Why Did God Allow Me to Get Pregnant?

Women in the Bible had difficulty getting pregnant. Sarah took years and even then it came as a complete surprise when she finally did have a child. Zechariah, however, was old and skeptical that his angel’s message that he would soon have a son would come true.

God desires for people to have children, but unfortunately due to our fallen world fertility is sometimes challenged and may take longer than desired to develop.

God wants you to have a baby.

The Bible makes it abundantly clear that God wants us to have children; having kids is part of our God-given purpose, and something He deeply cherishes (Psalm 127:3-5). So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that so many couples struggle with infertility – perhaps God is using this trial to strengthen their faith or even calling them into parenthood through adoption or foster care?

No matter where your journey leads you, God is with you and will never abandon you (Hebrews 13:5). He knows your difficulties and will help guide your way. Being the good Father He is, he will use this experience for His glory; using it to draw closer to Himself and strengthen relationships while turning this sorrowful experience into something which brings His kingdom more glory.

People struggling to conceive often suffered shame and guilt as it was thought their infertility was punishment from God. Yet many couples we read about in the Bible also struggled with infertility – Sarah and Abraham struggled for 90 years before finally giving birth; Sarah actually laughed when God told her she’d give birth! Zachariah and Elisabeth waited even longer before God blessed them with children of their own.

As soon as a woman learns she’s pregnant, it can be overwhelming. She may feel lost as to where or what plans for this child exist and may worry about its health during gestation. Furthermore, there may be concerns that this pregnancy was result of outside sexual relations rather than marriage and therefore be sinful.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that an unborn baby is no more sinful than any angel in heaven. Even if this pregnancy came about through sexual sinful, God still can redeem and use it for good.

He wants you to be happy.

Ancient cultures saw women who struggled with infertility as sinners or morally impure, believing the problem to lie with not praying enough or trusting in God enough. However, Scripture clearly shows us otherwise; childlessness and infertility are often caused by living in a fallen world and sin. Many couples in Scripture experienced infertility such as Sarah and Abraham taking ninety years before finally giving birth (Genesis 18:12-15).

Many women who experience unplanned pregnancies find themselves asking the question, “Is this baby sinful?” No matter that it may have come about due to sexual activity outside the marriage covenant, God loves both mother and baby and remains sovereign over every aspect of her life – including her womb and its contents.

God designed your child for a specific purpose – even before conception! As the author of life and creator of every person He created, your child is precious to Him – even before birth (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Even an unborn baby that miscarries has an important place in God’s kingdom! God cherishes your baby just as much as He cherishes you!

He wants you to be healthy.

Are You Fearing or Recently Discovered Pregnant? Regardless, God wants this experience in your life for good. No matter if any sin caused the pregnancy; He can use this trial in our lives as an opportunity to draw us closer to Himself and advance His will – this truth provides comfort to bereaved parents today; perhaps it can do the same for you too.

He wants you to be successful.

Over history, women who struggled to conceive have often been seen as being morally deviant or sinful; but this is simply due to our fallen world caused by sin. Even ancient couples such as Abraham and Sarah encountered difficulties with infertility – Sarah taking ninety years before finally giving birth! But God opened up Sarah’s womb so she could give birth.

God wants your pregnancy and child to be successful; He created you to fulfill that role, so He uses any hardship during gestation for good in your life and that of those around you. Even if there was sin during gestation, His grace can make things right through forgiveness – using that experience to draw you closer to him, strengthen faith, and further His kingdom.

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