Does God Really Care About Me?

god doesnt care about me

Have you ever gotten the message that God doesn’t care about you? Logic tells you this to be true; however, your heart seems unable to accept this conclusion.

But He does care. He recognizes who you are; your unique traits, dreams, foibles and faults – He knows everything about you intimately – and wants a relationship with you.

1. He doesn’t care about you

Some may feel as though God doesn’t care for them, and I believe this to be due to a misperception that He is some form of abstract force or concept who lacks individual characteristics and emotions. There’s nothing that exists outside God unless He wills or causes it, and no reason for him to experience anything besides what’s already there; therefore He shouldn’t feel or experience more or less than what’s there already.

But if you have taken the time to explore scripture deeply, the reality is that God is personal; He knows you intimately and loves you unfalteringly. He created everything – including you! He made you, knows about your struggles and knows exactly who he created you to be.

He truly cares for you in all areas that matter to you; He cares for your health, family, career and spiritual lives. He wants to be there during both difficult times as well as joyous times in your life – helping with struggles while celebrating victories together with you.

At times it can be easy to feel that God doesn’t care for our personal troubles when ours seem minor when compared to those of others. A harsh boss or relationship issues seem insignificant compared to hurricanes, plane crashes, or terrorist attacks killing thousands.

What you must remember is that God knows exactly when and how best to assist, even when it feels late to you. He understands your needs better than anyone and cares deeply for every aspect of your life.

As is so often the case, surrender your doubts to God. Pray and praise Him for all He has done for you; confess your feelings openly before Him – this can give relief. Worshipping through submitting doubts increases faith – more often being the case the more it deepens. With faith comes peace knowing God loves you even when it doesn’t feel that way! His sacrifice proves this fact deeply within your soul – let that knowledge settle deep within your heart!

2. He doesn’t care about your problems

Misreading the Bible often leads to people believing that God doesn’t care about their problems, which can lead to false assumptions about who He really is. God (YHWH in Hebrew), has never changed who He is: loving (Ephesians 2:4-5), truthful (2 Timothy 1:14), and all-powerful – He defines all that is true, good, and beautiful in life.

Your life and everything that happens in it are unique to you and uniquely designed by God, who is deeply invested in your wellbeing and is dedicated to you personally. Although your troubles may seem inconsequential to other people, God cares about each pain, struggle, and challenge with which you deal – He even knows your individual hair count! Your prayers never arrive too late as He always listens with ears open.

God may allow some of your trials and suffering to continue in this broken and cursed world, but He did not cause them nor promise that He will eliminate them before His return. Instead, He stands with you during tough times and rejoices with you during good ones.

When you feel that God does not love you, remind yourself of who He is: your Shepherd who will never leave or forsake you (Psalm 23:4). His affections toward you are unconditioned and are determined solely by what He has done for you, not what you may or may not have done in return.

He will guide and support you during tough times while celebrating with you during joyful ones. He desires to be involved in every area of your life: work, family life, leisure time and spiritual. So let Him be part of it all. Give up control today to the One who knows best for your problems; He loves you and knows what is best. Rejoice in His amazing presence today as He is deserving of all praise! He truly deserves every thank you you give Him today; His love and presence far outweigh any difficulties that might come our way! Praise Him now and let His presence transform every aspect of our lives!

3. He doesn’t care about your happiness

God’s will for your life can best be determined by how well you obey His revealed Word, not how happy or contented you feel in life. That’s why He allows difficult circumstances into our lives–so that we may show that we don’t live according to feelings but trust Him completely despite life’s trials (Eph 3:16; John 15:7). God doesn’t compare your problems with those of other people – He cares deeply about each detail of your life!

God has big plans for your future – plans that are truly beneficial and not harmful (Jer 29:11). He’s always at work on your behalf, providing both willpower and ability to follow His ways (Phil 2:13). He began something good in you that He will make sure is completed (Phil 1:6); He’s there through every high and low point and never turns away or rejects you (Deut 31:6).

Many believers may be under the mistaken impression that God loves them enough to make life easy for them; that He’d provide everything they desire and need if only they believed Him fully. Unfortunately, this is an illusion created by Satan; He never promised this kind of fulfillment for His children.

God promises his children a bright future in heaven, yet He remains very active in their everyday lives here on earth. He cares about your relationships, work, and leisure activities – both big events and small – with an unwavering focus. No matter how discouraged or confused we may feel at times, His love never fades; He always keeps His promise and delivers rescue on time even though it may feel late to us.

4. He doesn’t care about your success

When God fails to answer our prayers or bring about what we desire, it may appear like He doesn’t care about our problems at all. You may think He cares less about your job difficulties, relationship struggles or inability to find housing because He’s more concerned with global disaster prevention than our immediate problems.

God is omnipotent – another way of saying all-powerful. He created everything, sustains the universe with its billions of galaxies, and has the capacity to do whatever He pleases with regards to anything at all – no matter the cost in terms of power or good will he has remained the same since time began and eternal.

Therefore, it follows that God has greater plans for this world than your individual concerns. He possesses enough power to save it if He wanted; He just hasn’t decided yet.

He doesn’t set an exact timeline for when He will end all forms of pain in this world; that could happen, but that isn’t His plan right now. Instead, He is working tirelessly on earth building His kingdom by forging relationships between Himself and his people; He desires that each believer have a deep and intimate connection to Jesus as their savior, strong connections among believers themselves and to him as their friend himself.

If you want to understand what it means to be loved by the God who created the universe, begin by knowing His character. Read the Bible and trust what it says about Him as true – He’ll show it through your life! For further insight on how to hear from God we offer 21-day guided online coaching cohorts which start forming all year. To find out more click here!

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