How Old Is God?

how old is god

The Bible indicates that God is eternal, having existed prior to and existing long after creation of our universe. Furthermore, He does not succumb to time’s restrictions, serving as both Alpha and Omega – beginning and end of time itself.

Some believe that God is timeless. They assert that while He may experience each point in his life simultaneously.

God is a creator

One of the most remarkable characteristics of God is His role as Creator. He designed our universe in all of its dimensions and forms and the laws that regulate them based on His boundless, merciful love – this love was His motivation for creating all that exists today.

On the first six days of creation, God used his powerful word to bring about an orderly universe through creation of sun, moon, stars and other celestial bodies; earth; plants and animals on it; as well as angels created to worship him.

People often assume that God, just like humans, has an age. However, the Bible makes clear that He does not abide by time – He is eternal, without beginning or end – making Him both first and last at once! Psalmist David says of Him “You are God from everlasting to everlasting” (Psa 93:2).

God can only truly reveal himself if we see his glory through human history, yet He stands outside time itself to judge our lives from different angles at once; He sees all our good and bad experiences, future potential and family bonds even with all their disagreements.

Remind yourself that God does not require the creation of the universe for Himself to exist – He created this world out of his perfect freedom to do so and out of an abundance of mercy, compassion, and unconditional love – but was not forced into doing it; it forms part of his character and life experience.

Nikita, age 12, reads three chapters from his small Bible every day. After his mother noticed how much he enjoyed reading it, she encouraged him to attend church weekly; Nikita immediately fell in love and began going each week, learning something quite surprising: He did not realize just how old God really was!

God is a sustainer

The Bible teaches that God sustains our universe with his power and wisdom as creator (Genesis 1:1-3). He has always existed – He never began or ended; and He is present everywhere at once (Psalms 139:8); without Him, nothing would exist (Genesis 1:1).

God is omnipresence and omnipotence are crucial aspects of his power over creation. They allow Him to be everywhere at once and do anything at will – qualities which reinforce each other so as to allow God to achieve his goals, while inspiring us all to believe in him.

Due to his eternal nature, God is difficult to define precisely. However, we can take some clues from Scripture as to his age – for instance a day seems like forever for him! This helps explain why some have difficulty believing in a God who doesn’t seem present all the time.

One way that we can understand God’s age is by studying his attributes. For instance, He is both all-powerful and all-knowing; He can create or destroy anything at will; Furthermore, He knows how best to respond in any given circumstance.

God’s omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience serve to demonstrate His supreme deity. According to Scripture, there is no other god comparable to Him – its idols simply cannot compete with his immense powers; at Ragnarok they will all eventually die off; but He remains with us forever! Therefore it’s essential for Christians to have an idea of just how old He really is.

God is a father

As the creator of all things, God holds an intimate connection to our lives. As Father to all souls and His creation, he knows our innermost being intimately. As Provider for all things, his care for our needs – both great and small, general as well as specific can only come from Him! As Loving Father he wants nothing more than to stay close by our side!

Perceiving God as your father can help foster a closer, more intimate relationship between yourself and Him, and can encourage you to act for His glory. He cares deeply for you – enough so to send His son Jesus Christ. And He’s always with you even when it’s hard for us to see Him (Psalm 104:19). God is your loving father, concerned about both your physical and spiritual well-being – an all-powerful figure who won’t abandon you or abandon you when troubled times hit. He won’t leave or abandon you ever.

While it can be challenging, we can understand God as our loving Father and learn to trust in Him in every aspect of life. According to scripture, He desires for us to have an intimate relationship with Him if we remain obedient and faithful – this will only strengthen your bond and help you get through any difficulty more easily! He’s our Comforter after all – He will support and comfort you when times get rough!

The question, “How old is God?”, is an error of classification because it presumes He had a beginning; He has always existed since He became part of our reality.

Answering this question depends on your understanding of God’s eternity. If you view Him as the eternal Father with no beginning or end, He would likely pre-date anything we could possibly conceive with human reasoning. On the other hand, some believe that worshiping any object as “God” means it could be any age we desire it to be.

God is a lover

Love is an empowering and life-altering force in both children and adults, providing us with a profound sense of fulfillment that no matter our age can match. At its core lies every relationship in society – essential for human well-being – making understanding what love really means both practical and emotional levels of importance for life itself. God’s unconditional and unfaltering love offers us an invaluable gift that could change your life for the better forever.

The Bible describes God’s love in various ways. These include words such as phileo and agape that demonstrate its importance to him. God loves his people and wants us to love him back in return; when we do so we become his children; obeying him brings wonderful grace!

There are many types of love, and some are more desirable than others. But true love for God stems from obedience to His commandments. Loving Him means more than just loving with our minds or emotions – we should love with our hearts as well! And true affection will naturally flow when truly loving Him is at play; He will bless our lives abundantly!

God, as an attentive parent, takes great pleasure in looking out for His children and nurturing them with wisdom. He guides and protects them during difficult times. Additionally, He sent His Son Jesus Christ as His ultimate sacrifice against sin – this act of love represents His greatest expression of concern for mankind.

The Bible emphasizes the need for our relationship with God to be founded on love, not fear or uncertainty of future events. Trust in His plans must always come first – in fact, when things appear uncertain is when our love should grow strongest!

Love cannot be achieved through human efforts alone or obeying God’s commands; rather it comes only through relationship with Jesus Christ – something which brings peace and happiness in this life and beyond. Through Him you’ll grow closer while discovering intimacy that no other relationship can match.

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