When God Takes Away Someone You Love – It’s For Your Own Good

when god takes away someone you love

God often removes people from our lives for greater and better reasons; sometimes this relationship seems like it was wasted time; however, that may not necessarily be the case.

Maybe He knows that person will cause you heartbreak down the line and is trying to spare you from that agonizing heartache and its accompanying sleepless nights.

1. They May Not Be Right for You

God often removes someone we love because they weren’t right for us in the first place. Perhaps they were toxic influences, or even knew they’d eventually break your heart; therefore He chose to take them out of your life in order to prevent future heartache, sleepless nights, and tears that would have ensued had they remained. God always has our best interest at heart – He knows exactly when and what we need!

After hearing a couple share their heart-wrenching story of their daughter’s premature death, I heard the Holy Spirit give them some advice: sometimes He will show you why things happen without necessarily explaining every detail – which led them to understand that maybe their daughter was taken so early so they could learn not to rely on anyone but Him; that emotional dependency was destructive, and only worshipping Him properly should be pursued.

As when relationships don’t work out, we may feel as though it was all for nothing, but it is important to remember that God can use every relationship as an opportunity for spiritual growth and development – even if that means losing someone we love – even though this may feel like wasted effort at first glance. Therefore, don’t take their departure personally, trusting that God has something better planned in store.

2. They May Be Toxic

Unfortunately, there are many toxic people in this world whose presence can be harmful to your health, happiness and spiritual growth. God knows who these individuals are, and He protects you from their poisonous influence by hearing their hidden conversations, reading their envious thoughts and seeing through any attempts by them to manipulate and harm. When He removes them from your life for your own good – to protect from pain and suffering – then His removal is for your benefit – you will experience greater strength, boldness and wisdom within your relationship with Him as well as better understanding between right and wrong decisions made.

3. They May Be a Part of a Divine Plan

One of the hardest lessons in life to understand is that God has an individual plan for each and every one of us. From whom He brings into your life to those He sends away, everything that happens in your life is part of God’s ultimate plan for you. While He won’t stop you from getting what you want out of life, He may choose not to allow it if it would harm or detract from you in some way.

If you have an intimate relationship with Jesus, He may bring people into your life to help you grow closer to Him and learn more. At the same time, however, He may remove individuals if they do not serve a useful purpose or are harming you – He wants only happiness for His children so He will not allow dysfunctional people into their lives.

God often uses taking someone away as a sign that He has something better for you; this may even be seen as a blessing in disguise. God knows that having this person remain would cause more problems for you, while they could distract from focusing on Him instead of Him as your priority. So when that occurs, He removes them so you can put Him first instead.

God can also take away a loved one unexpectedly. One couple I know had to cope with this when their daughter passed away unexpectedly at such a young age, struggling to understand why her life had to end so early. In time they received clarity from Him about why this had to occur: He revealed to them that this was His will because she would experience bad things later and He wanted her spared from this suffering.

Therefore, when God removes someone from your life unexpectedly, don’t take it personally; remember that His plans for you are higher than your own.

4. They May Be a Blessing in Disguise

No matter how painful it may be when God takes away someone you love, He does it for your own good. Sometimes that means keeping you away from toxic relationships that would otherwise destroy your life – saving you from heartbreak, sleepless nights, tears galore and years of disappointment. While it might not always seem that way at the time, He actually allows pain into our lives to produce incredible rewards in our future.

One such story involves Hezekiah and his daughter. After she died unexpectedly, both Hezekiah and his wife were left heartbroken; her wife prayed to God asking why He allowed this tragedy so early. God explained that their daughter’s death had actually been a gift: had she lived longer they may have experienced greater sorrow later. Instead they received additional years with their daughter before she passed into heaven.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “a blessing in disguise.” This means that something which initially seems unfortunate or unfortunate may actually benefit in some way – for instance if your car breaks down forcing you to walk everywhere, this might help with weight loss or gas savings; or losing your job could give you time and opportunity for spiritual development.

No matter what comes our way in life, we must never forget that God is sovereign over everything and makes decisions in our best interest. He measures each situation carefully before determining how it affects us personally. Likewise, He sends people into our lives for specific purposes – and removes them once their purpose has ended. Therefore it’s crucial that we set priorities straight by prioritizing Christ alone above anything or anyone else; otherwise He will remove those people.

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