What is the Concerned Orthodox Christians Alliance?

What is the Concerned Orthodox Christians Alliance?

what is the concerned orthodox christians alliance

Are you interested in learning more about what is the concerned orthodox christians alliance? The IOCC is an organization that aims to protect Christians who are displaced, in need, or facing persecution. It has a presence in Syria, Jerusalem, and Palestine. Here’s what you need to know.

IOCC’s work in Syria

The Concerned Orthodox Christian Alliance (IOCC) is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide assistance to the poor and vulnerable in the Middle East. Since 2012, IOCC has focused on the needs of Syrian children. It is one of only a few relief agencies that work inside Syria. Besides helping children, IOCC also offers psychosocial support and education. IOCC programs are guided by the highest standards of stewardship to donors.

IOCC is registered with the U.S. Agency for International Development, which allows it to receive foreign assistance. In addition, IOCC is a member of InterAction, a global network of churches, NGOs, and other organizations that provide aid and advocacy for the plight of refugees. Currently, IOCC works in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Syria.

During the Syrian civil war, a significant number of Syrians have been displaced. Most of the displaced were Christians. They are either Greek Catholics, Armenian Christians, Syrian Orthodox, or Assyrian Christians. Some of the Christians who are currently displaced in the Syrian area have been unable to return to their homes. These homes have been confiscated by the insurgents and Al-Qaida affiliated groups.

IOCC has responded to the urgent health and nutritional needs of displaced Syrians. Among the humanitarian efforts are the distribution of bedding and personal hygiene kits to displaced Syrians. The organization has also provided urgently needed clothing to the Syrians. IOCC is also distributing water filters, blankets, and emergency food.

Several of IOCC’s programs have helped the displaced Syrians to recover their livelihoods. IOCC is providing school uniforms to Syrian girls so they can resume their education. This will give them the opportunity to attend school and complete their year-end exams. IOCC has also provided hot meals daily to refugee families on the island of Samos.

IOCC has also been working in the Za’atari camp, a refugee camp in Syria. This camp lacks electricity and sanitation. Many of the displaced Syrian workers who sew the school uniforms are the parents of displaced Syrians who are staying in the camps. IOCC provides these displaced Syrians with work to earn an income and to design the uniforms.

IOCC is also providing remedial classes to the displaced Syrian students so they can finish their year-end exams and not miss out on a full school year. By providing a place for the displaced children to receive an education, IOCC gives them a chance to regain hope and to rekindle their dreams. IOCC works with both community-based organizations and the government to address the urgent need of displaced Syrians.

IOCC is a member of the international ACT Alliance. ACT is an alliance of ecumenical and humanitarian relief organizations that work in partnership with the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas, the World Council of Churches, and other partners.

IOCC’s work in Palestine

The Concerned Orthodox Christian Alliance (IOCC) is an organization that provides aid and relief to the Palestinian people living under Israeli occupation. It works with other community groups to assist those in need. This work is guided by program integrity and stewardship to donors. The organization was founded in March 1992. A board of directors is responsible for implementing the programs.

The organization is registered with the U.S. Agency for International Development and has a Board of Directors made up of Orthodox clergy. It is part of the ACT Alliance, which is a global coalition of churches and relief agencies working to provide humanitarian assistance worldwide. IOCC is active in ecumenical initiatives, offers development programs, and participates in emergency relief efforts. In addition, IOCC has three vocational centers, which train young adults in in-demand sectors. These centers provide educational services and social services to the local communities.

IOCC’s mission is to empower the Orthodox Church to respond to the needs of the people in need. IOCC is dedicated to assisting the poor and disadvantaged. IOCC is also committed to fostering a strong Orthodox philanthropic movement. IOCC works to develop the Orthodox Church’s capacity to respond to disasters, while strengthening its ties to the community and other religious and secular organizations. To support its projects, IOCC receives funding from a number of sources, including the United States government. Other funders include foundations and other religious institutions.

IOCC’s programs are guided by the highest standards of stewardship to donors. IOCC has been working in the Holy Land since 1997. It has established three vocational centers that have trained hundreds of youth in in-demand sectors. IOCC is also involved in Humanitarian Aid and Emergency Relief, Education, Water and Sanitation, and Food Security.

IOCC is a member of the ACT Palestine Forum, which is composed of the Middle East Council of Churches/Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees and DanChurchAid, among other partners. ACT members and supporters are actively involved in advocacy and peace-building initiatives to promote reconciliation in the Holy Land. IOCC is also a member of the Jerusalem Interchurch Centre, which arranges highly politicized international ecumenical visits. IOCC seeks out funding partners through ecumenical and other movements. IOCC will help up to 55,000 people with medical supplies, and will provide relief materials to those affected by the recent Gaza crisis.

IOCC’s activities have included the rehabilitation of agricultural land, greenhouses, and water supply systems in Khan Yunis. IOCC has also collaborated with the YMCA to establish production facilities and provide agriculture training to 44 families. In the past two years, IOCC’s efforts have assisted thousands of residents of Gaza.

IOCC is an official humanitarian agency of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America. IOCC has a network of overseas offices that are established if needed.

IOCC’s work in Jerusalem

Amid the ongoing stalemate in the Middle East, one organization that works in the Holy Land is the Concerned Orthodox Christians Alliance. Through its efforts, the organization provides humanitarian assistance to people in volatile places, and works to build indigenous capacity to carry out programs. The agency is registered with the U.S. Government’s Agency for International Development and receives foreign aid from the United States. It is also a member of the ACT Alliance, which is a global coalition of Christian churches.

As a part of its work, the organization assists Palestinian and Syrian people in need. In addition, the agency provides fresh food grocery cards to vulnerable people in Athens. And it has helped provide hygiene kits, dignity kits, and bedding to displaced persons in Syria. This is one of the few agencies working inside Syria.

While IOCC has worked in the Holy Land since 1997, it is still a relatively new entity. However, the organization has been involved in ecumenical initiatives and is committed to developing its own capacity.

The agency’s Board of Directors is comprised of Orthodox Christian clergy, and its Executive Director is a former Patriarch of the Orthodox Church in America. These individuals oversee the stewardship of the organization’s resources and its operations. They develop plans and programs, and monitor grants. Since IOCC operates with the help of donations from Orthodox Christians, it is dependent on these donors.

Throughout its existence, the agency has collaborated with local churches to develop programs that address a variety of needs. For example, in response to the Syrian crisis, the organization provided bedding, dignity kits, and hygiene kits to 402,700 displaced persons. Similarly, it has funded 11 wells in Tanzania.

The organization has also assisted school children and young adults, providing furniture, supplementary classes, and on-the-job experience. Its programs are also aimed at the elderly and students with disabilities. Among its other accomplishments, IOCC has been able to establish three vocational centers that train young adults in in-demand sectors.

With a network of field offices throughout the world, IOCC is able to address the different needs of communities in volatile regions. Over the years, the organization has aided 3.3 million Syrians, and it continues to support the largest humanitarian networks in Syria.

In addition, the agency has opened three vocational centers, training hundreds of young adults in in-demand fields. It has also supported educational programs in Gaza, assisting university graduates in their studies. The organization’s programs are backed by the highest standards of stewardship to donors.

Finally, it is important to mention that the agency has been awarded four stars from Charity Navigator. This is the highest rating that a nonprofit organization can receive. Additionally, the agency is a member of InterAction, a large network of non-governmental organizations and secular and faith-based groups.

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