What Happens When You Get Closer to God?

Just as a branch needs to remain attached to its vine in order to bear fruit, Christians need to remain close to Jesus. Therefore, spending daily time in prayerful communion is one of the most beneficial practices we can have.

Every morning, begin with prayer and Bible study. Keep a war binder or journal (even just a notebook!) where you can record what you are learning from Jesus and His Word.

1. You feel closer to God

Once Christians become closer to God, they’ll experience more of His Holy Spirit’s presence through prayer, Bible study and serving others. A strong relationship with Him requires dedication and effort but will bring peace, purpose and fulfillment in return.

One way to grow closer to God is by developing the habit of reading the Bible every day. Although this may seem like an easy task, this practice can actually play an essential role in spiritual growth: reading more will allow you to learn about his character as you read more of the Scriptures regularly – plus help you better comprehend and apply them in everyday life!

One way to grow closer to God is through prayer. You can approach it any way that feels best for you, but spending time praying specifically listening for answers from Him will bring much comfort. Additionally, share any concerns you have in prayerful discussions as well as request guidance in daily living situations.

Memorizing Scripture can also be useful for daily meditation. You can do this by underlining or highlighting important passages, or writing them in a journal. Furthermore, listening to praise and worship music with Bible verses embedded into its lyrics may also prove beneficial.

Finally, it is vital that any sin you commit be repented of. Unrepented sin can create distance between us and God; therefore it’s crucial that we strive towards living holy lives that follow His Word.

Attending church regularly is also vitally important, as this is where you can hear God’s message of salvation and rejoice in His glory. Additionally, your church family can provide support and encourage one another. Finally, try serving others whenever possible; whether that means giving money or helping with chores around the house or simply offering words of comfort when someone needs some.

2. You feel closer to others

At times, when you feel closer to God it also brings closer feeling for other Christians. Communion with other believers can help you feel the presence of God as you serve and encourage each other (Colossians 3:16). Joining your local church is the first step toward being closer to both He and His people – no church can ever be perfect but you should look for one which preaches the Gospel according to scripture’s teachings.

An effective way to draw closer to God is making time with Him a priority every day, through prayer times or otherwise. Setting a specific time or making prayer part of your daily routine – maybe when waking up or going to bed – can help build intimacy between yourself and the Almighty. Spend at least 10 minutes every day connecting with your Creator!

Reading and studying the Bible is another powerful way to draw closer to God. You can either read it alone, or join a Bible study group with other believers. If you don’t already own one, make it a priority to purchase one and make time each day to read it – not simply so as to gain more information on Him but to deepen your relationship with Him!

Removing harmful relationships from your life is another effective way of drawing closer to God, though this can be challenging. When toxic friendships or family members drain your energy, you won’t be able to devote the necessary time and attention for building closer ties to Him.

As well as living a pure lifestyle, another way of drawing closer to God is becoming aware of His presence and recognizing His voice in your daily life. Unresolved sin can drive a wedge between you and Him; frequent repentance should help bring Him closer.

3. You feel closer to yourself

As your relationship with God deepens, so will your own. While this process may take some time, over time you may notice changes to your thoughts, emotions and priorities resulting from being in an intimate connection with Him. This change is positive; a result of being in his company.

One of the best ways to draw closer to God is through prayer. Daily prayer should be an integral part of every Christian’s spiritual practice – not only does it bring you closer to God, but it’s also a wonderful way to spend time with Him!

Reading and studying the Bible is another effective way of connecting with God, serving as His word and providing us with everything we need to know about Him and life itself. Read it as though you were writing your loved one a love letter; focus on what the Lord is telling you through these pages!

Stepping closer to God also means seeing people more highly. If someone you know is struggling, offer to pray for them – not only will you show your affection for Christ through this gesture, but they’ll feel closer to Him themselves!

Participating in church can also be an essential step toward drawing closer to God. A local church was meant to serve as a community of believers who support and encourage one another. When searching for the ideal congregation, make sure its teachings align with Scripture while its leaders uphold godly standards.

Having difficulty drawing closer to God? Perhaps your relationships are the culprit; try cutting any that drain your energy and time and focus instead on growing closer with Him through prayer and more intentional study of scripture. Set a reminder to devote more time and energy in prayer as this will only strengthen your bond to the Almighty and your life will benefit immensely!

4. You feel closer to your purpose

Closer you are to God, the easier it will be for you to discover your purpose in life. If you’re having difficulty, start praying and seeking His guidance as He’ll show you where it should lead. Once you discover your purpose, begin working towards it by using spiritual gifts – this will bring even closer communion between yourself and the Almighty!

Imagine your relationship with God like it were one with any close friend or relative: A meaningful and fulfilling friendship takes effort, time and trust for it to blossom fully. Sometimes we become discouraged with faithlessness but it is important to remember that your journey with Him won’t happen overnight but that He will show Himself more fully throughout your journey of life.

Forming a personal relationship with God can be challenging in our hectic lives, yet it’s essential that we take time each day for Him, whether that means prayer, Bible reading, or simply spending quality time together. Setting aside a specific place will also help prevent distraction from the many responsibilities and demands on your time.

Prayer can be one of the most difficult Christian disciplines to master, especially for anyone struggling with distractions or an ever-wandering mind while trying to pray. Yet prayer remains one of the most powerful, vital, and joy-filled ways of connecting with God. Begin by telling Him of your desire to draw closer, asking Him to open your heart further toward Him, renew and refresh your soul, and commit yourself fully and unflinchingly following in His path no matter how difficult things might get.

Contributing to the spiritual growth of others is another way of drawing closer to God. Join a Bible study group or find an experienced believer to disciple you – this will give you someone with whom to ask questions and receive guidance, while simultaneously giving you an opportunity to support and guide other on their walk with Christ.

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