A List of Orthodox Saints

list of orthodox saints

Orthodox saints are a very important part of the life of a Christian. They are the people who have helped to build up the faith of the people and have remained faithful to the teachings of the church. Therefore, it is a good idea to learn about these saints and their history.

Saint Agatha

Saint Agatha is a Christian virgin martyr and patron of breast cancer patients. Her feast day is on the 5th of February. She is also the patron saint of nurses, rape victims, and bellfounders.

The story of Saint Agatha is a fascinating one. A young woman of noble descent from Catania, Sicily, she was arrested during the persecution of Decius. In the first years of her life, she was a staunch follower of Jesus Christ, and refused to be subjected to sexual advances from her pagan father. However, her religious beliefs were not enough to stop her from being forced into a brothel.

Saint Bartholomew

The Apostle Bartholomew is one of the twelve original apostles of Jesus Christ. He is known for being a missionary who traveled to countries throughout Asia, the Middle East, and India. His death is unclear, though he was probably martyred in Armenia.

Bartholomew was born in Cana of Galilee. He was the youngest of the Apostles. During his early life, he traveled to Syria and Asia Minor. It is also believed that he traveled to India, where he brought the Gospel of Matthew.

Saint Augustine

Augustine is one of the most revered figures in Christian history. His writings helped clear up some of the divisive doctrinal issues of his day. He was a brilliant theologian who had great influence on the development of Latin Christianity.

The Orthodox Church holds him in high esteem, because he wrote from a traditional Orthodox viewpoint. A small minority of Orthodox teachers have been a bit more caustic. However, the majority have seen him as an important figure in the history of the Church.

Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas is one of the most revered saints in the Orthodox Church. His miracles and the way he helped people were well-known to the entire world.

Saint Nicholas was born in Patara, Lycia, in the third century. He was the only son of pious parents. They vowed to dedicate him to God.

When he was a boy, Nicholas became ordained as a priest by his uncle, Archbishop Nicholas. During the First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea, he was a fierce opponent of the heresy of Arius. Arius denied the full divinity of Jesus.

Saints Constantine XII

Saints Constantine XII are orthodox saints, born of Constantius Chlorus. Their father was a pagan king, but did not persecute Christians in his lands. They had Christian sympathies. After their father died, they were proclaimed the successors to the throne.

Their mother Helen was also a “Augusta” of the Empire. She had a vision of the True Cross, and was devoted to the Holy Land. Several churches were built in the Holy Land, which still stand today in a modified form.

Saints Isidora the Simple

Isidora the Simple was a fourth century nun. Despite her humble appearance, she was a zealous Christian. She was a saint, though her age remains unknown. Her story is told in the Lausiac History, written by Palladius of Galatia. Despite the popularity of this work, some critics have challenged the authenticity of the text.

Saint Isidora was a neophyte in religious life. She joined a convent in Egypt and wore a rag on her head instead of a veil. While other sisters wore sandals, she went barefoot.

Saints Parthenius

The Saints Parthenius and Anthony of Alexandria, also known as the Miracle Workers, are celebrated on February 7 in the Greek Orthodox Church. These two saints defended Christianity by healing the sick and exorcising demons. They lived in the time of Saint Constantine the Great.

St Parthenius was a zealous monk who performed many miracles. He was buried under Saint Callixtus in the catacombs.

St Anthony was born to a noble family in Alexandria. His parents were martyred during the Iconoclast persecution.

Saints Ananias

Ananias is a Saint of the Orthodox Church. He was a disciple of Jesus. The early Christian church would not exist in its current form without him.

He is mentioned in the ninth chapter of the Book of Acts. His name means “O the one God”. There is also a Saint of the same name in modern Arabic and Hebrew.

After being a disciple of Christ, Ananias became an early bishop of Damascus. Ananias baptized the apostle Paul. Eventually, Ananias died, and his relics were transported to Constantinople.

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