Does the Orthodox Church Have Saints?

does the orthodox church have saints

In the orthodox church, all Christians are considered saints. In order to be considered a saint, a Christian must be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit through Holy Chrism. Through these gifts, Orthodox Christians are “sanctified.” In the early church, the word “Saint” meant a Believer, but in today’s terminology, it means an “Honored One.”

St. John the Baptist

Saint John the Baptist is a great prophet and forerunner of Christ, and the patron saint of parents and godparents. He baptized Jesus and was the last Old Testament prophet to die, but some Christians believe that he went to Hell after his death. His parents, Elizabeth and Zachariah, are also remembered on September 5, along with the head of St. John the Baptist. In the fourth century, Constantine the Great restored Jerusalem’s holy places and the head of St. John the Baptist was discovered.

St. Nicholas

The official name for St. Nicholas in the orthodox church is St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine. This church is located in Manhattan’s World Trade Center. While many people know St. Nicholas as a saint and a savior of children, some do not know how the saint is actually worshipped. Nevertheless, his memory is well-loved by Christians around the world.

St. Nicholas of Myrrh

The myrrh begins to flow during the Beatitudes and Liturgy of the Holy Forefathers at St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in Fletcher, Texas, and Fr. Andrew is credited with witnessing it. Afterward, he soaked a piece of cotton and distributed it to the faithful. This act of charity has become a major tradition for St. Nicholas in the orthodox church.

St. George

Saint George was born into a family of Muslims and converted to Christianity when he was a boy. His original name was El-Mezahem, but his family later changed it to George. His Christian mother drew him to church, and he longed to partake of the Holy Communion before his baptism. This is how he came to be a Christian, and later he married a Christian woman.

St. Anthony

The Orthodox Church has long honoured the life and work of St. Anthony, the patron saint of monks and a beloved patron of believers. This Christian monk was a strong advocate of the faith and fought against Arianism, a popular heresy during his time. He died in the year 356 AD and is revered as the Father of Monks. He was known for his gentle and compassionate demeanor and the piety of his life.

St. Basil

Established in 1990, St. Basil Orthodox Church has a history that spans more than a quarter century. It was first located in Garden City, New York, and was officiated by Rev. Fr. P.S. Samuel Corepiscopa and Rev. Fr. Thomas Paul, as well as a handful of Christian brothers. Services were initially held in a chapel of the nearby Cathedral of Incarnation Episcopal Church, which allowed the Christian brotherhood to use its premises. In 2001, the parish moved to its current location in Franklin Square. Originally comprised of 12 families, the congregation now has over eighty families and 300 faithful members.

St. Catherine of Siena

The orthodox church reveres St. Catherine of Siena as a saint of the renaissance. She was born in the town of Siena and came from a wealthy family. At the age of five, Catherine had a Mystical vision of Christ, which led her to become a Dominican nun. She later traveled throughout Italy, teaching the faith and bringing peace to her country. After Gregory XI’s death, she returned to her native city of Siena. She was able to make her mark in Rome by dictating spiritual treatises.

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