God Gifted Meaning

god gifted meaning

Gifted individuals possess an ability to see solutions for problems that other people can’t see, making quicker yet wise decisions quickly and understanding spiritual matters and circumstances more easily.

Some individuals possess God-given talents that go far beyond hobbies or career choices; these abilities can be used for His glory by helping other people and bettering the world around us.

Gift of Wisdom

Once the Holy Spirit blesses you with this ability, you’ll be able to understand things from God’s viewpoint and make decisions based on His will. You can augment this gift by studying all Bible passages that discuss wisdom.

This gift works in tandem with other revelatory gifts, like knowledge and discernment. It helps you understand natural truths and make wise use of created things so as not to treat them as idols or ends unto themselves. Furthermore, this allows one to apply wisdom gained through word of wisdom into practical situations so they may minister to the needs of others more effectively – making this an indispensable spiritual ability – even more vital than miracles! Jesus had this ability at an astoundingly high degree!

Gift of Knowledge

The Word of Knowledge (or, Wisdom & Understanding in its full sense) is a supernatural gift from God which allows Him to impart information and insights relevant to situations into your mind and spirit. This revelatory gift often works alongside wisdom & understanding gifts as part of an overall package.

This gift can be utilized in numerous ways, from uncovering Scripture verses that are personally meaningful to you and other believers to providing healing or comfort for someone suffering. Furthermore, this tool may reveal future events or provide advice on how best to deal with a crisis situation.

This gift should never be used for personal gain or taking advantage of another believer; rather, it should be employed towards strengthening Christ’s body and invigorating it further. A thorough knowledge of Scripture is needed in order to exercise this gift effectively.

Gift of Healing

Healing (charismata iamaton) is one of the many spiritual gifts mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12. Like other spiritual gifts, its purpose is for edification and glorifying God.

Spiritual gifts demonstrate God’s compassion and His desire to draw people to Jesus Christ. People with this spiritual talent show kindness toward the sick by praying over them regularly; they also have faith that He can heal them.

Note that having this gift does not equate to bypassing doctors or medicine altogether; God uses His healing power as part of your medical care, not in place of it. Healer gift should not take precedent over other spiritual abilities and can manifest at any given moment with his help.

Gift of Prophecy

Prophecy, or proclaiming God’s truth, is a direct word from Him for edification, exhortation and comfort (1 Corinthians 14:3). Scripture mentions both men and women with this ability; some apostles even use prophecy as part of their ministry in the church (1 Corinthians 14:3).

Prophecy often reveals God’s true plan in any given situation, such as when Peter recognized Ananias’ dishonesty and exposed it (Acts 4:17).

As evidenced in Scripture, someone can exercise the gift of prophecy without necessarily leading a local church. Both Judas and Silas were prophets who encouraged Christians without being acknowledged as leaders of any churches. Prophecy provides hope and direction for the future while at the same time calling people back from sinful lifestyles or calling them back from revival.

Gift of Music

From concerts with friends to street musicians bringing joy on city streets, music brings tremendous happiness into our lives. Not everyone possesses this ability – many would say it comes directly from God!

The Bible contains many scripture references that demonstrate music is a blessing from God. One well-known passage is Colossians 3:16 which states: ‘Let the word of Christ dwell richly among you, teaching and admonishing one another with all wisdom; singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with thankful hearts to God.”

People gifted with musical talent often use their gifts to lead others in worshipping God. They know how to craft melodies that are both beautiful and meaningful; these musical artists also possess an ability to uplift others’ spirits while leading them closer toward eternity.

Gift of Art

Art is one of God’s most precious and timeless gifts to us, evoking emotion and stirring up memory in those who experience it. Art speaks directly to people’s souls while reminding them about love, faith, hope and life itself. Additionally, art stands apart from other gifts by not being limited by time period or style – instead it stands alone as unique and irreplaceable, much like its recipient themselves. Kuyper cites Calvin’s affirming reflections that arts were one of His richest gifts – alongside religion politics and science – with beauty emanating directly from Him and not from human creators. Kuyper notes Calvin’s affirmations of its value alongside religion politics and science – thus emphasizing its objective beauty which emanates directly from its Creator rather than from ourselves or another source other than Him!

Gift of Administration

Administration (kubernesis) is essential to any healthy church. This skill enables leaders to direct church activities by organizing people and resources toward reaching set goals; additionally it involves keeping detailed records of work completed.

People with this gift take immense satisfaction in overseeing a well-run organization and enjoy being responsible for organizing ideas, events and resources related to Christian service. They may prove useful in any area of leadership; their multitasking talents make them indispensable members of any team looking for solutions.

These leaders guide the church towards reaching its spiritual goals – much like an experienced pilot maneuvers his ship. Such leaders include chairpersons of deacon or trustee committees; Sunday school directors; office managers; small group leaders etc.

Gift of Discernment

Discernment is the ability to recognize false teachings or spirits. This gift is most frequently employed to detect evil spirits and identify harmful doctrines; however, it also enables believers to understand God’s work in the world and respond in kind with love and grace.

Some Christians may believe that with the completion of the New Testament and all Christians having an indwelling Holy Spirit, discernment gifts may no longer be needed; while others believe they were given in order to help Christians identify whether a prophetic message came from God or Satan.

One effective way to develop this spiritual gift is by reading and studying God’s Word regularly, so when an answer comes from Him you can trust it is His will rather than just another lie.

Gift of Leadership

Leadership equips people to work together toward godly goals that honor and help others, drawing out the best from them while inspiring them to pursue them. Leaders possessing this talent can often see the big picture and motivate others towards it; additionally, they understand the sequence of tasks necessary to achieving goals as well as how best to lead groups through any difficulties that arise during such projects.

Leaders recognize their position is appointed by God and serve their followers accordingly. James, Jesus’ half brother and one of Jesus’ twelve apostles was an example of such a leader who began each letter by calling himself “a servant of Christ”.

People gifted with leadership should use it zealously within the church (Romans 12:8). It is crucial for leaders with this ability to remain firm without being led by pride or fear, rather than let others’ opinions steer them in one direction or the other.

Gift of Intercession

People with intercessory gifts pray for God’s will to be done in situations and individuals. They often believe firmly that he has all-powerfulness, spending much time in prayerful seeking him to accomplish what seems impossible.

They may receive prophetic insights that aid their prayer life, and even discern spirits or hear voices belonging to those involved in an incident.

Intercessors are an essential component of any prayer group and should be carefully mentored. Furthermore, any assignments they don’t feel they are equipped to complete could open them up to spiritual attack. In contrast to other charisms, those gifted with intercession also possess exhortative gifts that enable them to support others in their ministries while pinpointing potential sources of trouble.

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