What Is Eastern Orthodox Church Beliefs?

what is eastern orthodox church beliefs

Whether you are new to the church or you are looking to learn more about your beliefs, it is important to learn more about what the Eastern Orthodox Church believes. This article will discuss God, the cosmos, the doctrine of original sin, and the saints.

The doctrine of original sin

Unlike the Western Church, the Eastern Orthodox believe in the doctrine of Ancestral Sin. This doctrine explains that the human race is guilty of ancestral sin.

According to the Orthodox, everyone in the human race is guilty of the consequences of Adam’s sin. This belief is based on the Bible’s anthropology and shows that the human condition is profoundly broken. This brokenness is evidenced in our daily life. This brokenness manifests as deep-seated corruption, atrocities, and sinfulness.

Original sin is a type of sin that prevents the human nature from fulfilling God’s plan. It causes a depravation of the heart and causes a bad conscience. This condition is caused by Adam’s sin. It prevents the human nature from achieving God’s design and thus causes human suffering and spiritual death.

God’s eternal essence

Despite the fact that the Western Orthodox Church does not accept the doctrine of Purgatory, the Eastern Orthodox Church believes in God’s eternal essence. They also believe that a soul may linger for a short time on Earth before being escorted to paradise (Abraham’s bosom) or the darkness of Hades.

The Bible speaks about God’s eternal essence in several places, including Hebrews chapter one. The Holy Trinity is one of the mysteries of Christianity. Belief in the Holy Trinity is important for Christian faith. It touches lives on the earth and in the heavens.

In fact, the Holy Trinity is not a new concept. Ancient Christians have agreed on its existence. The Hebrews chapter one prayer demonstrates the Trinity. But how did the concept come to be?

God’s uncreated energies

Having a good understanding of God’s uncreated energies is an important part of the Eastern orthodox Church’s theology. The role of energies in the internal life of God is illustrated through the economy of revelation. However, there are a few differences between Eastern Orthodox and Western Catholic beliefs about these.

According to the Eastern Orthodox, God’s energy is uncreated, and only He can create it. This is the reason why God seeks to unite with His creatures.

The Eastern Orthodox also believe that the Holy Spirit works through human effort. The process of sanctification is the means to achieve the goal of union with God. This is a relatively recent addition to the church’s theology. Previously, it was believed that human effort alone could achieve the goal. The incarnation and work of Christ made this possible.


Throughout history, Eastern Orthodox churches have struggled with theological issues. Some of these issues date back to the 3rd century, and others are present today. However, it is important to know that Eastern Orthodox churches are not in opposition to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, and they are willing to work with Popes.

The Eastern Orthodox Church venerates the saints of God. These are individuals who are believed to have special powers. The Catholic Church teaches that saints are the representatives of God’s grace on earth. It is also believed that saints are completely subject to God’s will. The Roman Catholic Church also teaches that Saints receive their blessings directly into heaven.

The Eastern Orthodox Church has a mystical understanding of God. In contrast to the Western Church, the Eastern Church does not believe in the personal fault of Adam’s descendants. The Eastern Church also rejects Augustine’s teaching of original sin.

Views on the cosmos

Among the many things that Eastern Orthodox Christians believe, their views on the cosmos are no exception. The Orthodox understand the cosmos to be the stage on which God’s plan of salvation can be played out.

They also believe that God created the universe. They also believe that God can participate in divinity through humans. The Orthodox view is a much different view of the universe than is found in the traditional Western worldview.

Eastern Orthodox theology is characterized by a balance between cataphatic and apophatic theology. The theology is based on a consensus of the Fathers. They also do not believe in the idea that God is a stage magician.

The Eastern Orthodox theology also uses the concept of panentheism, a concept that describes the relationship between Uncreated and created beings. They believe that God’s energies are a source of maintenance for all things. They also believe that God’s Word is both human and divine.

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