What Book of the Bible Should I Read to Get Closer to God?

If you want to draw closer to God, one of the best ways is through reading the Bible. This timeless document tells of His love, strength and peace.

Genesis is an excellent starting point to help understand how creation began and humanity’s need for Jesus as its savior.

The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John is one of the most beloved books in the Bible and widely read throughout its existence. In it, John emphasizes Jesus as divine while asserting that faith in Him leads to eternal life and tells God’s plan for saving his creation from its fallen state and returning it back into its divine splendor.

This book begins with an extraordinary prologue that portrays Jesus as God’s “Word,” or Logos. This term had a rich tradition in Greco-Roman and Jewish thought and represented divine spirit who brought order and unity into our universe, enabling humans to overcome death and defeat evil forces.

The remainder of this book recounts Jesus’ interactions with people, his miracles, lessons and death/resurrection/ascension into heaven – including one of the most popular Bible verses: John 3:16 which states that God so loved the world that he sent his only Son so all who believe will have eternal life.

John intentionally emphasizes Jesus’ words over his actions and miracles throughout the Gospel of John, using phrases such as “light/enlighten” seven times in chapter one alone; an action designed to portray him as the light of humanity’s moral guidance.

John’s Gospel stands out from its counterparts by emphasizing Jesus’ divinity and faith in him, offering some of the most profound teachings on God and human nature imaginable – this being especially evident when considering his relationship with his disciples.

The Gospel of John is one of the key books in the Bible for new Christians, helping us deepen our spiritual lives and foster strong and lasting relationships with God. Additionally, its reading can aid our comprehension of its message and its implication for our lives.

The Psalms

The Book of Psalms is a source of riches for all Christians. Filled with prayers, praise, and lamentations written directly to God rather than human audiences, these passages offer rich opportunities for spiritual reflection and emotional release.

Psalms can help bring God closer by giving you an experience of his presence. Reading them will also teach you to trust him even during difficult times, giving courage to ask God for forgiveness when there has been sin in your life.

No matter your state of depression or low mood, the Psalms can offer comfort and joy in abundance. Worshipping God through music is an effective way to grow faith; and they’re an ideal place for discovering what it means to love Him with all your heart, soul and mind – showing how happiness lies not in circumstances but within relationships with God.

Psalms provide another great resource to learn how to pray. Their prayers address virtually every aspect of our lives – praise, lament, thanksgiving, messianic expectation… They offer an abundant variety of linguistic and musical styles which can be utilized when praying; in addition they can prepare us for church services by building our confidence before worship services begin.

Psalms can be read independently or with others as part of your daily devotional practice, used as inspiration for poetry or songs written from scratch or memorized to use in prayers daily.

Proverbs is another excellent resource for new believers. Packed with practical advice on living an ethical Christian lifestyle and increasing success, Proverbs also serves as an invaluable foundational text for the New Testament as it helps shed light on how the Old Testament connects to it.


Proverbs is an excellent book to help us draw closer to God. This collection of wise sayings emphasizes the value of wisdom, character, and integrity while offering practical guidance for handling life’s obstacles – for instance it warns against laziness while encouraging generosity – as well as discouraging gossiping or slandering against authority figures and encouraging us to honor them properly.

Proverbs is unique among biblical books in that it imparts wisdom in a tangible, practical manner. It contrasts wisdom with folly and emphasizes its importance by warning against selfishness, lust and laziness as well as reminding us to trust God with our lives at every turn; also reminding us that rich and powerful often oppress the poor, which God condemns; it warns those who flatter themselves of falling into lies while those speaking wickedly will be punished accordingly.

Remembering the Bible as an active, living text requires prayer, study and obedience in order to fully grasp. When reading Scripture we must be honest with ourselves and pray to ask God to show us any areas in which our lives don’t please him; also willing to let go of idols in favor of making Jesus the center of our lives; otherwise our sins may separate us from Him.

If you want to get closer to God, reading books such as John, Psalms, Proverbs and Romans are great places to start. Each contains its own message aimed at drawing you closer, so in addition to reading these works it’s also essential that prayer and time spent alone with him help build stronger relationships and provide deeper understandings of His grace and love. If needed for help finding your spiritual self a Bible study or Christian counselor may help get closer.


“Which book of the bible should I read to draw closer to God?” There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to reading Scripture for spiritual growth; your approach will depend on your spiritual journey, experiences and needs. However, certain books are commonly recommended as starting points.

The Gospels provide an ideal starting point, as they center on Jesus and teach us what it means to follow him. Additionally, they depict all aspects of scripture with clear language for easy comprehension – John 3:16 sums up this message perfectly: ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son so that anyone who believes in him might not perish but have eternal life.”

Proverbs is an invaluable book for those seeking a deeper relationship with God through studying His wisdom and guidance for daily living. Filled with wise sayings and advice to navigate life’s obstacles and opportunities with ease and grace, Proverbs helps us build Christ-like character as we lead an honorable existence.

Romans is an inspiring book about God’s unfailing love and mercy towards all people, explaining Jesus Christ’s gospel as it works to deliver salvation to mankind from sin and corruption. Furthermore, this text discusses church membership and salvation – making Romans one of the key Bible books for many Christians.

At its heart, God’s Word should always remain alive and active for our benefit. While reading, pray for wisdom and understanding to apply its truths in your daily life and strengthen your faith. Lastly, thank Him for His everlasting love!

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