Why Does God Take the Ones We Love?

Always keep this in mind: your loved ones who have passed on may still be alive in Heaven; they just may be sleeping.

God may sometimes give no explanation as to why certain events in your life occur – such as an early death and departure of an important loved one.

1. God wants you to grow

God wants you to grow throughout life – both physically and spiritually. The Bible contains many passages about spiritual development; you can take steps yourself to help yourself progress spiritually by reading scripture, praying and listening out for God’s whisper. Additionally, talk with other Christians and share experiences.

God’s will for your life may not always be obvious, and sometimes requires searching out. While sometimes his guidance may come directly, often you need to seek Him for direction. It can be easy to mistake our own desires as God’s voice; be open-minded enough to let God guide your path. He often uses subtle signs such as feelings or circumstances as indications.

He longs to see you grow to become more like Jesus. While He understands you won’t always do perfectly, He wants you to give your best effort in becoming more Christlike. While He loves you exactly as you are now, He desires for your growth to occur according to His will.

Many people assume spiritual growth means simply learning more about Jesus, but in reality it involves living more and more like Christ each day.

As you develop a deeper relationship with God, the more you’ll want to please Him. Just as you understand what pleases your close friends and family members, so too will you come to recognize what pleases God. Developing takes time – be patient as you learn.

Never give up in your journey of self-discovery and don’t rely solely on yourself to reach success or failure. God is with you every step of the way and wants nothing more than for you to open up to Him so He can assist. Otherwise, life may remain stagnant without ever reaching goals and dreams intended by Him for you.

3. He wants you to be strong

God can sometimes use difficult circumstances in your life to strengthen and prepare you for greater pleasures that lie ahead. My daughter’s death, for instance, wasn’t an easy experience but helped prepare me for greater happiness when we will finally reunite in heaven – something which brings great comfort to me now.

This couple received an insightful, direct word from the Holy Spirit on why He took their daughter home so early. By remaining open and willing, He revealed a truth only He could provide and they could move forward with faith in faith.

The Holy Spirit encouraged them to “forget those things which are behind, and reach forward toward those which lie ahead” (Philippians 3:13); so instead of dwelling on sorrow and recalling painful memories from their daughter’s untimely demise, they should focus on moving forward with hope.

4. He wants you to be happy

God takes those we love because He wants them to be happy. Without joy in your life, it becomes hard to concentrate on anything else – making it hard to fulfill His plan for you and fulfill what’s been planned for you by Him.

If your relationship with God has become stressful and dissatisfying, take a break. According to the Bible, He won’t bless those who continually try to work against Him; therefore it’s essential that you trust that He has a different plan than you for your life and remember He is always speaking and listening.

God will show you when He wants something from you, sometimes in subtler ways. If your boyfriend causes anxiety, that should be a clear indicator that they may not be right for you; even if he seems great otherwise. If he causes stress for any reason whatsoever then it may be best to part ways.

There’s much confusion regarding why God allows certain events to occur. Many tend to believe that He acts arbitrarily by protecting certain individuals while leaving others in pain; this view of Him often results in lack of faith and has led many towards atheism.

But the truth is that God loves everyone, and He seeks an intimate relationship with each of us. Although this may seem counterintuitive, it is indeed the case.

That is why the Bible instructs us to “forget those things which are behind” and look toward “those things which lie ahead”. A couple whose daughter passed away were having difficulty dealing with her death; but they needed to remember that their daughter no longer resided within their past but was now with Jesus and God, so they needed to let go of sadness and reach forward into their future with Him!

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