to the ceremony. Other requirements include the purchase of a wedding ring or crown and silver trays. Wine classes should also be purchased. If the bride/groom is not Orthodox, he or she must have been baptized in the Holy Trinity church.

The bride or groom must be at least eighteen years old and have a certificate of eligibility. If the bride and groom were previously married in an Orthodox church, the original of their ecclesiastical marriage certificate must be presented to the registry. If the bride or groom is under eighteen years old, the bride’s parents must sign the corresponding document stating that they are allowed to marry. If the groom is younger than twenty-one, he or she must have a civil divorce certificate.


In an Orthodox church wedding, the couple exchanges their vows and is led around the altar by a priest. During the ceremony, the priest reads a series of questions to the couple in Serbian. The bride will sign the marriage certificate while the groom will accept Orthodox baptism for his children. During the ceremony, the best man and bridesmaids hold lit white candles. The priest also performs three counterclockwise turns around the table, accompanied by hymns. These hymns emphasize the blessings of God.

The Orthodox Church wedding ceremony will last about 40 minutes. The wedding party will have one hour to prepare. Non-Orthodox clergy may attend the ceremony but can’t actively participate in the service. They will be acknowledged at the end of the service and can offer blessings. If you’re planning to have your wedding outside of an Orthodox church, remember to check with the priest to make sure he’s available on the day you’d like.


If you are planning an Orthodox church wedding, you will first need to determine the location. Most churches are not allowed to marry outside of the church. However, some churches will allow you to add some elements of the Orthodox Greek wedding ceremony. In this case, the bride’s brother can officiate the ceremony, so the wedding is legal. It does not mean, however, that the bride and groom should be married in the church.

The church ceremony is very different from the other types of weddings. Instead of having the ceremony outside, the bride and groom enter together. They are accompanied by their attendants. In the church, the priest will light two candles that symbolize their willingness to accept Christ. The couple will then sign the marriage certificates and accept Orthodox baptism for their children. During this ceremony, the bride and groom are greeted by the priest, who will then join their hands in prayer and call on God to bind them together. He will then ask for long life and happiness and invite the couple and their attendants to stand before the altar.

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