Why is God Keeping Me Unemployed?

why is god keeping me unemployed

Unemployment can be devastating and may feel like an unnecessary hardship, but God knows your future better than you do and He will provide for your needs. Instead of dwelling on negativity, simply talk to Him daily and thank Him for being there in your time of need.

He is preparing you

Experiences can sometimes leave us confused when God seems silent, yet this does not indicate He has forgotten about us or abandoned us. Instead, this could be seen as God preparing you for what’s to come – something which may not show itself right away but will ultimately prove beneficial in the end. God works in mysterious ways, so be patient as He works behind the scenes to answer prayers in ways only He knows best – He may not answer every prayer request immediately but He’ll continue listening out for your requests and respond appropriately.

God makes things easier for those He prepares, whether that means clearing away obstacles and people that obstruct your path or providing new opportunities to hone skills; perhaps an unexpected job offer comes up that allows for growth within your career field.

One sure sign that God is preparing you for something is an increase in your interest for studying the Bible, which will assist with any higher forms of ministry such as pastoring people or teaching God’s ways. Furthermore, you’ll develop invaluable traits such as patience, humility and faith during this process.

While searching for employment, it is vital that you remain focused on your goal and communicate regularly with God. He wants to be part of your journey and this provides an ideal time to deepen your relationship with Him as well as remember to seek first His kingdom and righteousness.

While unemployment may appear endless, don’t despair! Trust that God is working behind the scenes to provide all your needs in time – it may take longer than expected but don’t forget how hard gold must go through to become valuable; your efforts won’t go for nothing!

He is giving you a new start

The Bible provides ample examples of new beginnings, starting fresh, and moving forward. If you find yourself needing a fresh start in any aspect of your life, embrace it rather than fight against it; even if this requires clearing away certain items to move forward effectively it will all be worth your while in the end.

Being unemployed can alter your entire relationship dynamics, especially those with whom you work closely or live nearby. Being unemployed may make you feel like an outsider at social gatherings where others discuss jobs, family matters and so forth; being unemployed can be very painful experience.

However, God is with you during this challenging period and should always be shared with. Be sure to communicate regularly about how you’re feeling and your future plans with Him – even during job searching seasons! Seek Him out and pray for guidance; He may provide unexpected blessings! The Bible instructs us in Matthew 6:33 that when seeking Him first He will provide everything that’s needed – trust in His providence as the rest follows naturally!

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